My kids

These are some photos that meant a lot to me. So, I actually do not care what others think ‘cos what matters are what are important to me. Yeah, right, it is a mushy post.


This is my handsome little #5 in his suit. Jerry, my niece’s boyfriend took it when we were in Singapore. We woke him quite early that morning around 8 am because he needs to be there to open the door for the bridegroom (my nephew, aka #5’s cousin brother). It is a Chinese wedding tradition to have a little boy to open the car door for the bridegroom. Initially, I thought he is going to throw a fuss and will definitely refused to put on the three-piece suits, i.e. a jacket, a bolero and a shirt inside. But nope, he was the angelic little boy, cannot wait to earn his angpow to buy toys.


Then, we went to church during the afternoon for the church wedding. I even managed to get him to wear an orange t-shirt like me. Both of us are perfect Sai Baba’s disciples, no? Tumeric orangey, uniform of the Hindraf group. If Hindraf needs extra members, call me lah!

I normally do not like to put my photo this big but I must say that it is a picture of happiness, bliss and completeness. In fact, my #5’s name is Marn or full or complete in Mandarin. Except that sometimes, I mispronounced the Marn and it sounds like Slow. Doh…

Now, the main part of the post…..


Few days ago, my #5 dug out an old album. It was taken on November, 2001. I remember because it was my #3 birthday. He was five years old (like my #5 now). He celebrated his birthday in the high dependency unit in Adventist hospital.

My #5 asked me, “Mommy….why I am not in the photo? Why only Vincent kor-kor?” Hmmm…why indeed? I told him, “Mommy hasn’t grown you yet. Mommy only grow you after Vincent kor-kor died. That’s why you are not in there lor…”

Eheh, I have almost the same smile. I think I gave birth only about 2 months and Vincent was still on oxygen but we removed his oxygen tube for a quickie photo session. The photos weren’t clear because we dare not use the flashlight and we only had a film SLR camera.


The above photo was taken somewhere in Sungai Buloh’s highway stop, when we were on our way home from Singapore recently. Those monkeys there can never pose for nice photos. They just had to act like those gangsters from Kung Fu Hustle. At least with this one, I don’t see anyone putting up a middle finger just when I was about to snap the picture.

Six years and the kids have grown so much!

The above video was taken some months back where my #5 wanted to try making cock-eye but he still has problems co-ordinating.

Anyway……God is great. I lose some, I win some. At the end of the day, we are still one happy family, a much more enriched one.

14 thoughts on “My kids

  1. So sweet to see your kids, Lilian, thank you for sharing your joy with us! You’ve shown me yours now I’ll show you mine, hee hee πŸ˜‰

  2. u know what i saw?
    I saw endless motherly love for her children….. the most basic inert human emotion

    (wah…wa…..cry cry….)

    JTs last blog post..

  3. God has truly bless u wif a happy family. Hope u’ll continue receiving his blessing and tat ur family will always b hapi, healthy, wealthy and wise.

  4. I love this post… makes me feel all warm and nice inside. πŸ™‚
    I want to be a cool mum like you (who tolerates the finger! :lol:) and have a beautiful family like this! πŸ˜‰

    correns last blog post..Note to self

  5. πŸ˜› lilian,i understand you alot after reading all your post.u see,im also a mother of 5.three sons at the centre n a girl each front n back.i losy my 4th child just like you in the yr 2001 at the age of 11.lilian,im a very mulut laser n independent 45 yrs old.when my son died,ppl around me kept asking me to sue the doctors for negligence.but i told them,i borrow my son frm GOD n i hv to return him.yes,i do think of him everyday n i pray that he will appear in my dreams to talk to me for the past yrs.finally,4 mths back,my nicky came to was so real.he told me,”mummy,don’t worry abt me,there’s somebody taking care of happy here.”When i wanted to ask him whom,he dissapear into thin air.but at least i know he’s with i can’fong tai” n go on with my life.

  6. Indeed, life is all about losing some, then winning some.

    You are blessed with beautiful children, and that is very envious. πŸ™‚ I would love to have lots of kids too, make the household merrier.

    Lil’ Ms Pinkys last blog post..CRISS ANGEL Believe

  7. That’s a very nice post. It reminds me of how lucky I am to be in this world. I miss home a lot but I guess my family wants me to be a useful person in the future. It’s just 2 hours away to travel home but the distance makes it more meaningful sometimes.
    I miss my mischiveous baby sister πŸ™‚

    sue mes last blog post..Happy Birthday, Stupid Seong!!

  8. sue me – Nothing matters more than family…Glad you like this post. (Cos some people will find it sombre)

    Lil Ms Pinky – Wow….four! I never plan that many actually but the Lord blesses..

    Shirley – Your faith amazes me! A few of the bereaved mothers too had encountered these sorts of comforting ‘visitation’. Normally, they also have the ‘kind person’ taking care of them eventhough they are not Christians. Indeed very uplifting to hear from you.

  9. Ish, I hate getting mushy. But that’s what I always feel as a mother reading another mom’s beautiful story.

    God bless you, Lilian.

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