First the news…..

Those who have the habits of spending on things they cannot afford, now Bank Negara is going to squeeze their balls. This ruling is long overdue, btw. I have one relative who not only spend on credit, he even wanted to withdraw money from his credit card to pay back the money he borrowed from us. Niamah……Now, with the new ruling, see they die yet or not….

PETALING JAYA: Effective today, credit card holders who only pay partial or minimum of their outstanding amount will no longer enjoy the 20-day-interest-free period for new retail transactions.

Bank Negara confirmed that the ruling took effect Tuesday, as part of its effort to promote the use of credit cards payment instrument, prudent spending and good financial discipline among credit card users.


Next, the news I read in the papers this morning. Both hubby and I were at the table, eating while he was flipping through the papers…

Me : Dear……see? People earning RM3,000 per month can afford four wives. That means, every man also can marry many-many wives hor? And you, you only have one. That means you just need RM850 per month to maintain me and my four sons, right?

He gave me killer stare, as usual…

And what did Najib said about the Chinese average income?

Najib said emphasis would be given to the bumiputras to enable them to have 19.4% equity ownership in the corporate sector, 15% ownership of premises and an average income of RM3,156 each; Sabah and Sarawak bumiputras to have 3% ownership in the corporate sector and have an average income from RM2,063 to RM2,858 each; and the Indians to have 1.1% ownership in the corporate sector, 3.8% premises ownership and an average income of RM3,799.

He added that Chinese ownership in the corporate sector actually increased to 42.4%, while their ownership of premises was 76.1% and they had an average income of RM4,853 each.

(source The Star)

Fuyoh! We Chinese are supposed to have an average income of almost RM5K. Tiok boh tiok eh? Did they add in Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok and other Chinese billionaires’ assest and divide by the Malaysian Chinese population? Just like how some Indian friends told me, “Sure Indians have higher average income lah….Because they added Sami Bulu and Ananda Krishnan’s assets and divide by the Indian population. Go ask those in the estates how many hundreds RM they earn each month?”

Haih…these few days, I saw some of those Ah Bengs working really hard in the pirated DVD sector and those tow trucks services. I really respect their dedication and how hard they run around to get their job done, sometimes, risking their lives. For what? To earn some money for their families lor….If they have an average income of RM4,853 do you think they need to sweat it out so hard in such harsh conditions? Niamah, want to braff us meh, where Chinese got so rich lah. Eg. my housekeeper…she worked 24/7 for long hours, cleaning homes and offices and she earns only like RM3K with no benefits, no annual leaves unless she is totally knocked out by illness. Why? Because she has three sons in universities and she needs to finance their education as her husband sole’s income is not enough.

In the meantime…maybe ‘some people’ properties and assets are no accounted for because LOL, they are all under-table, slipped through immigration and customs to Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. And that’s how their income is so much lower than the Chineses and Indians.

My sons said I have the word ISA (and they are not referring to Nabi Isa), imprints on my forehead already. Who cares lah, it is better than 666. I have to say what I have to say. But remember, this is my blog, so I get to say it. However, you don’t leave any sensitive comments or I shall delete them.