Wei, DPM Najib, lu ada tipu kita ah?

First the news…..

Those who have the habits of spending on things they cannot afford, now Bank Negara is going to squeeze their balls. This ruling is long overdue, btw. I have one relative who not only spend on credit, he even wanted to withdraw money from his credit card to pay back the money he borrowed from us. Niamah……Now, with the new ruling, see they die yet or not….

PETALING JAYA: Effective today, credit card holders who only pay partial or minimum of their outstanding amount will no longer enjoy the 20-day-interest-free period for new retail transactions.

Bank Negara confirmed that the ruling took effect Tuesday, as part of its effort to promote the use of credit cards payment instrument, prudent spending and good financial discipline among credit card users.


Next, the news I read in the papers this morning. Both hubby and I were at the table, eating while he was flipping through the papers…

Me : Dear……see? People earning RM3,000 per month can afford four wives. That means, every man also can marry many-many wives hor? And you, you only have one. That means you just need RM850 per month to maintain me and my four sons, right?

He gave me killer stare, as usual…

And what did Najib said about the Chinese average income?

Najib said emphasis would be given to the bumiputras to enable them to have 19.4% equity ownership in the corporate sector, 15% ownership of premises and an average income of RM3,156 each; Sabah and Sarawak bumiputras to have 3% ownership in the corporate sector and have an average income from RM2,063 to RM2,858 each; and the Indians to have 1.1% ownership in the corporate sector, 3.8% premises ownership and an average income of RM3,799.

He added that Chinese ownership in the corporate sector actually increased to 42.4%, while their ownership of premises was 76.1% and they had an average income of RM4,853 each.

(source The Star)

Fuyoh! We Chinese are supposed to have an average income of almost RM5K. Tiok boh tiok eh? Did they add in Vincent Tan, Robert Kuok and other Chinese billionaires’ assest and divide by the Malaysian Chinese population? Just like how some Indian friends told me, “Sure Indians have higher average income lah….Because they added Sami Bulu and Ananda Krishnan’s assets and divide by the Indian population. Go ask those in the estates how many hundreds RM they earn each month?”

Haih…these few days, I saw some of those Ah Bengs working really hard in the pirated DVD sector and those tow trucks services. I really respect their dedication and how hard they run around to get their job done, sometimes, risking their lives. For what? To earn some money for their families lor….If they have an average income of RM4,853 do you think they need to sweat it out so hard in such harsh conditions? Niamah, want to braff us meh, where Chinese got so rich lah. Eg. my housekeeper…she worked 24/7 for long hours, cleaning homes and offices and she earns only like RM3K with no benefits, no annual leaves unless she is totally knocked out by illness. Why? Because she has three sons in universities and she needs to finance their education as her husband sole’s income is not enough.

In the meantime…maybe ‘some people’ properties and assets are no accounted for because LOL, they are all under-table, slipped through immigration and customs to Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. And that’s how their income is so much lower than the Chineses and Indians.

My sons said I have the word ISA (and they are not referring to Nabi Isa), imprints on my forehead already. Who cares lah, it is better than 666. I have to say what I have to say. But remember, this is my blog, so I get to say it. However, you don’t leave any sensitive comments or I shall delete them.

24 thoughts on “Wei, DPM Najib, lu ada tipu kita ah?

  1. Count me out. I am a chinese but I dun earn RM4853 per month. I also wonder how many chinese is earning more than that figure? All liars. I like what the Indian’s claim. The same goes to Sarawak people. I think average income of Sarawakians are less than RM1k. The garmen will get a clearer view when they dun count the pekmoh’s assets in. And all his dog followers. šŸ‘æ

    Choonies last blog post..Copycat Caught Red-Handed

  2. Cikgu masih tulan ah? LOL, itu lah, that’s why when I wanna diu, I diu till their ancestors and over and done with. I dunno lah, nowadays, people don’t seem to care or have manners or bother about things. Don’t know where go wrong also.

    Re the income, yalor, they take all the kayu balak tycoons and divide by the real bumiputras living in the jungles.

  3. Come to think of it, it’s so unfair to mix the salaries of the multibillionaires and the laymen together. They should average the salaries according to each income group and not the whole chunk of race liddat.

    kyhs last blog post..Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi

  4. A lot of people are going to be bankrupts. How many clear all their outstanding lah? Majority are living on credit. Thats how the banks make money mah. They are going to make more now.

    My fellow Malaysian Indians where got average income of RM3.7k! Annually maybe lah.Is Najis forgetting the hardcore poor estate workers!! Come on lah!!!

    Where did he get this figures lah? Niamah!

  5. Snake Terence – Those who lived lavish lifestyle on credit, now mah suffer lor. Who ask the Finance Minister to be so lax with the approval of credit cards ah? Want to boost the economy, let the people have credit, now all fall like a pack of cards, the whole nation suffers. Just like the early-80s recession.

    Yalor, not to say what lah, but how can the Indians have the second highest average income worrr….I tell you lah, this one is like a thorn in many of those hardcore poor folks…

    Not that I want to be racists but a difference of RM600 is huge, right? You can tolak RM3,799 – RM3,156 = ?

  6. The reason why you see so many East Malaysians working over on the Peninsular is because the salary/wages is not proportionate with the cost of living. Example: Rank & file hotel employee in Peninsular gets on average RM 1500 not inclusive of service points, whereas in East Malaysia on average its RM450 and don’t even dream of getting more than RM50 per service point. And I speak from experience.

  7. At first when i read your title hor, I thought u wanna ask “Wei, dpm Najib, lu ada tipu kita lu tak kenal altantuya ah? :mrgreen:

  8. Yalor.Basic pay of RM1,500 can get credit card. So these cikus get credit cards when they reach the age of 21. They bust their limits, the banks up their limits and they go on and on and on. By the age of 23, they become a bankrupt. All the work of BNM.

    Now you know why I hate those Credit card sales reps at hypermarkets. They ask you to apply like no need to repay when you swipe. Niamah!!!

    Oh, I dont use credit card wor. I use a debit Visa card.

  9. Niamah! and its SIR Terence. Thank you.

    The only snake on me is Ron’s anaconda. Bwahaha!!!

  10. Snake Terence – I Chinese and when I say sir, it sounds like snake, ok?

    Yalor, skali all mampus, mah senang lor. Never even learn how to save money, they already start to hutang.

    sooi2 – Wuah… gua tak berani…

    gerald – Yalor, the pitiful thing is those East Malaysians, the real Bumis, when they come here, some ended up lower ranking than our West Malaysians. I think if I tok more, sure ended up uprising hor? Want to name my group what name ah?

    wendy – And maybe some of those are alibabas leh? :mrgreen: Lump the assets and divide by the Chinese.

  11. this bugger think we r stupid or what…quoting ‘average’ incomes for each race…
    raise your hands if any chinese out there was born with golden nuggets attached to the placenta!!??

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  12. As for me… I’d rather stare at a baboon’s backside all day long than catch even a brief glimpse of dat bladibugger’s obscene pink lips. Idiot still believes he can become PM. Like dat I’ll have to wallpaper the whole house with pictures of female baboons in heat.

    Antaress last blog post..Viktor Schauberger: NATURE WAS MY TEACHER

  13. I don’t agree with the ah beng part. They’re criminals/gangsters and the towtrucker mofos sometimes create accidents for you deliberately to get business, risking your lives. They’re making a living at the expense of others, they should be jailed.

  14. Why must we go by racial divide again even on wages of Malaysians? This DPM of Baboons Nasional never seems to learn that we are Malaysians ! Is this a case of ISA ?

  15. this is so sad, I see more and more people getting poorer and poorer in our country. I still remember reported in newspaper recently that people with RM2k/month is considered low income and a lot of my friends income falls below RM2k and some just above RM1k living in KL! Things are so expensive this days, I am sure a lot of people will become slave to credit cards and sure one day they will go burst! Amnd what will this lead to? more crimes?

  16. If I’m earning RM4853/month(my salary is a quarter of that amount only!), I do not need credit cards and I do not need to downgrade my kid’s milk powder.
    Talking about that new credit card ruling by BNM, I’m one of those gonna get declared bankrupt by the banks. I charge RM1000/month on my card, but ended up paying only RM50-100 back…by the third month, there goes my card. HAHA! (and I’m gonna get charged 1.5% for my fuel purchases from now on because of this nice ruling).

  17. HAH! BULL! now we see who’s the real liar lah!!

    yah..i earn rm1, you earn rm1, millionairs earn rm100k, so 100002/3 = we all earn 30 over k each! rich sial!

    damn sadist lah..wtf!!!

    hueis last blog post..Huei at Work

  18. im currently a student in australia, and what i see about the msians here are that they are mostly chinese if they are self-sponsered. duh.
    but i have msianmalay friends (all in medicine) who are under scholarship and hell, they get 1200 for expenses per month while i am trying to survive on 1000. and they only need to pay one percent of the entire scholarship (roughly rm10000). and the best thing is? barely any of these so-called pillars of society return and contribute to msia. it sucks for me because these people are in more position to raise the country standards but they are not doing so. furthermore, my friend complains that she is BROKE when the money goes to shopping for clothes, flying back for winter break, visiting fellow scholars in london/ireland, and even best, saving up for marriage and future life.

    like. wtf.

  19. It only shows that these people dunno their statistics. Income, you should use median values, and may be give both the 25th and 75th percentiles. better still report both median and mean, then you can see the difference!

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