(this is just a humor post)

Scene at home

I was trying to teach my sons about some facts of life like being caring. So these conversation took place…..

Me : You know ah, today someone told me (some sad things). You know ah…your ma ah…is a magnet for the sad, poor and downtrodden folks….

So, I thought….wuah…bangga, can teach my sons how to be caring…Sure they very touched to hear their sorrowfool mother being kind and all those mushy-mushy stuffs lah….


#1 : Chey….magnet to the poor people for what lah….Be the magnet to millionaires lah….

#2 : Yalah, yalah…..be magnet to millionaires, then, we mah get plenty of money lorrr

Me : HOI! Cilaka! What? You want to trade your mader for money kah?

#1 : No need wan……

#2 : Yalah, just want the money only mah…..Eh, mader, you think your saham so tinggi, can find millionaires somemore kah?

Me : Niamah…..Chewren, listen here….There is no free lunch in this world, wokay…..No such thing as free lunch, remember…..

(some shoes we bought in Singapore, about RM500, call Nike Koi)

Then, we went shopping at Queensbay mall….time to get even….

I walked pass Faceshop. Normally, if I pass by, I sure have plenty of things to buy because Faceshop stuffs are cheap if I compare it with Bodyshop, SKII and Bobbi Brown.

Me : Your sorrowful mother must sacrifice for her children. Cannot get near Faceshop even, cos no money. All spent on you. Nay..that pair of Nike Koi….how much liao?

#2 : Eh, what what soh-low-fool mader? *whisper mode* RM500

Then, we went to eat sushi and I love unagi’s skin. So, the son doesn’t eat fish skin. I took the skin and ate it.

Me : Your sorrowful mother must sacrifice for her children. Get to eat only the miserable eel’s skin…

Son : Somemore say sorrowful mother, I take this chopsticks and poke your eyes then, you baru know what is sorrowful…..(in a joking manner ok?)

(some Nike call Lobster, sold out the moment it is launched in Malaysia. My son bought a size 10 and is keeping it for re-selling. He said he can sell it off for a good price. Right now, he is not auctioning it off yet. Bought this Singapore.)

After dinner, we went to buy socks…..

Me : Your sorrowful mother must…….

So…basically, the whole night I rub it in on them on how they spent money. Preached somemore…. (in a joking way, of course)

Me : Eh, son, you have sold your soul to the devil already. Now, all want brands and all want limited edition. You know what I should do with you? I go call the bishop and our three priests and kasi you exorcism baru tau. Then hor….I go ask the priest to find a room for you to stay with him there so he can brainwash you. If not hor, your sorrowful mother sure pokkai with the kind of stuffs you buy. Buy socks also must buy Nike. Bata socks cannot wear wan meh?

Son : Eh, mader….you know what? Jesus said we must not store up treasure on earth. That means we must spend, spend, spend our money. Jesus only say store up treasures in heaven.


Anyway…the #2 son is into stuffs like these so we just korek our pockets (to import the materials from China) and let him experiment lor….He has his own site at SpectrumReflectors.com and he sews those reflective suspender belts worn by the shufflers. Fuyoh, NOT like mother, definitely.

Meanwhile, the #1 son pulak, I don’t know what online game he is playing. Get a lot of ‘stocks’ from the games, he sold off to some angmohs. Can make money playing online game now wor. Thank God.