I wrote something in my faith blog the other day…

No one can understand what freedom is until they can just step out of the house without worries about the kids.

and Sooi-Sooi, one of my regular reader said :

omg, u just hit that right in the nail! i still have more than a decade to that day

I know a lot of moms with young kids have these feelings. Yeah, we are very happy to be moms and having little babies to adore and pamper. But sometimes, it becomes a long grind with no light at the end of the tunnel. It becomes dirty diapers after dirty diapers cycle. And when the baby is much older and is mobile, we have to worry about the risk of cuts, falls, bumps and knocks.

Now, at least I can get a breather because the kids are much older. But still, there is something that I missed. A long bath, without anyone knocking on the door with things like,

“Mommmmmm…..look at David!!!!! He doesn’t want to give me the remote control!!!!!”


“Ma………what are you doing??????? I am hungry!!!!!! I want fried rice!!!! Faster before I die of hunger.”


“HOI!!!! Mader….how long are you going to take????? We are going out right NOWWWW!!!”


“MOMMYYYYY…..I got tummy ache….I need to pangsai (poo) NOWWWW!!!”

Sigh….I wish I have a bathroom which is sound proof and come with cushion walls so that no one can bother me when I am enjoying my bath. Maybe I will put a huge red beaming lights “The queen is in the bath, do not disturb or risk getting electrocuted” and then, put one of those electric fencing.

The Italians do know how to pamper themselves. When I was there and staying even in small motels, their bathrooms normally are decorated with opulent finishing. Never mind that they have very small bedrooms. Their bathrooms are huge with bidet and all.

The tap heads are gold plated and a few of the bigger hotels have sauna and jacuzzi built in too. They have those shower enclosures that come with a seat and all kind of settings with massage and all that pomp. Looking at this site for Bathroom Suites, I wish I had stayed back in Rome, Florence or Venice and find an Italian man who owns a villa.

So, sons, disturb me somemore when I am taking my baths, I elope to Italy and live in Lake Como forever.

Sigh…moms don’t have a life of their own when they earned the title ‘MOM’.