Whoever did this to my blog, I hope you die a slow death.

Some kurang ajar topi hitam seo hacked my blog with spam injection.

Lucky I notice I keep getting PSA ads and asked Google. Matt (I hope it is Matt Cutts of the Development Team) alerted me that my blog is filled with invisible p00rn links which cannot be seen by viewing source codes. So, Adsense disabled the ads on the main URL. Only Google Bot can see it.

So, to the topi hitam seo, I hope your kukujiao rots and drop off. But before that, I hope you lost your ability to scatch your kukujiao so you have to roll on the ground in throes of agonies. Like those dogs infested with fleas…

Niamah, want to hack, go and find someone with the technical knowledge to solve it lah. Be a man and confront a bigger man lah. Come to a poor soul like me, now I have to spend two days reading up on ‘wordpress spam injection’. Somemore my blog is running on WP 2.5.1, the latest version.

Assholes, good for nothing, leeching on to poor aunties’s popular blog with high PR to earn your money online. I hope you will earn enough to buy a cure for your itching groin. Blardy hell, I spit on your head for using such dirty tactics to make money. This is like pilfering from the poor to earn money. Lucky I knew about this beforehand or else I could possibly lost my pagerank, indexed pages and get my Google Adsense banned. Fuck you! May you rot in hell.

So, bloggers and webmasters running WordPress – If you are suddenly losing traffic or seeing PSA ads, be alert. Your site could be hit too.
Matt Cutts has said:

2008 will be the year that hacking and search engine optimization (SEO) collide in a major way. By the end of the year, a nontrivial fraction of blackhat SEO will involve illegally hacking sites for links or landing pages.

I am now officially famous and bear the proud tattoo of being hacked.

Haih…the price of fame. Ptui!