Whoever did this to me…

Whoever did this to my blog, I hope you die a slow death.

Some kurang ajar topi hitam seo hacked my blog with spam injection.

Lucky I notice I keep getting PSA ads and asked Google. Matt (I hope it is Matt Cutts of the Development Team) alerted me that my blog is filled with invisible p00rn links which cannot be seen by viewing source codes. So, Adsense disabled the ads on the main URL. Only Google Bot can see it.

So, to the topi hitam seo, I hope your kukujiao rots and drop off. But before that, I hope you lost your ability to scatch your kukujiao so you have to roll on the ground in throes of agonies. Like those dogs infested with fleas…

Niamah, want to hack, go and find someone with the technical knowledge to solve it lah. Be a man and confront a bigger man lah. Come to a poor soul like me, now I have to spend two days reading up on ‘wordpress spam injection’. Somemore my blog is running on WP 2.5.1, the latest version.

Assholes, good for nothing, leeching on to poor aunties’s popular blog with high PR to earn your money online. I hope you will earn enough to buy a cure for your itching groin. Blardy hell, I spit on your head for using such dirty tactics to make money. This is like pilfering from the poor to earn money. Lucky I knew about this beforehand or else I could possibly lost my pagerank, indexed pages and get my Google Adsense banned. Fuck you! May you rot in hell.

So, bloggers and webmasters running WordPress – If you are suddenly losing traffic or seeing PSA ads, be alert. Your site could be hit too.
Matt Cutts has said:

2008 will be the year that hacking and search engine optimization (SEO) collide in a major way. By the end of the year, a nontrivial fraction of blackhat SEO will involve illegally hacking sites for links or landing pages.

I am now officially famous and bear the proud tattoo of being hacked.

Haih…the price of fame. Ptui!

18 thoughts on “Whoever did this to me…

  1. wah.. this is too technical for me… but, do u want me to buat ‘kong tau’ to this guy or not?
    so u say kokojiau this kokojiau that.. what if it’s an ah pong who did this? then u will be barking up the wrng pokok lah…next time say ‘genitalia’ lah… lol

  2. Alamak you also kena ah?

    I kena thiam, thiam and my blogsite Birds Talking, together with my Orchidaceae Malaysiana and LiChien Shih Tzu destroyed and gone forever!!! Now trying to set up new wan.

    Maybe so UMbros did this as I was blogging about someone from the Snail River up North!!!!

    Take care
    Cheers and Regards
    Birds Talking

  3. JT – First I don’t know how to say groin other than kukujiao. Saying cibai is a bit vulgar mah… Kongtau? You help me curse the asshole lah. You see, they use dirty tactics to hack the site without the owner’s knowledge, then insert some of their poorn site links into my site so that they can get traffic.

    lilians last blog post..Whoever did this to me…

  4. btw, quite like the new logo… but wrong hair colour lah.. where are the highlights u paid?

    also ha.. what is the ‘e’ doing there?

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  5. BTT – I think these are the angmohs mia kerja wor cos they are dem terror with black hat seo tactics. Lucky I wrote to Adsense and they kindly tell me about it lor. If not slowly, all sure die cos it is like some hidden cancer hidden in our system.

  6. eh! what a coincidence!
    malaysia-today’s website also kena hacked!!!
    but the malaysia-today kena hacked by putting TDM pic on the main page.

  7. Wah, chialat…….maybe Lah Lah and 4th floor boys hire these topi hitam to hack your site. They jealous you so popular mah! Maybe they went around hacking all websites that is more popular than Lah Lah’s website??

    Anyway, like you new logo……very hip mommy!

    Ha, Ha can’t imagine one click suddenly I end up watching Tera Patrick performing…ha,ha,ha

  8. this one too techinical for me to learn liau. Patutlar, this morning i see a another muka and now another muka pulak – i mean your web punya muka. Some people really chiak pak boh mi kia coh.

    Erina Laws last blog post..Where To Buy Fresh Fish?

  9. Haiyo.. poor you. I dun know all this technical thingy too. But I dun think I have to worry about this cos they cannot earn anything there. hahaha… Like Erina says, some ppl really chiak pak boh mi kia coh. Always kutuk kutuk ppl, say ppl no good yet labeled themselves as satan. Sienz… no mood to blog. Hope to see happy post from you soon.

    Choonies last blog post..Copycat Caught Red-Handed

  10. Sorry to hear about that. Fortunately I don’t to worry about that as I leave all the worry to the Google people. yes! I host on blogger. Not professional I agree but definitely stress free.

    Adams last blog post..Preparing for trip to France

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