It’s a cool day but….

It is such a lovely day today. It rains the whole morning and now, the cold breeze is so nice.

But I am very hot today. Hot as in temper.

The cilaka Streamyx is acting up again and I cannot access some US sites. I have problems with Gmail. I cannot log in to my server.

I think I know where the arsehole hacker hide the codes. I want to go in to my server (the place where all my files for my blog is stored) but I cannot log in because I have problems accessing as my server is in the US. KNN hacker must have inserted those malicious codes in files hidden as jpg files.

Yesterday, both my webmaster and I notice a lot of jpg (photos files) on my main root folder. He thought I must have uploaded to the wrong folder. I thought the WordPress screwed up.

Now, I read that one of the method of the hack is to stuffs jpg files but they are actually malicious codes hidden there. I had read all those sites offering tutorial on how to solve it and my head is about to burst. Lucky this site explains things clearer – Is your WordPress hacked?

They’re also uploading PHP code disguised as jpeg files to your upload directory and adding those files to the activated plugins list. This makes it harder to find them, but not impossible:

1. Open PHPMyAdmin and go to your blog’s options table and find the active_plugins record.
2. Edit that record. It’s a long line. Scroll through it and you’ll find an entry that looks like “../uploads/2008/05/04/jhjyahjhnjnva.jpg”. Remove that text, and make sure you remove the serialized array information for that array record. If that’s beyond you, just delete the active_plugins record and reactivate all your plugins again.

I know these sounds like Latin to some of you. Or Bahasa Malaysia to the angmohs. But what it means is “I am blardy pissed because I cannot do anything because of Streamyx slow connection because our cilaka Government seems to know how to talk development but never work on it. Over here in Penang, we have been experiencing slow broadband and cannot access some US sites. KNN”

This morning, I almost rolling on the floor laffing my arse off (that’s what ROTFLMAO) reading about these two kampung boys taking on Uncle Sam and claiming Anwar is the snitch. Get real lah! Why so sensitive? Uncle Sam cakap sikit pun dah takut kah? Lucky my herrow Mr. Karpal Singh made the remarks that it is normal for other countries to comment when something really bothers them.

And then, I read about the police who is being sued and yet, want to make our balls shrink by reminding us that he is going to get the army deployed real soon. Like I sked….


And…..jeng, jeng, jeng…do read this latest news from Malaysiakini :

Dalam sidang media bersama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, penyiasat itu memberikan beberapa butiran maklumat yang didakwa menunjukkan hubungan awal, termasuk dakwaan hubungan seks, antara mangsa bunuh dengan pemimpin negara itu.

Panas!  PANAS!  (read the full SD here and don’t miss point 25.2)

15 thoughts on “It’s a cool day but….

  1. My gmail too acting up, cannot get to my emails, so looks like it’s nationawide problem….

    Even Malaysia Today can’t get it………that’s why have to come back here to rant…rant…rant….

    Somemore I read from Rocky’s site where farmer’s subsidize fertilizer being “high jack” by cronies and sell into open market by the truck load…..damn toolan!

    Now the PI declare he saw Najib’s sms to ARB saying that he(Najib) is meeting the AG and will settle the issue and to be cool……tell you this is really like mafia already, they are above the laws, the “Untouchables”…

    Why so toolan feeling today ahh???

  2. bryan – Yalor, I keep turning on and off my modem to get a new line but all the same. Niamah itu Streamyx. You try using Safari to browse, it works faster and can load Gmail. With Firefox, I see most sites without the css, only basic words, no colours.

    toolan – This is a new bomb lah. Now, more and more worms are crawling out. It is disgusting to see the DPM keep denying without any emotions. I hate being lied to. If he never deny, then, I kasi chanz lah but this one, he said he never meet her worrr…

    When I read the news, I told my hubby. (cos I almost believed the DPM mah that they never meet, no seks…… I bodoh mah). He said to me, “If not what you think? DPM go to her for massage kaki only kah?”

  3. Yea, until now TM Net is still monopolies fixed line broadband in Malaysia. Wireless broadband provided by Maxis still sucks though. Streamyx in KL is still fine. Nothing much to bother about.

    Anybody can be shady. The drama is unfolding.

    boon khengs last blog post..Time Trace

  4. Tell me about it!!
    Stupid streamyx really suck big time and yes, I also am having trouble getting into by blogs and admin. Damn shitty service! Wanna blog about the Aminah drama now also cannot because I have clicked ‘log in’ to my blog since 3 hours ago and the page is not even loaded yet. can’t even access gmail!
    **gave up and opt to go for a walk instead**
    p/s: eh, since when the words of BN leaders can be trusted wan?????

    Foongs last blog post..Malaysia Airlines versus AirAsia

  5. ppl ah.. just watch out for it, the internet access is the barometer of the current badawi-najib-alantunya-anwar-rpk scenario, if things go out of control… all internet access will be potong and a state of emergncy will b declared…ppl rallies/protest, 1 person gets kill innocently, all hell breaks loose…more killngs….s’pore/thailand/usa gets involve, indo declare war on usa/spore> USA drop a nuclear bomb….. Middle east retaliates..more bomb…. we have WW3.
    all mati

    or will it be much simpler than this….’fingers/toes crossed’

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  6. The IP address that Streamyx assigns to you could be a culprit. Yesterday, I had problems accessing a few sites as well, but once I restarted my router, and got myself a new IP (streamyx IPs are normally 6x.xx.xx.xx or 21x.xx.xx.xx), then those sites loaded fine. Perhaps something to try la.

    As for my checking my blog for exploit, so far found nothing in the files or even db. Hope you can clear your blog soon la!

  7. klaw – My IP starts from 124….cos I am on the port for the 4Mbps package. Niamah, what 4Mpbs lah. I switch off the router (earlier I said modem pulak LOL) dunno how many times liao.

    JT – Yalor, Malaysia-Today is not accessible. Malaysiakini is now using a strip off front page due to slow loading. That’s why it is MY responsibility to bring some juicy tales lor. Hahaha.

    Foong – Wuah, saucy tale lor. Suka main belakang also wan. No wonder he said he never see her before, see her back only mah. LOLOLOLOL. Blardy hell, this one is worst than CSL, DSAI put together.

    boon kheng – Yalor, I wonder if they can shut down the whole nation broadband in the attempt for a complete blackout? Wuah…I don’t know to worry or be excited with the drama unfolding.

  8. niamah this Najib the tookoesin, want to have anal sex oso have la but wat the fark do until must blow up the poor woman into smithereens? let’s hope justice and the truth will prevail soon!!

  9. sooi sooi – LOL, our political dramas are more interesting than telenovela latin amerika. I wonder what a wife will feel when the whole drama is played out for everyone’s speculation, worldwide. Abuden, some people are blinded by power so cannot feel or see anymore.

  10. Like I mentioned, some men are controlled by their thing down there not the thing in their head. I’m not at all surprised, he’s been screwing the rakyat front, left and right, so where else hasn’t he screwed?

    AnakPenangs last blog post..Tiga Suku Cheng Hoo

  11. Our stoopid STEAMyx connection was already so F@#kup lately…and now with even more traffic for it to cope because of the explosive news of the 2nd SD, leempek better not ‘sai hei’ but go say my prayers for our nation and sleep early tonite.

  12. try dl tings from d web! i paid up 4 1mbps and guess wat is my dl rate ??? 5.5kbps!!! unbelievable!!! f them till 2molo oso cant find wat the hack is d matter! sum more treat me like a 3yo child telling me tat d further away u from d dunno wat point, d slower it is. tak kan slow till 5.5 kbps??! wat d heck d tm ppl doing?? sleeping kah ?? so many complaints and still no improvement. haiz…. shout at them oso no point. i tok 2 d wall better. MALAYSIA …… Boleh…. tak boleh la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. trex & 9pek9bo – I think only we Penang kena lor. I see every website minus the graphics,only words. Lucky I use Safari to browse, I can still login. The full SD on MalaysianInsider pun tak boleh access now. Like this, I think the net will down real soon. Whole nation blackout.

    agnes – I upgraded all the time pun kena hack dunno how many times liao. Sienz with WordPress. Nice to play but not secure.

    anakpenang – This one really explosive worr…

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