It is such a lovely day today. It rains the whole morning and now, the cold breeze is so nice.

But I am very hot today. Hot as in temper.

The cilaka Streamyx is acting up again and I cannot access some US sites. I have problems with Gmail. I cannot log in to my server.

I think I know where the arsehole hacker hide the codes. I want to go in to my server (the place where all my files for my blog is stored) but I cannot log in because I have problems accessing as my server is in the US. KNN hacker must have inserted those malicious codes in files hidden as jpg files.

Yesterday, both my webmaster and I notice a lot of jpg (photos files) on my main root folder. He thought I must have uploaded to the wrong folder. I thought the WordPress screwed up.

Now, I read that one of the method of the hack is to stuffs jpg files but they are actually malicious codes hidden there. I had read all those sites offering tutorial on how to solve it and my head is about to burst. Lucky this site explains things clearer – Is your WordPress hacked?

They’re also uploading PHP code disguised as jpeg files to your upload directory and adding those files to the activated plugins list. This makes it harder to find them, but not impossible:

1. Open PHPMyAdmin and go to your blog’s options table and find the active_plugins record.
2. Edit that record. It’s a long line. Scroll through it and you’ll find an entry that looks like “../uploads/2008/05/04/jhjyahjhnjnva.jpg”. Remove that text, and make sure you remove the serialized array information for that array record. If that’s beyond you, just delete the active_plugins record and reactivate all your plugins again.

I know these sounds like Latin to some of you. Or Bahasa Malaysia to the angmohs. But what it means is “I am blardy pissed because I cannot do anything because of Streamyx slow connection because our cilaka Government seems to know how to talk development but never work on it. Over here in Penang, we have been experiencing slow broadband and cannot access some US sites. KNN”

This morning, I almost rolling on the floor laffing my arse off (that’s what ROTFLMAO) reading about these two kampung boys taking on Uncle Sam and claiming Anwar is the snitch. Get real lah! Why so sensitive? Uncle Sam cakap sikit pun dah takut kah? Lucky my herrow Mr. Karpal Singh made the remarks that it is normal for other countries to comment when something really bothers them.

And then, I read about the police who is being sued and yet, want to make our balls shrink by reminding us that he is going to get the army deployed real soon. Like I sked….


And…..jeng, jeng, jeng…do read this latest news from Malaysiakini :

Dalam sidang media bersama Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, penyiasat itu memberikan beberapa butiran maklumat yang didakwa menunjukkan hubungan awal, termasuk dakwaan hubungan seks, antara mangsa bunuh dengan pemimpin negara itu.

Panas!  PANAS!  (read the full SD here and don’t miss point 25.2)