The other day, when I was at the Immigration Department, there was this man who is in his 60s. He is balding, overweight, sweaty, has a face twitch and was talking very loudly while his saliva was spraying like a fountain.

I was filling the passport application forms for my four sons. (btw, children under 18 yrs old are not able to use the passport auto-kiosk to apply for their passports) So, it was quite a long wait there.

And this old man was with a very, very young chick. She is a Cambodian. The sugar dadda wanted to bring her to Thailand but her passport or visa has some problems. So, sugar daddy was trying to talk the Immigration officers into allowing her to go or something like that.

Well, I am trying to be very nice and am not using the extreme words to describe the gentleman. However, it is very obvious that the relationship is so very wrong. You can see from their body languages, they are not father and daughter or boss and foreign worker or helpful uncle with a lost little tourist. You get the drift?

So, one of my son nudged me. “See? Old man with China doll.”

Therefore, jeng jeng jeng……chance to do what mothers are supposed to do…..

Lecture lah!

“Yalor, so disgusting. Twitching like that, must have taken overdose of veeagra liao. Fake ones, so the nerves also damaged. I wonder what family members he left behind while he chases after skirts? Some poor old wife with poor children whom the old man never finance their education while he blardy spent it all on the girl.”

Son : Aiyor ma….you ah…

Me : True what. This one is a real social problem you know? For most of them, already have a famiy. You tell me correct or not?

Take a look around you. Do you notice how many men past their expiry dates are hooking up with foreign women? For the women, of course it is good that they fly all the way here to make a living, irrespective how they earned it. For the old men, sure they enjoy their new found uprising, all thanks to the blue pill. But I wonder, how many wives are left behind in their broken homes? Most of all, I wonder how our Immigration Department can let so many to come in?

So, my question – Is it fine for an old man to leave his old wife and grown up kids behind and find a new Imported girlfriend for sex? And if you are the old wife, will you bring the old donkey home when he kicked the bucket and give him an honourable send off?