Old, old men with young, young girls

The other day, when I was at the Immigration Department, there was this man who is in his 60s. He is balding, overweight, sweaty, has a face twitch and was talking very loudly while his saliva was spraying like a fountain.

I was filling the passport application forms for my four sons. (btw, children under 18 yrs old are not able to use the passport auto-kiosk to apply for their passports) So, it was quite a long wait there.

And this old man was with a very, very young chick. She is a Cambodian. The sugar dadda wanted to bring her to Thailand but her passport or visa has some problems. So, sugar daddy was trying to talk the Immigration officers into allowing her to go or something like that.

Well, I am trying to be very nice and am not using the extreme words to describe the gentleman. However, it is very obvious that the relationship is so very wrong. You can see from their body languages, they are not father and daughter or boss and foreign worker or helpful uncle with a lost little tourist. You get the drift?

So, one of my son nudged me. “See? Old man with China doll.”

Therefore, jeng jeng jeng……chance to do what mothers are supposed to do…..

Lecture lah!

“Yalor, so disgusting. Twitching like that, must have taken overdose of veeagra liao. Fake ones, so the nerves also damaged. I wonder what family members he left behind while he chases after skirts? Some poor old wife with poor children whom the old man never finance their education while he blardy spent it all on the girl.”

Son : Aiyor ma….you ah…

Me : True what. This one is a real social problem you know? For most of them, already have a famiy. You tell me correct or not?

Take a look around you. Do you notice how many men past their expiry dates are hooking up with foreign women? For the women, of course it is good that they fly all the way here to make a living, irrespective how they earned it. For the old men, sure they enjoy their new found uprising, all thanks to the blue pill. But I wonder, how many wives are left behind in their broken homes? Most of all, I wonder how our Immigration Department can let so many to come in?

So, my question – Is it fine for an old man to leave his old wife and grown up kids behind and find a new Imported girlfriend for sex? And if you are the old wife, will you bring the old donkey home when he kicked the bucket and give him an honourable send off?

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  1. of course the answer to yr 1st question will be an obvious NO, but life isn’t tht simple, is it? speakin from a man’s pt of view, there are many reasons why ah pek bcome gatai to seek extramarital sex. though personally i find this repulsive, if i look at the simple relationship between the ah pek and young gal, I ask..who is exploiting whom? so long as the gal is an adult (not juvenile or underage)… i find it hard to interfere. Most ppl will sympathise with working gals, but many actually prefer to sell their body than working shifts in a factory… laziness, perhaps. On the other side of the coin, there are many who do it just to make ends meet or to ensure their children, parents to have a better life. No matter what, these gals require is protection, they say prostitution is the oldest profession, so pushing them underground/to the street is futile and will only expose them to harm. I for one agree with legalizing prostitution. The bottom line is if u r involved, treat this as a business relationship.

    question no 2.
    (speaking as a woman) if i were the wife… expect a letter fr my lawyer, forget about reconciliation and don even try to hide yr assets..as I already know exactly what u have.

    (speaking as a man pretending to be a woman) if i were the wife, I will first ask myself, why/what causes this to happen? there are in fact many wives allow their hubbbies go to kau 3 kau 4, as long as the wives’ requirements are met. True or not, you say..?!

    p/s sure kena tembak this time…. be kind
    p/s I swear tht ah pek isnt me…!

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  2. willing fucker, willing fuckie. hahahaha.

    How are you so sure he’s married or his wife is still alive leh ?

    Love has no age barrier mah.. hahaha

  3. Gifchan lah, Lilian. I’m almost getting to this disgusting stage myself. Only thing that stops me… boh lui ah! šŸ™‚ Old woman with energetic young stud not such a bad idea, what. Senior citizens are human too and deserve a bit of excitement and romance. The really sad thing is when money is what makes it happen instead of chemistry lah!

    Antaress last blog post..Anwar Ibrahim @ Shah Alam, 1st July 2008

  4. Ya la Lilian, gifchan la. I sort of sokong what JT & Antares said. This is my 2sen with extras:
    How do we feel about:
    1. Aged man with young SYT,
    2. Mature ladies with young studs,
    3. Fat short slob or geeky looking skinny guy with ‘drop-dead’ gorgeous SYT.

    For me – damn tulan to #3 of my own question. But then ar, everyone to their own poison la.

  5. I think hor..its all about communication between husband and wife lo. husband must communicate with wife and vice versa lo.if not, either husband or wife will go find a new one lo.
    i heard from my boss la.he said old men like him go find younger girls because the wife tak mau sex anymore. no sex life is like no life somehow. maybe it was a good excuse but find a younger lady for such reason..damn teruk lo.if you love ur wife, sure wont do such a thing lo. no sex can die meh? no right? maybe frus a bit la but cheating on wife wo..not good for family and kids la..
    lilian, ur kids damn observant hor..ask such questions. LOL..if its me, my mother already heart attack ler.. šŸ˜›

    sue mes last blog post..I Don’t Give A Shit

  6. hey lilian, maybe if that old man is married then there is a problem..

    my bf and me have a 18 years gap! also consider as old man and young girl d…

    the only difference is that, my bf is never married…

    give chance lor… “one willing to beat, one willing to suffer”

  7. sbux – This one no same lah…I also want a much much older bf if got chance. LOL So much more understanding hor? Somemore richer wor. But I am talking in general cos really wan, nowadays with so many migrant workers, many old men jumpstarted their otherwise retired ‘tool’. Hahaha.

    kyh – Like dis win-win wan, never mind, I tokking the win-win-lose big time.

    sue – That one is men’s best excuse but maybe, how we know he was like a dead fish leh? hahaha.

    gerald – People rich mah….gifchan to the nerd lor. *kena balik*

    antares – I am all for chemistry! If bachelor boy, wanna chase how many skirts also can wan. If bachelor, rich, famous like Rod Stewart, it is a necessity. But hor, this old man I saw, like the butcher only. Walk also not steady, somemore wanna hot chick. Yerr…

    shadowfox – LOL, if you see an old lady with a hot Filipino, I wonder what you will say leh?

    JT – Wei, when you start a blog ah? I just notice. *going to visit and stalk*

    Actually, we read about a lot of old men being conned off their EPF by younger women here. I say padan to the old men for being such a radish, kena chop. They are older, they should be mature mah, who ask them so bodoh let girls leeched off them leh. Actually, I got life cases for references lah but I dare not terus terang reveal. Some men hor, wait till old-old baru wanna come with excuses wife not understanding lah, wife not hot in bed lah, everything wrong with the wife. And the wife hor, gong-gong suffers in silence, ashamed if people know. Given to me, I take all properties (anyway, they are all in my names bwahaha), and sue for more and cabut. What for makan hati like that.

  8. Hi Lilian, I love your blog! In answer to your question, no, I would not agree to bring back the blardy donkey after he kicks the bucket. The old fools are heartless anyway, serves them right when their China dolls kick them to the curb after all their money’s gone. The old wives should kick their asses too.

    Sharons last blog post..Adventure in Kilim Geoforest Park, Langkawi

  9. Sigh! Macam nie lah 5xmom..I do know somebody who is very close to me. He was 50++ and has a gf who is only 18 that time. His wife is actually what people want in a wife. Very patient, susah2 work to help the husband. But this guy hor, complained pulak wife not understanding lah..always pot..pet..pot pet lah..So kesian the wife.
    So i think all the excuses given by men to find younger chicks are merely an excuse saja. Even ifthe wife is sooo good like angel, if the guy still ‘miang’, he sure go find younger gefren.

    kaDusMamas last blog post.."I didn’t choose IT. IT choose me"

  10. Emmh, my uncle hor, 60++, sudah divorce, every month or so, got biz in filipina, then when balik from there always bring back one young filipina ah moi. he does that so often, we also biasa oledi, the filipina girl, nobody bother, like wall paper only.
    But of course it is wrong lah, till death du us part mah, but what to do, we man like humping like bunnies and our partner like romantic like titanic, be it 20 or 60, that small brain never mature.

  11. lilian,
    nothing escapes fr yr eyes…! macam hawk saja.
    my blog..? now close 2 zero content. fingers were possessed tht day n made a few clicks…. walah..now only photos. see how lah, u mentioned abt kena hacked n http this pluggins tht scares me man…..

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  12. Nothing is as simple leh…. If old like, the woman also like.. than can la.. If got force force, than cannot la… love know bounds mah.. so is lust la..

    Afterall, not everyone has a good marriage or a loving and understanding spouse like you ma… so, cannot judge people one…

  13. Why should the young women be exempt from blame? They are equal partners in such endeavours. Who is to say fat, bald old men do not have endearing qualities of their own?

    I thought it was men that objectified women as objects but surely women can look past physicality.

    B.H.s last blog post..#16 Blogs

  14. BH – Eh, you got read properly ah? When did I say fat, bald old men have no endearing qualities? Don’t simply put words in my mouth, can? The question I asked is about men who ditched their families in their golden years to chase after (innocent aka money hungry) little girls, especially those migrants. Geddit?

    Antares – Indeed. (there is always Google to tell me what Latin words mean)

  15. Well I am an old man, I like women, always have always will, they are wonderful company, good and kind. Most of them like sex. So do I.
    It is really very wonderful to feel a woman close to oneself. However once they have you they think that you belong to them. You really belong to yourself. You just share moments of your life with other people. The girl needs money for whatever reason. The man needs company… for whatever reason. Stop feeding the trolls and let everyone get on with their own lives. Lilian put her own interpretation on what she saw….. perhaps the guy was a doctor and was trying to help the girl. we can all make up stories about what we see but only the individual knows what he or she wants from the relationship. If the wife gives the man what he wants…..he will still look and desire other women. That’s how the human race continues. You cannot change it because you are not in love.

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