Short post

Pissed.  When I write too long, people’s attention span get muddled in those words and they repeated exactly what I said in the post in the comment. If you are a blogger, you will know what tulan-ess is.  It is like a parrot gawking.


Pissed.  When I   blogged too personal stuffs, people start to wonder if I am OK and buzzed and MSN to ask.


Pissed.  When I blogged on general issues, people buzzed and ask if I am hiding something wrong.


Pissed.  When I write about saving money, people asked if I am in financial crisis. KNN.


Pissed.  When I get too real, real people I meet reminded me that every words from me must be pleasing to errmm…wateva…


So, no post today.  Instead, go watch this awfully funny Walter and Jeff Dunham video.


Actually, there is an even funnier video.  Silence.  I kill you.  But I won’t dare to post it.  Sure I kena.  But I kasi tip, watch out for Achmed.  Silence.  I kill you. Infidel…..


15 thoughts on “Short post

  1. err…. u said ‘pissed’ so many times until it reminded me to piss too… wait….brb

    i sense your next appt in bulu cabut session at beauty parlour coming up any day now.

    p/s jeng lah.. if not white hair will grow one.

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  2. Only one word come to mind………..TOOLAN!

    Welcome to the world of being toolan…………

    Bottomline, who gives a flying f&^% what other people thinks, this is your blog, a place to pin your thoughts, ideas, anger etc etc……it’s your house, how it’s built, decorate/renovate does not need anyone’s approval, only yours count….at least I tell my wife that on her blog….

    I prefer reading blogs that have a genuine “feel” and your blog is among the top 5 in my list lah………

    But always have happy thoughts………….must have balance mah otherwise we go koo koo.

    Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…….

  3. :mrgreen: Perhaps Wordcamp or Bloggers camp is informative for learning or discovering blogging culture/manner/ er— one word I forgot how to spell — etiqueette — good to reduce blogging toolan-ness
    Maybe corportae (MPH, Nuffnang, Starbucks – hope you are reading this) can sponsor 😛

    Agnes Tans last blog post..Building My Dream Coffee Shop with Lego

  4. huei – Silence. I kill you. Infidel.

    Woi, did anyone of you watched that video? “did they say boy or girl virgins?”

  5. (just wanna make lilian pisses more….)

    what? u want us to see the clip ah? is that the purpose ? sorry, missed yr point completely…

    go hav yr hirs electrocuted lah.. go on

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  6. JT – I find it so, so funny but I dare not post it or risk kena flame. You do lah, you are in Luntun, far far away.

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