Pissed.  When I write too long, people’s attention span get muddled in those words and they repeated exactly what I said in the post in the comment. If you are a blogger, you will know what tulan-ess is.  It is like a parrot gawking.


Pissed.  When I   blogged too personal stuffs, people start to wonder if I am OK and buzzed and MSN to ask.


Pissed.  When I blogged on general issues, people buzzed and ask if I am hiding something wrong.


Pissed.  When I write about saving money, people asked if I am in financial crisis. KNN.


Pissed.  When I get too real, real people I meet reminded me that every words from me must be pleasing to errmm…wateva…


So, no post today.  Instead, go watch this awfully funny Walter and Jeff Dunham video.


Actually, there is an even funnier video.  Silence.  I kill you.  But I won’t dare to post it.  Sure I kena.  But I kasi tip, watch out for Achmed.  Silence.  I kill you. Infidel…..