This is how my blog looks like when I surf using Firefox :

Picture 1.png

Blank. No photos, no nothing, everything messed up. And I cannot make new posts because I cannot publish. I get some error codes.

But lucky, on Safari, it still loads fine.

Picture 2.png

Our Penang CM Lim Guan Eng said something about Penang broadband speed being too low. Doh…CM ah, tolong do something about it lah. Can die wei. Every few months, we are sure to be hit by this tortoise speed.

Now, all our country leaders care about are who liwat who. KNN, we don’t care who liwat or no liwat, all we know is we are all kena liwat-ed. We the Malaysians rakyat semua pun sudah kena liwat by these pack of liars. I have totally lost faith in the police and the legal system. Statutory declarations are now nothing but a political tool. Maybe we should start importing KY Jelly because liwat is like the new age sex.

P/S : At least my Celcom broadband is working ok. But cilaka iMac not compatible with my phone and it won’t detect the wifi from my phone.