I will stick to singing Christmas carols….I don’t know why today I cannot stop singing Christmas songs….


Remember hor, sshhhhh…..

Do what the little piggies on the first photo do….


Today, my son tagged along with me to church. He kept nudging me, “HOI, don’t read so fast can ah?” I cannot help it. Mary will understand that mothers like me tend to do things very fast or else we cannot cope with our motherly duties. So, my rosary is super fast and I completed mine while others were just midway.

Then, “HOI, not so loud can ah?”

What to do…when I open my mouth, it is always that loud. In an empty church, where there are just two of us in that section of the pews, of course, my voice is heard louder than usual. But eh, my voice is not bad one, wokay? My Alleluia is trained by the choir master, so loud also never mind. Not like if I am too loud elsewhere, I will end up eating sands and cockroaches.

So, find the rahsia yang tersirat in what is tersurat. Shhhh….Remember, follow the piggies. You don’t want to eat chicken with no meat, do you?

And if you are bored, go see 9pek9bo‘s son yodelling. I went to take photos of charleskey during the yodelling at the French Music Festival but my photos all turned out senget, like he is about to slip off the side of the stage. LOL.


6 thoughts on “Shhh…..

  1. Bryan – I don’t know why suddenly the speed back to normal. But I still cannot loging with Filezilla. Haih..

  2. šŸ™‚ Cute piggies..but if my kids see that..habis pecah-memecah already..!
    Well..wish you a happy but busy weekend (you always busy mah)

    kaDusMamas last blog post..Lies..

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