dragon fruit jelly

I made some nice jelly today. Any idiot can do it too. Just buy one packet of agar-agar powder, follow the instructions and you get some nice jelly. Even my five years old boy know how to do it, if I let him play with fire, i.e.

Buy the jelly from Thailand. Not sure why but Thais are great with jellies and agar-agar. I think one packet costs less than RM2.


Copying the idea from Hochiak Delicious Asian foods, I cut some red dragon fruit into the agar-agar. The red colour is all original red colour from the dragon fruit. I love red dragon fruits. You know why? Because it makes my urine orange and what came out in the toilet bowl, looks like my whole intestines had been blended and mushed up.


From one packet of agar-agar powder, I made three types of agar-agar. One is the green heart, the red dragon fruit and the other the sirap manis, slightly pinkish plain ones.

#1 son : Mom, that looks like a pair of implants. The silicon implants.

#3 son : Yalah, like yours mom!

Me : HOI, cilaka what like mine? Niamah, I original lah.

#3 : Like the one that dropped out in the washing machine.

Me thinking, WTF, what dropped out? Think, think, think….

Me : Ish, that one is not silicon lah! That one from the swimsuit lah. Lycra!

#2 son : This one is just an A-cup.

Me : HOI, where you learn all these ah? They teach you in skool izzit?


Nice Sunday. Why they don’t hold protest in Penang ah? So boring, no place to go protest.