Re Wong Chun Wai “Bloggers on strike” – I say, strike my kach’ng lah!

(translation : ka’chng means butt, arse, ass, punggung, pungkok, bottom, buns, phiku, tai si fatt)

I was aware of those elitists social-political bloggers’ rants about going ‘on strike’ by not posting. Usually, socio-politico bloggers’ blogs can be so full of themselves. Their blogs (note that I am dissing the blogs, not the persons behind it, ok?) exude that ‘We are the saviours’ air.

Frankly, one socio-politico blog to another are almost similar. Of course, they are great men and women but the issues and the opinions are usually almost the same. Sienz. You read one, you read all.

This morning, I was greeted by The Star as usual. It is always on my dining table and I cannot eat my breakfast without first cussing. I was anticipating photos of The Protes protest. But what do I see? Bloggers go on strike. Ptui, get real dude.

I do not know if The Star has twisted Rocky Bru’s words or does Rocky Bru really said what was published on The Star. I am too lazy to find the online version, you sindiri pigi cari lah. Anyway, in the same breath, The Star published our very understanding and compassionate PM’s words. It agrees with the bloggers.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is aware that the people are fed up with the political bickering that is going on in the country and has pledged to give priority to the needs of the people.

Doh! Don’t these bloggers notice something? Our PM agrees with bloggers that we are fed-up with too much so-do-my arse stories? I say those bloggers have been used. Yes, you have all been soto mee too.

Then, there is this 100-days Bloggers meet. And Wong Chun Wai urged the bloggers :

I urge them to post their disgust at our politicians and ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours. Readers, share your feelings at the state of our politics in solidarity.

And again, you wanna bait bloggers izzit, Datuk WCW? Asking bloggers to post our disgusts? Eh, the Malaysian blogosphere is not made of of these few elitists bloggers. We have thousands of bloggers. And by asking people to post their disgusts, it is like sending an open ticket to Taiping, Perak. Not for the mee banjir in Kuala Sepetang but soto mee Kamunting.

You blog, Datuk WCW, I also blog. (but my trapik more than yours la) I believe you are a Christian like me too. And I want to tell you something, Christians don’t walk on middle paths. It is either or. Take a stand. Your blog and the paper you run, they are like on two ends of the poles, north and south. Please don’t cakap tak serupa bikin. I don’t care about the disclaimer you put on your blog. I can smell ‘Wag the dog’ plot from a mile. And I say, we always have our conscience to turn to because the Lord is there.

BTW, what is farking wrong with showing a boxer la? It is the trend! My sons do that all the time. Buying jeans several sizes bigger and let the pants drop and Simpson or hot banana or whatever peeking through. Chill lah! Move with times. Get over it already!

19 thoughts on “Re Wong Chun Wai “Bloggers on strike” – I say, strike my kach’ng lah!

  1. Hmm…when i read the online news saying the singer shows his boxer infront of the i crowd, i thought he completely pull down his pants and show the whole world his boxer. Cheh!! Sekali see, show a bit only! Like you say, its a trend..aparak lah want to make it a big issue..

  2. galvin – I wonder Star wants to employ me? Hahaha.

    suanie – Tokking kok mah, on the blog ask bloggers to protest our disgusts and yet, in the paper, the real Protes wasn’t even given a front page but that NS again. And now, go blow up the Caburettor boxer issue pulak.

  3. kadusmama – Like dis go tangkap all the Minah rempits for the butt cracks they showed when riding on Mat rempits heavily modified bikes lah. And the issue now, poor holy book being treated like toilet roll pulak. What pissed me is when one mufti implied that ‘they musn’t do what other faiths do by using the holy book’. Like doh….That swearing is only done in court and it is part of the Western law, not like we use the Bible to throw around.

  4. i tot of the same thing, strike / protest is their choice. There are plenty more blogs or site like m’sia kini/today to c wat is going on politically. the gorment has been sucking our blood for 50plus years, go ask them if they r tired or not. like any public matters, it concerns us. I am interested only the truth and if the accused feel the pressure.. i said give them more. if they cannot sleep at night, i said more ‘nightmores’, if they are too afraid to go pissing at night, i say ‘use a bucket’………
    go on strike if u like… but this definately doesnt deserve to be a headline! wat a waste of space.

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  5. i am not kidding, i hav seen many teenagers wearing baggy jeans so low till they reach the knees… those also have XXXXXXXL sized basketball shirt to cover their asses. and they walk like a duck! (shaking head)

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  6. JT – Yalor, dramatise the bloggers like a bunch of aunties on menopause. (hides from aunties) I also proudly declare myself a blogger and as far as I am concerned, my opinion counts as much as those elitists so-po bloggers because I am in touch with the folks on the street and I am real. So, if I am not on strike, who is the papers to say I am, hor?

  7. bryan – Childish behaviour of the media who helps the BN lorr…Everything wanna kor-sai (rub shit) the PR mah. See also tulan. Make so big deal like some female celebrity stripped nekid on stage like that. Niamah. As if we don’t have enough real problems like dat. Like those people who are now getting so poor until no money buy clothes liao.

  8. The datuk is trying to shield the government from criticism. Basically, the newspaper is trying to make it seem like the government not doing work because of Anwar and Najib, when in fact this only started one week ago. If you had the poll in thestar done 3 weeks ago, you would probably get the same result:

    Klaws last blog post..Why Strike? Government Will Start Working?

  9. I dont quite understand too why bloggers like Rocky going on strike? Isnt he also one of the first to report about this SD lah that SD, and then bout Anwar all, after few hours news broke out about Saiful, terus got pictures of Saiful n fiancee la, minister la whatever plastered on his blog! Well I say?! That is quite contradictory rite? Because they are in fact maybe (in)directly promoting to this so called dirty politics whatever too.

  10. sandyow – Drama kings mah.. You must read Haris blog, post written by Helen Ang. She hinted, ‘Go ask daddy’. LOL. (daddy = Tun M)

    klaw – What I beh tahan is the talam dua muka. The whole nation knows Star is biased. But on his blog, he insisted he is not representing the newspapers and the opinions are his own. So, it is like sending two different signals. In short, hypocrites. Anyway, I left a comment on WCW’s blog post not to ‘one galah sapu semua’ and treat all of us like part of the so-po’s circles. I am a blogger but I hate being lumped into any particular group.

  11. All I can say is moh ngan tai…takda mata tengok…no eye see…(not referring to the boxers lar but to the self pretentious, too full of himself hippokrit and the likes of him)

  12. It’s all very convenient excuse, this so-called strike of the bloggers. It’s not right though how these bloggers can so easily wash their hands off the dirt, do they have no part in creating the present confusion?

  13. I have to agree with some of the comments that it is quite ironic any mabye a little hypocritical for the bloggers (Rocky mostly) to react that way. I’m not sure, is it because the whatever palnned sentiment or agenda they were meant to spread didnt really go according to planned? Hmm… Fishy indeed. I think the blogs should also work on being ethical and credible too. Sooner people will be meluat of blogs too.

  14. darcwill – Good, when people meluat, ask them to read The Obnoxious 5xmom’s blog! Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by.

    The Yarning – I feel it is a bit dramatic lor. And childish.

    Foong – He didn’t pass my comment through! Geramnyer….I only express what I felt mah. Rocky and gang do not represent the whole Malaysian blogosphere. Not wrong mah, right?

  15. hi lillian,

    isn’t it the truth indeed about latuk wcw!
    in all fairness and propriety, he should not be one to blog about the current sad state of affairs in our beloved country. he may blog about his mundane hobbies (if he has) but certainly not on the political, social and economic conditions because HE WAS (and still IS) PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT that has brought about the current state of affairs.
    on the one hand, he answers to his taskmasters (the star which many right thinking and like minded malaysians have stopped buying the ptui spin), therefore, his views are not his views anymore.
    on the other hand, he writes with a delicate spin along the periphery of his taskmasters’ propaganda as he cannot write too far lest he has to answer a midnight call.
    we have to pray for him as he really has a tough time trying to live sanefully and peacefully while walking one eighty degrees. by God’s grace, he will come to terms with his conscience.

  16. Last time when I was still buying the Star , everytime i read his comment i feel like Ahhhh Phtuuuuui on his column . So Biased and I always wonder how many readers actually believe what he writes ! Maybe we should we should start a poll somewhere . Any ideas ?

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