Seven seven O eight

I just notice that today has some nice numbers. Seventh of July, 2008.

When I was working, extension 7778 was my lucky number. In my Yahoo email address, it is lilianc78 and people thought I am born in 1978. *char dai, pan kiut* (pretends act cute)

I was born on the 7th.

Seven has always been my lucky number.

In Chinese numerology, the number seven and eight are both my lucky corners. Yayaya, I know how to calculate that lau-ee Lillian Too’s prescribed fengshui and all her mumbo-jumbo South-west and West corners. Just base on our birthdate and birth year, I can tell you which are the directions most suitable for you. In fact, I can even tell you which person is most compatible for you.

But too bad…..this Lilian too has retired. This Lilian too believes in Jesus Christ only. Amen!

Eh, if you are not allergic to Christians, can you please, please, please link my Christian Journey blog? The url is Please use Christian Journey or Faith blog or anything but 5xmom or my name. No obligation, please don’t feel you need to link. But if you are ok with it, it will help me because the blog is rather pathetic in terms of traffic. Right now, I am loving that blog more than this. I am more real there than here.

Anyway, today, I am going to do something that is totally out of my ordinary life. I have told a few trusted friends about it. One of them, such a darling, will even light a candle for me. To give me courage. Thank you, Lord for Auntie S. And for those who didn’t balk and say, “Lu u siao boh? Ciak pa boh soo choh ah?” (are you mad? eat full nothing to do?), I love you all for not doubting me.

It is a scary thing but I can do it. And hope it is just a stepping stone to something bigger. And thank you, ‘Jesus‘ for your guidance.

Help me, Lord!

Ok ok ok, forget all about what I wrote up there. Please do not comment on it.

But tell me if you believe in fengshui and tell me why would anyone spend so much to listen to Lillian Too or Joey Yap? I can personally tell you, fengshui works. Yes, it does. But it is not permanent. And when life screwed up, you only got yourself to blame. I know, I had been through that. It is too much of a burden in the end.

Of course, if you are a believer in destiny is in your own hands, I am not questioning that. We are free to believe what we want. It is just my personal opinion because I was/still am very good with fengshui and bazhi too.

But in the end, what do I get? From my eight pillars of life calculation, I know which parts of my life will see better days and which part will not. It is so true, it even came true. Now, I will just hide behind Jesus’s flowy robes and treat him as my jack. (you need to attend children’s mass to know which jack) Jesus will be the one-man, kick all solution for me.

*go run to hide behind Jesus’s robe before rabid fengshui fans cussed me, runs back and grab Bible and cross plus garlics and silver bullet for extra protection and hide again*

11 thoughts on “Seven seven O eight

  1. Recently, I am quite caught up with this feng shui thingy. Attended a feng shui seminar, invited a feng shui master to our house, bought two feng shui aquarium for some auspicious corner, etc. I find that feng shui is actually about common sense. They tell you many things and sometimes they are really logic. Even my architect who is now redesigning my house claims the same. The inauspicious corner should build a toilet that will flush out all the bad chi. hahaha… Oh yes, my brother is also interested in feng shui and surprisingly starts reading Joey Yap’s book and finish reading it in a day (note that my bro does not like reading.. a practically a person who doesn’t read book.)

    Choonies last blog post..???

  2. i believe FengShui, because when im secondary school and i stay in Taiping that time, opposite my house’s land is higher than my house, it make my house’s ong gone and bad luck come. Then we ask a feng shui master came our house and have a look, then he put a something like chicken thingy on the top of my house roof, everything being ok ^^
    But some ppls may not trust feng shui thingy lo..
    And something i know is opposite ur house kenot got corner face to ur house..or you need a “Pa Kua” to push it away..

    Am i correct ? Because this is my experience 6years ago haha..

    KiDkillERs last blog post..How to target Adsense Content

  3. 9 me number. How does it work for me? Just like traffic light; we are conditioned to stop at red, go at green and slow at yellow. Since I conditioned myself 9 is my lucky number, I sort of ‘comfort’ myself when I am uncertain that it is green to go, number 9 will be my clue. šŸ™‚

  4. I was a staunch fengshui believer since the very beginning of my age. Age 15 i guess? Yes lilian too and joey yap are my reference. Don’t know whether you realize or not both of them have different opinions when it comes to CNY tips for fengshui. Hah!! Anyway since i embrace christianity, things have changed… Yes fengshui did work but it was a temporary thing only. Ultimately i question my faith… Something that stirs much more deep within… Thus, after knowing the goodness of the Lord… i decided to give it all up because ultimately my “prosperity” is in the hand of the Mighty One and not just fengshui šŸ™‚

  5. Princess Aoki – Lillian Too used to have Joey’s father as her sifu, Yap Cheng Hai, if I am not mistaken. Then, the son grown up, he has to find a different ‘branding’. Fengshui always differs because men are not capable of dealing with all the corners and unseen forces. One may shift fengshui to favour one thing but it will harm the other parts. So, yes, ultimately, believe in God, free one. Hehehe. True peace and no need to worry so much.

  6. whispering9 – *makes mental note to add the 9 for luck* Ya, most of the superstitious beliefs are based on positive thinking.

    kidkiller – IT is not permanent one, next there are the flying stars and then, the yearly cycle and then, tai sui…..

    cikgu – Wuah…happy ‘investing’. LOL

  7. Feng shui is just common sense and everyone has common sense, just too lazy to use it. For me, feng shui is real, is all about managing the moisture ratio at home, the amount of sun one gets and the ventilation that passed thru. Anything else is just mumbo jumbo. And yes, no soiled underwear in the living room, use common sense la!

  8. Hey, I’m born in 87, which is opposite yours haha! And guess what, yesterday was my 21st birthday. Anyway, talking about fengshui, I don’t know whether it’s true or not but fengshui is actually recognized by scientist that there are logic behind fengshui. But I’ll watch show like Joey Yap and etc because sometimes, they’re quite entertaining but doesn’t mean I’ll follow them because I wasn’t really care unless my life really messed up completely.

    But the best thing to overcome your problem is to find out what are your problem. And overcome them one by one rather than trusting fengshui.

  9. yes. i oso believe in fengsui. but i don’t really believe what Lilian Too says. i read her book once, i think she is rather superstitious. i prefer read the other chinese fengsui books & cross reference.

    when i was young, my father got the wrong advice from a fake fengsui master to do some renovation in our house. my brother died that year. b4 my brother died, the window of the extended wall cracked. that was a bad year to our family. my mother died in cancer few years later, but i believes part of it is due to the sorrow. people says too much sorrows will cause cancer…

    so, if you believe fengsui, pls consult a real master. don’t find a fake 1 like my daddy… that will cause tragedies!

    u oso can say i put all the blames to that fake fengsui master!

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