People I see on the streets this morning

I went out rather early this morning and the sun was still sleeping. On the busy Jalan Air Itam where the Penang State Mosque is, one old Chinese man was pushing hard his chee cheong fun cart across the three lanes road. It was totally dark and being a hawker, his cart doesn’t have any fancy reflective tapes or any lights.

If our cars do not have lights bright enough to shine on him, some of us may not see the cart, the old man and the bicycle. After he had managed to cross the road, he went up and ride the bicycle, slowly because the cart is rather heavy and it is not easy to manoeuvre.

Then, on my return trip, I was driving out from Jalan Besi/Island Glades area to get into Jalan Batu Lancang where the Farlim traffic is. Now, this is a big river of several roads, flyovers and confusing traffic coming from different directions.

This is also where some of the primary and secondary schools are. So, this one lone, single woman was holding on to the hands of two young primary school kids, one of them, presumably her own and a little Malay girl in baju kurung. Next to her, almost clinging to her are five to six other school children. They were struggling to cross lane by lane.

Along the stretch of Jalan Batu Lancang, more kids were trying to cross the very, very busy road because Farlim is a densely populated area. I have not done this morning routine for years and years. Traffic now has increased so much compared to the times when I was working and dropping my eldest son, like 12 years ago.

I got into my housing area where two more schools are. One father was carrying a dozing little girl while, carrying his daugther’s heavy school bag on his back. One hand was holding the sleeping girl and the other hand, holding the hands of his school going daughter.

Now, when I see the real people, with their real lives, struggling to make ends meet, working, studying and etc…..

I felt utter disgust at those people squabbling over swearing on the holy book. I want to tell these buggers…..Get real dudes, God has better things to do. God needs to watch over all His creations , keeping them safe from harm, giving them the strength to go through the daily grind. God does not care if you have been farked from the ass or not. And one more thing. Showing a pair of boxer is nothing compared to fighting over a corpse and burying it against the family wishes. It is the latter that deserves more attention.

A good Government is one that can sees all the hardship of the people. Not giving empty promises after promises. And we do not care how many turned up at the protest. But we do feel the pain of those people who made an effort to go there. And those pains and disappointments are not something for anyone to belittle like what was mentioned in Malaysiakini on the Protes. Read my post on the Hindus’ faith and I hope all of us Malaysians feel the same kind of desire for our fellow Malaysians, regardless of their faiths, races or background to have a better future.

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  1. bryan – Yalor, the beautiful boy now wanna act belagak, challenge people to swear wor. Lansi mah, he got direct access to apply scholarship thimmm….

  2. Very well written. The Malaysia we live in today is a perversion of common sense and simple rule of law. It would appear that the leaders we elected believe that the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. Sad.

  3. Oliver – Thanks. It comes from my heart. Sad indeed. The small people like you and I have all been ignored, our welfare, our survival…and here comes a DPM who is so petty on the numbers and the media on a boxer.

  4. for too long i hav been saying the 99.9% MPs have lost touch with the people who elected them. they go to work in their big big private number plate air-con and ahmad ‘maseelee’ (chauffeured mercedes), sit in their big big comfy chairs in big big office semua paid by the tax payers. The only time you see them out is when election is coming lah.

    u say credit crunch!!! they say ‘mana ada!’
    some have said ‘not fair!’ they replied ‘kalau tak suka, keluar!’

    i say ‘semua pigi mati!’

    JTs last blog post..The Broadway

  5. A couple of years after 2004, our hopes went down, down, down until rock bottom. Before 08-03 we thought we had some hope so we banked in our checks to one side. But it appeared it wasn’t enough to tip the lop-sided scales. The defacto leader’s still playing the mighty chess-game. We pin our hopes on him but there are still lots of people who doubt his sincerity and principles.

    Still we hope, because looking at the incumbents’ excuses, hearing their lies and spins, (they think we’re still dumb, that’s the worse part) it’s really disheartening. They’re all over the place with play-acting; the Judiciary, the IPCMC, ACA, the Corridors, Oil royalties, body-snathers, etc etc… We live with the fear of this place turning into another Zimbabwe or Myanmar.

    Where’s Bala? Who’s really behind Saiful? Who actually put the C4 on the Mongolian girl? The ones in the middle of the shit say it’s very dirty. They should know… because we think they stink too.

    Is this the darkest hour before dawn? We hope to see the dawn. We thought we saw it on March 9th. But it looks like it’s still a long way to go. So, we hope.

    Sorry Lilian, ran off thread. But that’s my rant.

    LC Tehs last blog post..Experience + Ignorance = Fear

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