Why Malaysia print media should be afraid, very afraid…

Because Malaysiakini is now the No. 1 News site in Malaysia according to Alexa.

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.”

Thomas Jefferson (via NYTimes)

But you may say the figure is not accurate. Never mind…………. how about my housekeeper telling me, “Malaysiakini story is more reliable. The Star news are all ‘hou siao’ (horse shoe crab sperm aka bullshit). She told me her sons who are in universities all read Malaysiakini only. They don’t buy The Star anymore.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Syabas, Malaysiakini. I don’t subscribe to it yet, eventhough the editor got his staff to help me get the subscription fee payment arranged. I will wait till they accept Paypal ‘cos I am lazy to pay through the bank and I don’t trust them with my credit card. Until then, I can read the Bahasa Malaysia version for free. Improve my BM and I get to read more juicy stories.

And for local advertisers, remember that the best advertising medium is the internet. Your advertisements stay online for a long time if you get one of us bloggers to write the advertorial through Nuffnang. I can gerenti, or your money back. Read my make money blog for more information.

You are assured that your advert is not ending up as paper lama or fish wrapper the next day if you advertise online.

12 thoughts on “Why Malaysia print media should be afraid, very afraid…

  1. Yalor, dunno why MK makes it so difficult to pay. Pay through ATM also cannot, must go queue up at Maybank to pay. So, I also give up. Don’t pway-pway, the editor, Steven (or something) emailed me and told his staff to help me to get the payment done with credit card. But I told him, I cannot trust. LOL.

  2. This press freedom on the internet is at an unprecedented level, never seen before, wouldn’t have been possible during TDM’s time. But really, readers should beware, the parties behind online press does not have no vested interest in publishing what they do they way they do. So best read both sides and then conclude. Freedom can be abused too

  3. Come on lah. How many people read the Toilet Paper now? It’s full of rubbish.

  4. Dear Lilian,

    We have been considering using Paypal for awhile. We would have to receive the funds to a credit card account. We will be looking into it. In the meantime, doing a credit card transaction over the phone with our customer service staff is really simple and safe. You can call me on 03-22843367 x 110 for further information.

    We also support Maybank2u, CIMB clicks, and Pospay

  5. Wow this surely make my day ! Congrats MK … me long time never buy those spin doctors MSM paper long time liao and I dont seem to have been misinformed rather the contrary ! Guess they are not just only afraid but shitting Greenies … LOL

  6. BEH – Read both sides only can compare mah…

    th_c – But it says we have to pay through the bank, cos we don’t use Maybank2u.

    Premesh – Thanks for the tips. Actually, we wanted to pay through atm, giving Msiakini’s a/c but the machine said the transaction can only be done via bank teller. So, I just drop the idea.

  7. I’ve asked MK twice to set up a paypal account but no cigar. They’re too busy serving the rakyat’s cause and I don’t fault them.
    Once MK decides to accept paypal, I’m sure their servers would not be able to handle the initial international traffic as we from the rest of the world would be able to subscribe to the website in a blink of an eye.

    Premesh, we, in the international realm (who haven’t subscribed yet) would appreciate the opportunity to add a link and enjoy the benefits if given a chance. I’ve been looking in on the sidelines since its birth, and that is a long time now. Go with Paypal… sign of the times… evolve…

    Texas baba

  8. I think the younger generations of us and most of the uni students don’t buy newspaper anymore. We just click on the online news portals like Mkini.

    By this way not only we are being environment friendly (save paper mah..), but we also get genuine news instead of some twisted grandmother stories published on mainstream media!

    puvanans last blog post..Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

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