I tell it like it is

This is just some personal rant. It won’t make sense to anybody.

This morning, there was a joke about some alphabets soup. Somehow, only I find it funny because it is like ‘in their face kind of slap’ joke. I turned around and see if people are choking with laughter like me, but no, blank faces…..I suppose no one likes themselves to be associated with smelly fishermen. Or probably they just dun geddit.

So, I didn’t think much about that. But then, something else cropped up. Someone asked me to do something. I told it straight like it is. I cannot do the favour no matter how noble it is because I have some reservations about it. They say it is legal. I know it is legal. But I won’t do it. To me, it is like sending the wrong signal to whoever I am going to approach.

I would rather do something like washing cars or cooking for hundreds of people or whatever. But I won’t do shortcut things like that. In fact, if I want, I can easily get a lot of moolah using the exposure I get on my blogs, by doing it online. But I won’t because that too is against my principle, instinct, conscience and my internet marketing exposure.

Yeah, I am a yes person most of the time but I am a darn stubborn person with principles many probably cannot understand.

2 thoughts on “I tell it like it is

  1. either way, watever u do also the same. ppl interpret it differently one lar.

    like u ask ppl to stop blog.
    Stop blog means delete the blog? or stop blogging abt certain issue.

    u see, that why lor

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