Today’s The Star has a photo of Bung Moktar claiming he merely slapped his palm on the top of the other hand.

But footage on RTM showed Bung Moktar did the vulgar sign. We Hokkien call it ‘kok lay’ but I am not sure what it means in translation. Normally, this sign is only reserved for the very, very stressed out situation because you cannot take both hands away from the car steering when you are trying not to let the mini bus cut into your lane. So, usually, it is ‘wind down the window and give them an up-yours’.

In this Youtube age and blogs, you cannot run away. We bloggers love sensational news like these.

(Youtube link taken from Haris Ibrahim’s blog post Liar, liar pants on fire)

In the end, Bung Mokthar admitted, Oopps…I did it on Malaysiakini.

Datuk Bung Mokhtar (BN-Kinabatangan) hari ini mengaku membuat isyarat tangan yang dianggap lucah di Dewan Rakyat sewaktu bertikam lidah dengan ahli parlimen Pakatan Rakyat semalam.

“Ya, memang saya buat tetapi bukan itu maksudnya. Setiap orang ada persepsi sendiri dan ia bukan biadap dan bukan apa yang orang fikirkan,” kata ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan ketika ditemui di lobi Parlimen.

Now, this post is not to condemn anyone. I am a mother to teens and I am using this to tell them and all their teens and youths friends what are wrong here. It is strictly a mommy and children’s talk.

1) Making lewd signs like these, acceptable if provoked because we are all human. But if you are elected into Parliament, it is not ok, ok? There are rules and regulations and we must always respect that. Let’s say you are in a zoo, standing by the gorilla’s cage and suddenly the gorilla’s pissed on your head, you can give the beast a Johnson clap. If you did it elsewhere and someone whacked you into meaty pulp, I will say padan muka you. But mommy won’t smack you.

2) Not admitting when you are wrong, is definitely a big wrong. One smack. What did I teach you about being truthful?

2) Being a man, and yet evading things, trying to worm out of the problem with excuses, another big smack. What about integrity, principle, being man?

3) Telling lies and then, giving even more lame excuses, mommy will say you are a useless, pondan, tarak bola, ular, pengecut, penipu…..and many more descriptions.

4) And worst still, if you keep repeating this in Parliament if you ever become one next time, (note this is not the first time Bung did it) and you keep getting voted in and assigned some position there, mommy can only fault whoever voted you and whoever appointed you.

Another day, another sensational news. Interesting times we live in.

So, chewren semua, bila besar nanti, jangan jadi macam Abang Bung. Kalau salah, kata salah. Jangan nak kelentong. Bila pecah rahsia, malu tu.