9 thoughts on “Minyak wangi Saiful

  1. Aiyoh…I brought a Dav***of set for my friend’s birthday yesterday. Now how lah now. Somemore…got that blue bottle also. Mati lah…if she read your blog. Sales promoter said it is veri popular now.

  2. Wahhh Ah Lian , you now promoting Real Rewards arrrr ? Dunno attract or repel which gender .. You try first and blog again can arrrr ?? LOL

  3. BEH – No lah, Real Rewards use this ad, so I find it so funny, I took a screen shot of it lor. I don’t want use Saiful perfume, later…. hahaha…

    wishpering9 – Chialat hor? Why popular ah? Cos everyone wants to have direct access to all the ex and current DPM? Hahaha

    JT – They are real quick to use Saiful name. Now, everyone name Saiful, habis lah.

  4. I just visited the RealMart site and saw that they actually carry quite a broad range of perfumes. I thought of buying all the perfumes and sending it all to Saiful… because something about him is real fishy.

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