Denise Lee’s skirt cannot, but Bung’s sign no problem?

Where got fair lah…

Dalam isu lain, Fong Po Kuan (DAP-Batu Gajah) mahu supaya Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) dirujuk kepada Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan kerana membuat satu isyarat tangan yang disifatkan sebagai memalukan.

“Ini bukan tak berlaku dan Kinabatangan sudah mengakuinya. Mereka terlepas sahaja. Ahli (dewan) tak nampak (tetapi) rakyat Malaysia nampak, orang di luar nampak,” katanya.

Kiandee menolak membuat keputusan tidak menerima perkara itu.

(quote taken from Malaysiakini) and the English version on Malaysiakini over here.

Bung Moktar tak kena anything for his Johnson clap.

But this lady reporter from Kwong Wah Denise Lee kena stopped because they said her skirt is too short pulak. Where got fair, wei?

(photo taken from NST)

You see for yourself, where got short lah?

“I don’t know why they stopped me from entering the building as my skirt falls below the knees as has been set by the dress code,” she said.

“I wonder why they picked on me as I see that there are other people who are wearing skirts shorter than mine but they were allowed to go in.

” (Quoted by Denise Lee on NST)

Haih….my dear Denise, maybe it is not your skirt but which newspaper company you are attached to and whether they are pro-BN or not? Or maybe those men memang like that because you know lah, they suka-suka do obscene sign and then, said it doesn’t mean a thing?

Do you all remember the incident at the MPPP where the council chief accused the lady reporter for wearing too short skirt when it is not? Nay, the CCTV pointing at her lap during the Penang Municipal Council Meeting?

P/S : Go see what I told CSL? Kikhkikhkikh

10 thoughts on “Denise Lee’s skirt cannot, but Bung’s sign no problem?

  1. Simple mah, those are hamsap-king, hamsap wong
    want to control this n that, very sian wan

    tiap tiap hari fikir macam nak pinda pakaian perempuan, macam nak pakai
    pergi jadi penjahit lah, MPs pulak

  2. these MPs are such disgrace, and reporters are there to do their job, if anything the scrutiny should be on this MPs and they should be dealt with sternly, and not be so obsessed with dress-codes. Bung should be suspended until he issues an apology proper and stop covering excuses with excuses.

  3. This MPs always ‘cho wu cho bor’. The one really need their attention that din care much. I feel like a stupid tax payer, paying all this ppl to just sit there and do yoga and implementing useless law.

    Choonies last blog post..My new crave

  4. The Malaysian MPs are more interested in dealing with how the reporters wear their clothes than national issues. *shakes head*

  5. Haiya…you misunderstood the monkeys, I mean MPs, already. The Bung gesture means ‘Thank you for calling me stupid’.

    The skirt is VERY SEXY, can see the calves wor, nanti all these ‘lust filled’ Bung-like MPs can’t tahan how? They all see some flesh already beh tahan lar. Summore open toed shoes can see all the toes…who knows, maybe they got calves and toes fetish leh?

    Then they will be so filled with lust that they can’t debate on serious matters like how to cheat more Malaysians of their money right under the noses of the Opposition and teamed with gestures they do not mean, then how?

    Wah, you read CSL’s blog wan ar?

    Foongs last blog post..They are ‘thinking’ of whether to tax the measly RM625 cash rebate?

  6. foong – No lah. No read CSL regularly but I saw on Msiakini Top Blog so I go kepoh sikit jek and . Yerrr….now I remember something else, yerrrrrr…

    kyh – You go read the latest lah, our Nazri bekam herrow liao, defending the ladies worrrr….On MM ranting.

    choonie – Yalor, think of the amount of tax we paid, really sim thia wan.

    The Yarning – These are all little by little intimidating us to bow to their rules lor..

    Translator – Don’t know lah, it seems like Parliament suka suka set rules and then, bila kena taruh, no one owns up who was the one who set the law. Remember the barricade they put for the reporters? It is a ‘I didn’t do it’ lame excuses wor. That’s why I like to kacau a bit cos of the nobody ever own up to mistakes but cover with lies only. Bad example to the young people where people in offfice can get away with ‘I don’t know who did it, it wasn’t me….’ kind of lame character.

  7. Too sexy lar!

    So putih putih, toes so cute, small cows so smooth.

    Later all those MPs got nose bleed how?

  8. aiyah… need to say lah…

    like this uni I attend (its name I shall not reveal lest they retract my degree), total strangers can walk in and out of the college registrar without hassle but wear a skirt…below knee level mind you!!! it’s not oh-so-tight-or -body-hugging-tight skirt ok?
    and the security guards make an issue out of it…


  9. The small minds of those ‘holier than thou’ hypocrites are really super imaginative sometimes..or is there anything going on in the Parliament they want to distract our attention from? hmmm?

    9pek9bos last blog post..tHE LP~PL StoRY

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