Streamyx rant, again…

I wish I can turn into some superheroes or Incredible Hulk so that I can go to the nearest Streamyx office, telephone exchange whatever and burn them down. Then, I pull out all the cables, from my home copper cable to the fibre optic to the submarine cable. After that, I go to their HQ and find their chairman and throw him down the bamboo shoot shape office. Niamah.

I think I will still be mad. So, I will head to the power and telecommunication minister (who is he now?) and do the same thing to him. Tie him with some fibre optic cable and hempuk him like a yo-yo.

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Still angry, I go and find the top-top guy and scream, “What da fark is wrong with the Streamyx in Penang!!!???!!!???? I cannot get anything done over here. I have to complete my things by midnight tonight!!!!!! Why are you staying on for another two years? Yumkong lorr…..Stop this monopoly by TMNet NOW NOW NOW, allow more players, competition is good.”

Blardy hell, I downloaded one Youtube video. I went out to Lam Wah Ee to eat curry mee, then I went to Jelutong to buy some stuffs and headed home. The video only downloaded 1/10 of it’s length.

Where’s my Oreo? Give me my Oreo!

15 thoughts on “Streamyx rant, again…

  1. Foong – You say chi kek or not? I click your pregnant link, it won’t move. I click Open in New Tab, I get blank page.

  2. i already canceled Streamyn for 3 years ago. Even though they promote more and more, i also turn away. In PC Fair, when they approaching me, i quickly walk away. TM is useless, i decide myself that any new service from it, will just ignore it. Likewise, Celcom is GLC ‘s, i also TIU it goes far far away.

    Maxis? Not my choice too, because wireless will disconnect from time to time. If you download any file reach to 99%, but cant resume it, that mati-lah to re-download again.

    Now, got Packet-1, but i dunno how the service yet, see consumer reactions first.

    Be superhero, pls destroy all TM office, so they don’t monopoly anymore, wuahahaha

  3. if here kena same problem, the shares of these companies not only do a nose dive, the telecom. ombudsman also fine them. d right thing for streamyx is to give all penang customers free subscription for 1 month.

    JTs last blog post..British museum 2

  4. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…it’s…’s……5xmom!

    Your friendly neighborhood TM/Streamyx basher!!

    Who you gonna call……………..5xmom!

    What to do, to many cronies lah, got competition they lose out mah, must protect cronies first, then only the rakyat……..rakyat always dispensable one.

    You don’t know how much I envy my business friends from HK and China……..1GB broadband! Everything just fly one…….

    Over here, max. 4MB and TM so proud like that….piuuuuuu!!!!!
    Damn malu when these business friends come over and they use our broadband, ask why so slow one………make up story loh!!

    PIU, PIU….Bung “gesture”…………..not rude what……

    Bloody TOOLAN!!!!

  5. toolan ah
    when u talk this, they ask u balik China wan
    when u campare it, they say are better than Myanmar (Niamah)
    when u deny it, they say u not love Malaysia
    when they say these rubbish, i give them middle-finger

  6. Lilian, u hv my FULLEST support!!! Let’s go and burn them down!!! not tat they r of any use. STUPIAK TM!

  7. Email me. I teach you how to handle them.

    They have since been very polite with me and when ever i ring them, they call everyday to check if my connection is up to my expectation.

    Maybe I caught their “Tung Kiok”

  8. Its d same ovr here in Negeri Sembilan, n d standard reply wld be: “cable rosak,tengah di repairkan”

  9. translator,

    when you ready to give them the “birdie” let me know ok, I have 2 ready to go and 1 stand by….ok

  10. Guys check you bill hor. They illegally bill me for services I never subscribe and did that for few months.

    Until i discovered it and result:-

    1. Took them few months to refund
    2. Agent compensate me
    3. My ac classified as VVVIP and can not bar because I told them I do not have to pay them since they owe me money
    4. If my line tiok suspended, I will sue them
    5. A Rajeswary their manager write to me telling me to be patient and meanwhile pending approval for my refund and cancellation of all other services which i did not subscribe to, i continue paying till everything is approved according to procedure and hopr I understand they are big kompany and a lot of procedure.

    On this i replied, I also have procedure when approving payment for services i am subscribed to and my procedure is simple, my right hand have to refer to left hand and unless both agree, only can log in to Mayban and do payment to telekom.

    Since Telekom owe me money, so left hand and right hand sure will nor agree and hence I will not pay.

    I even ask them pay me taxi fair to go their office to clarify my bill. Charge them $15.00 which I deduct from my bill.

    Suspend my line if you dare and I will go Public, this is what i tell them and I got all my money back plus taxi fair.

    Now whether I call, they very nice to me and treat me as good as a Minister.

  11. Hostage88
    Sue them directly better, compensated money give the extra choice to apply new line

    Tak boleh lah, nanti dikena ISA doing Bogel in public. All know one, simple and minor offense like demo already treats as terrorist. Another reason is my birdie so ugly, siapa mahu tengok, buahahaha~

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