Wokay, let’s see if we can survive on RM10 for a family per day? I think RM10 is already a too generous amount, no?


Stir fried kangkong. Kangkong only costs 65 sen.


Three eggs goreng bawang. One egg how much ah? I think 20 sen. 20 sen x 3 plus one tiny bawang, price insignificant.


Selar fish, one fish about 80 sen. Say three fishes 80 sen x 3.


Dhal curry. I use one leftover pumpkin, one potato, one carrot, one tiny cube of beef, a handful of dhal and a tiny packet of Allagapa dhal curry powder.

Altogether, need some oil, some onions, garlic, gas for cooking, rice, salt, sugar, MGS *grins*….

I think we need at least RM10 to prepare the above meal.

But hor, you need a million dollar wife to prepare it. So too bad, RM10 is not enough for a family home-cooked meal unless you have a million dollar wife.

Now, tell me what message do you get from the above post?

1) That I am so good in cooking, you want to propose to marry me?

2) That I am in deep financial crisis and you feel compelled you must Paypal donate to me? I only accept USD100 denomination, email me for my PayPal address.

3) That I just want to show off I can cook, as usual?

4) I ran out of things to rant?

5) I am a sadist who enjoys torturing people with foods they don’t get to eat?