How much does it cost to feed a family of six?

Wokay, let’s see if we can survive on RM10 for a family per day? I think RM10 is already a too generous amount, no?


Stir fried kangkong. Kangkong only costs 65 sen.


Three eggs goreng bawang. One egg how much ah? I think 20 sen. 20 sen x 3 plus one tiny bawang, price insignificant.


Selar fish, one fish about 80 sen. Say three fishes 80 sen x 3.


Dhal curry. I use one leftover pumpkin, one potato, one carrot, one tiny cube of beef, a handful of dhal and a tiny packet of Allagapa dhal curry powder.

Altogether, need some oil, some onions, garlic, gas for cooking, rice, salt, sugar, MGS *grins*….

I think we need at least RM10 to prepare the above meal.

But hor, you need a million dollar wife to prepare it. So too bad, RM10 is not enough for a family home-cooked meal unless you have a million dollar wife.

Now, tell me what message do you get from the above post?

1) That I am so good in cooking, you want to propose to marry me?

2) That I am in deep financial crisis and you feel compelled you must Paypal donate to me? I only accept USD100 denomination, email me for my PayPal address.

3) That I just want to show off I can cook, as usual?

4) I ran out of things to rant?

5) I am a sadist who enjoys torturing people with foods they don’t get to eat?

23 thoughts on “How much does it cost to feed a family of six?

  1. Very thrifty.

    If it comes to me though, (I’m not that big sized), the food is only enough for 3 people (1 egg, 1 fish, some dhal and some kangkung for each person)..

    The message you are trying to send is, “you stupid DPM/Min of Defence of LalaLand, you change your own bloody lifestyle first and lose some weight. Otherwise how to call yourself the Min of Defense in front of soldiers when you look so ridiculous in that National Service uniform.”

  2. it wudnt be possible for everyday. and wat u have here will only be sufficient for 1 meal. it will help if you fry some batch of ikan bilis or papadam or ikan masin and use as them as side dishes. but RM10 is definitely not enuf to cook a proper decent meal for a day.
    2 or 3x a week maybe.

  3. Where got so cheap?? Eggs are about 30 over cents in PJ, kangkong is about at least RM2.00 for say 1 over kilo.. after pluck off bottom hard like rattan bits, there isnt much left. As for the fish, Selar is about RM3.80-RM4 for 3?? So, how to RM10 a day?? Cannot la.. not yet count oil, water, gas, miscellaneous trimmings.. IS KENOT LA!!

    As for this post, I think you are like me.. BORED!!

  4. ehm. u miss out the other ingredients for the cooking like oil, gas, peanuts, soy sauce and more.

    if i am not wrong, but most probably would be that total cost for these meals amounted to RM19.25

    frostiers last blog post..FUBAR

  5. frostier – Got lah, I added in the last para, if add gas, rice, oil….cos the main ingredients costs less than RM7 mah. But my sweat and time leh?

    JT – This one balanced meal already mah.

    lotsofcravings – Nay, Tesco…Selar is like kembong but meatier.

    bunnies – I bought all from Tesco. Selar is RM5.99 for one kilo. I bought 6 and it is like RM4+.

    shun2u – Actually, this is not my dishes for one meal. I cooked steamed chicken rice wan…This one just ‘tambah’ lauk only. It is merely to illustrate the cost of living.

    bryan – Exactly my point. Everything is darn expensive and even with this cincai cheap foods, also cannot survive lah, if our Gov. still take RM1,500 as the poverty line. And hor, normaly family is not 6 but 2 + compulsory 5 lor.

    ginger – Hahaha, no lah, I want to be champion of the poverty ridden rakyat Malaysia.

    shuba – I guess most families who has a total income of RM3K and less will have to live this way. Maybe stretch their portions for more people. This is the reality of life, a lot of people have to live on such meals every day.

    Dan – Ya lor, this is to remind those rich politikus to stop talking about ubah gaya hidup when they don’t even know the costs of cheap food items. And hor, that Pak Lah got the nerves to proudly say that the Government is trying to menangani kemiskinan by giving FREE seeds for us to plant our own vegetables. Niamah, every family who feels the pinch of the escalating food prices lives in RM25K flats, where to find the land. Bodoh punya suggestion. I didn’t say Pak Lah bodoh, just that he is not in touch with reality.

  6. oh my god lilian ahyi..u make me miss my mother’s home made dishes..aih..2months dint eat “Ju Ka Choi” d la..
    10bucks for the meal above is really cheap lea..=.=”

  7. I got several messages from your post.
    Be thrify.
    Never waste food.
    Simple food is also enjoyable.

    My in-laws are living with us now, I feel blessed with many family members around, though sometimes living together maybe difficult.
    We can enjoy meals with more ppl in the family now, though cost factor is an advantage.

    Agnes Tans last blog post..Baking and Cake Decorating Competition

  8. they are bunch of
    “kwong chao tin xia mo dick” (Talk Hype)
    “zou chao mo sam mo le” (Do nothing)

    But bought expensive submarine very Keng 1
    never rise their eyebrows too~
    (i guess they bought it to torpedo Sharks buahaha)
    And i bet $0.10, they never know market price
    so when they do any business also pokai 1
    then ask ah Kong to pay the bill

  9. Looks sedapppppp!!! Under RM$10 p/day is amazing

    True we can be frugal yet the food can be tasty too

    I myself for groceries & makan is less than SG$60 p/month!! My akan datang gf tak payah worry, my maintainance low, haha

  10. eevet – Never mind lor, you learn to cook for yourself mah can lor.

    uncle sha – Anything with spices memang lalu nak makan nasi, kan?

    earl – Penang every where also nice foods lah. Anything phone me lah. I no longer MSN, only SMS. I dunno you have the new phone? Celcom end with 228?

  11. relek aunty … everyday also 5 meals … hahaha

    crazy la … just came back from the chap fan at Jalan perak … economy rice which is not very economy … hahahaha but seriously good …

  12. David – Don’t buy the Omega, antibiotic free, mumbo jumbo eggs mah…Buy whole tray of 30 normal eggs lor.

  13. Aiyooo.. I think I better move to Penang lo… like cheap to stay in Penang…. KL and PJ is expensive kar beh si!!! Go market buy that few fruits also habis RM50…. Si BOH!!!

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