I swear

I swear I have never seen so many people swearing so passionately

I swear I have lost count of the number of people who swear they will swear

I swear I pity God for the constant use of His Holy Name to swear on irrelevant things (read Malaysiakini Ezam vs Anwar. Remember Ezam’s vow to uphold wateva-wateva ketuanan?….Does this kind of action looks like one who is interested to uphold things? Rather, it appears to me like a personal vendetta.)

I swear I believe God doesn’t care about our sexual preferences because all He cares are that His creations live in harmony, without all the spiteful things people swear to swear on and He wants us to move on, get things worked out so that less people have to suffer.

Whenever, I see yet another insan swearing to swear, I can only think of this song which was around the 90s era. My ex-colleagues and I had a skit during a company’s annual dinner and we used this song.

I swear…All 4 One, I swear.

Thank God, the dan lain-lain races do not follow this path, prolly because we do not always share the same holy book to swear on. Oh wait, maybe I can swear on Sami Bulu’s bulu….I swear I have something more interesting to do other than blogging on a Saturday night. But I can’t remember what it was. So…

4 thoughts on “I swear

  1. Ah ini memory lama waktu saya mula-mula study di US dulu.. huhuhu.. back in 1994. Sungguh popular lagu ni di ketika itu.

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