This song is so 80s. I still remember the great crush I had for Tony Hadley. But my ex-bf told me that he is gay, not that it matters. LOL. All men who are so handsome like Tony Hadley are probably gay, ok? But I just discovered from his official site he has a family and three children. Hmm….I had been misinformed for so many decades.

This song is one of my favourite from Spandau Ballet. In fact, it has a haunting tune that you don’t get tired of listening. Not like Spandau Ballet’s other songs like Gold, True, Only When You Leave and etc.

According to what I read on the net, the lyrics is about the relationship of a Catholic and a Protestant in Northern Ireland, where these two Christians denominations used to kill each other and are enemies. Hmm….I wonder what cause them to fight over the One God? Never bother to find out because religions can get pretty stupid when their followers try to outdo each other in being God’s favoured followers. It has been like that 4,000 years ago and then, 2,000 years ago and until today, people are still fighting and killing each other over religions. (‘kill’ does not necessary mean lives but other aspects)

These people never learnt from the examples of Jesus’s disciples who were already arguing even before Jesus was dead. Jesus told them that He will die soon and disciples started arguing over who would take over Jesus’s place. Jesus told them that the one that serves, be a servant, humble, the one who is willing to wash feet, the lowest ranking of all people. But do we learn? No, we don’t. We always think we have to live up to that facade.

Which brings me to what I actually wanted to rant. I sometimes feel like telling people that it is they that I should be praying for when they go on and on and on and on and on about their worries on someone they know that has ‘left the church’. It is kind of sad that people failed to see the more important things like faith, hope, love, life and etc but instead, they focus on the hierarchy, rituals, territory, groupies and all those ‘alphabet soup’. So many times, I wish to say, “DOH!!!!! Does it matter as long as the person is still living a life that is considered ‘straight and good?'”. But nope, we are all brought up to tell white lies, be hypocrites, say things expected from us, pretend to put on an understanding facial expression and say, “Yes…indeed, let’s pray that he will come back to the church.”

We are all indeed hypocrites. Yes, we are. You have a good weekend, ok? (bah, not that I care…it is just a ‘pretend to be nice’ wishes)

Clever advice from The Obnoxious 5xmom : It doesn’t pay to be anal over things because you only end up constipated.