I was standing in the toilet, waiting to wash my five years old boy’s butt. Haih…when will my butt washing days be over? I remember my older children can wash their own butts when they were much younger because I was a working mom and they had to DIY at daycare. But this is the youngest, most pampered, spoilt little boy so I shall just keep doing it for a few more months because he is not going to kindie until next year.

(photo taken last year in Taiping Zoo)

And he asked me, “How to be altar boy?”

For a second, I was happy that finally, after so many boys, one of them indicates his interest to be a server in church. At last! Yes! Hallelujah! I know my boy would look awfully cute in the robe, following the priest around.

So, I gladly explained to him, “Very easy, when you are a bit older, mommy just take you to find one of the kor-kor like Bryan or Oyog and they will teach you. Very fun, you can ring bells and play with smoke.”

My baby in his birthday suit, sitting so cosy on his cushion toilet seat looks on dreamily…

He asked again, “Oh so easy only? No need to cut?”

Me, “Huh, cut what? You just need practice only.”

And he told me, “David said must cut neow-neow.”

Me, “Haiyor…no lah……”

He replied, “Neh…..David always bluff me wannnnn!!!!”

Bwahahaha…so, I washed his butt and both of us went to find the culprit.

Me, “DAVID!!!!! You come here. What have you been telling your baby brother lah? He said must circumcise to be an altar server.”

David replied, “MA!!!! You said it! You said if want to be a Jew or a Muslim, must circumcise. You teach wannnn.”

*slaps forehead* See how words and things get twisted in a five years old boy’s mind? We were talking about the different faiths the other day and my little boy got all those confused. Haih…