Debat minyak antara DSAI dengan Sharbery Cheek

According to the ADUN of Pantai Jerjak (where I voted) :

Saya sekarang berada dalam Dewan Tun Syed Nasir menunggu Debat Perdana antara Datuk Seri Anwar dan Dato Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

Di Indonesia atau negara maju, debat merupakan perkara yang biasa, debat presiden Amerika menarik tontonan jutaan.

Tetapi, Malaysia begitu sensitif. Saya melalui 3 roadblocks baru sampai. 3 truck polis FRU menunggu di luar seakan-akan debat akan menyebabkan rusuhan.

Perjalanan Demokrasi masih jauh lagi.

I saw Sdr. Sim and also Dato’ Zahrain from PKR on TV. I tuned in to channel 119. It seems that RTM dare not show the debate between DSAI and the Minister of Information. I wonder why? Afraid our folks in the kampong cannot understand?

I took notes and here are some of what I noted down. It may be a little bias and if I have less points covered by the Min. of Information, it is because I cannot immediately get his points while whatever DSAI is very easily understood.

(DSAI is Datuk Seri Anwar and SC is Datuk Sharbery Cheek)

Opening round

DSAI said we only need to reduce 50 sen of the current petrol price. It will costs the Gov. RM3B and this will reduce the burdens of the rakyat. DSAI gave some information on the IPP where they have a 40% capacity and he explains how to find the RM3B. DSAI brought up the issue of crony companies and corruption. DSAI talked about the ‘bocor’, i.e. leaking to the crony companies.

SC from start to finish talk about the global oil prices and kept bringing up the incident in 1974 and personally attacked DSAI. He reminded people of the Baling incident where Anwar led a demo by the university students against Tun Razak. SC said if reduce by 50 sen, it will costs the Gov RM50B and will cause hardship.

SC’s quote : DSAI mengambil kesempatan dari kesempitan rakyat.

SC said the foreign oil companies like Exxon, Shell and etc will benefited also and therefore, not a good idea. SC went on about Norway and etc.

DSAI shot it down, telling SC that we cannot compare with Norway whose per capita is 10x ours. DSAi made a very heartfelt plea that the subsidy is to help the poor farmers, fishermen, lower income, the Malays especially and the Bumiputras in East Malaysia. He UMNO is as if still not aware of the difficulties and hardships faced by these people.

DSAI mocked the use of the word subsidy which he said is a very negative implication. Whenever want to help the poor, they use the word subsidy. But if want to bail out MAS, the ports and the crony companies, they use fanciful names like incentives.

Question from some guy in blue shirt who is from the SC side. He asked something like perli DSAI, saying DSAI treats the political issue like a father died and giving away his properties to the children. Meaning, DSAI is misleading that changing of Gov to PR will get that effect.

DSAI hit back that khazanah negara is really the ownership of the rakyat and hence, it must favours the rakyat. If not, don’t tell him must take care of cronies and big taukeh?

Meanwhile, another guy from DSAI asked SC about the last time where the Gov. promised to use the increase in petrol price to fund public transport. However, he quoted that the figure used for improvement of public transport was way below the amount of petrol price increase. Now, with the even steeper price increase, where will the money goes to?

Then, SC gave feeble replies, comparing prices in Venezuela and Iran where inflation is very bad.

DSAI tembak balik with figures that our inflation will increase by 8% when our prices increase like this. DSAI also reminded that when the petrol price increase, Petronas too gain and not losing out. The only one losing out is the rakyat.

Then, the blue shirt guy again asked DSAI. He asked why DSAI picked on petrol price to gain popularity? (doh…ini debat minyak lah woi! I shouted from my living room).

Then, Q&A from DSAI to SC. DSAI is losing his patience with SC because SC kept comparing with poor countries. DSAI said the Gov. has mengkhianati (betray) the rakyat because before the 12 GE, they say no increase but suddenly increase so much. Then, the Gov use the media to twist the stories. He asked why don’t use the khazanah negara to reduce the burdens of the rakyat.

SC replied that why didn’t DSAI did all those things when he was the DPM? He again brought up the Baling incident in 1974. SC said DSAI time in 1997, the IMF was choking the rakyat, causing SME to go bankrupt. He pointed fingers at DSAI.

SC then asked DSAI what if Petronas has no more oil by 2015 which is according to report. DSAI mocked SC to read properly, the whole sentence. DSAI reminded SC that he is not criticising Petronas because it is a good company. He only criticise the BN government due to the ‘bocor’ of the money to cronies and corruption. He also quoted Ani Arope, the EPU and etc. DSAI said the rakyat can only nganga (mouth wide open) because the benefits go to the cronies.

DSAI was unhappy about the fitnah (false accusations) on the IMF and etc but said the debate is not about him and SC but about oil.

DSAI also revealed that Petronas gave a special dividend to the Government totalling RM6B. Why not use this to reduce the rakyat burdens and also to avoid major economy crisis and unemployment.

Then, the main guy from the debate asked DSAI why he cannot use this good ideas to benefit the country. (Doh…I wanted to shout again).

DSAI said the idea is not a partisan idea and not limited to only PR. But will UMNO carry it out? Will the PM listen? DSAI said we are losing out with countries which used to be on par with us like Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. He reminded that we cannot compare with countries like Somalia and Zimbabwe.

SC went another round of saying DSAI is always for the populist tactic. Talking about the old incidents again. He said if Petronas is a good company now, it is credit to UMNO.

Somewhere, DSAI also pointed out to SC that he used to belong to Semangat 46.

In concluding points, DSAI said Malaysia export price is high, the breakpoint of oil price is almost there and the Gov must be responsible towards its rakyat. In 2-3 months time, the economy is going down. He said he will not reply on the personal attacks him by SC. He perli that SC has RTM to twist the stories while DSAI has no other outlets, so he needs to go down to the rakyat.

Meanwhile, SC again concluded by personal attack again. He said DSAI has demo culture, even during Tun Razak time, even during Tun M time and now, during Pak Lah time. SC said Malaysia has one of the best growth at 6%. SC reminded that the Gov is being very generous to allow DSAI to an open debate.

The End

**Note : I am not responsible for any misquotes because I merely jot down whatever I hear. But basically, it is an interesting debate because we can see for ourselves BN in action. It is always the same issues of global oil prices and personal attacks by bringing back old stories of DSAI. However, I applaud the Minister of Information for being there to stand up for Pak Lah and DPM. Now, let’s compare what I wrote with what we are going to read in the mainstream media tomorrow.

LOL, do read one comment about Sharbery Cheek. I dare not say it but apparently someone left a comment in my old post.

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Updated : Malaysiakini reported that two cameramen were kicked in the stomach.

And if I compare the numbers I noted and the report from Malaysiakini, I am very accurate!

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  1. Yeah.. good work. I listened to the debate while working with my sport day. Glad to read about it here since Malaysiakini has not update their site. Now I know what is going on well. I like the way DSAI tackles the question.s. Very professional compared to SC. I wonder when SC will see the bloggers, as he has promised when he starts working as the minister.

  2. wah lilian.. you are so efficient and fast!!!! i am still writing my post on this and you already published yours.. *respect!*

  3. I watched the debate too. I personally thought DSAI had better points than SC. There were many moments when SC was repeating phrases and most of the time SC did not sway from global oil price and bringing up old stories. SC’s argument seem so frail compared to DSAI’s.

    Holyboy27s last blog post..Entry #10

  4. bongkersz – Actually, this is rather slow cos my Mac is in my bedroom. If I have a laptop to bring to the living room, I can post even faster. Hehehe, I wanna apply to be CM’s private secretary liao!

    choonie – Yalor, so unprofessional, keep going back to the same points to hit DSAI. Listen till sienz. I am not a die hard fan of PKR but DSAI memang tiada tandingan. I wonder what will happen if they put Pak Lah there? Tiga jam pun tak habis. Hahaha, at least SC can talk faster.

  5. holyboy27 – No wonder he dare not show this on RTM or else, malu satu kampung. Hahaha. The reason he gave was he doesn’t want to abuse RTM airtime. As I see it, more like takut ter-malu seluruh kampung.

  6. I listened until beh tahan. Wanna shout at the STRAWBERRY (SC)! People talk about our country oil, he go so far away until venezuela for what!!!! NO FOCUS..always bring DSAI history out. Eh, now we are talking about how to help the people, he go protect the COMPANY of CRONIES. OUT LAH! Very obvious the WInner is DSAI!

  7. A detailed report indeed. And I agree with malu satu kampung for the reason behind RTM not airing the debate. It was a chance for RTM to boost their rating. They can increase revenue by having more ALI Cafe tv commercials. Use that money to buy more handkerchief.

    ASC mentioned he visited Venezuela last week. What for? To study how the government media functions over there? Why go there? Go to North Korea. They have the best method on ‘How To Idolize The Leader’.

    The trip was just another way of wasting the rakyat’s money. I think after this BN surely will think banyak kali before getting into another public debate against DSAI. If they willing to have another go, please don’t bring Pak Lah. The audience will fall asleep.

  8. Lilian, you definitely can be the CM’s private secretary or his PR officer hahahahahahaha!! It’s obvious why they did not show it at RTM. I am still laughing my ass off at Nordin Kardi, the blue shirt guy. šŸ˜€

  9. wah, this channel CLL memang efficient! :))

    it’s not ur fault that u couldn’t get SC’s points coz he had no point at all in the first place! i oso had no idea what the neraka that monotonous shab dude was babbling most of the time. he tok i wanna tido but when dsai tok, fuyoh, so oomph. en.shabery, please la, u balik kampung tanam jagung boleh tak? pi balik sekali with ur irritating blue shirt fren. ppl here debat petroleum he go and dig out grandmother story that happened in 1974, walaueh that’s 30+ yrs ago! seriously, u think regular rakyat like me give a fark?

    and it was so obvious that the >70% of the auditorium seats had been booked by konco konco bn. more more more debat in the future please!!

  10. sooi2 – I tried to listen until sakit kepala because I catch no ball. Now I know it is not me who is bodoh but someone else kurang pandai. Hahaha. (you have to watch Ronnie Liu said “Mereka bukan bodoh….tapi mereka kurang pandai” during the Protes)

    bryan – Hahaha, like that baru can claim to be SEO queen mah. Semua keywords, wa pau kah liao.

    bongkerz – On second thot, I don’t want to be CM’s secretary liao. I want to be blogger. Hehehe.

    muteaudio – Yalor, somemore wanna act gentleman, say up to RTM director’s general to decide cos AScheek doesn’t want to impose. However, 15 mins before 9 pm, on RTM1 Gallery Perdana, they showed the clips of pilihanraya. If that is not propaganda, what else is it?

    Jarod – Yalah, keep comparing Malaysia with Iran lah, Venezuela lah. DSAI got say what, Mereka inflasi tinggi, harga minyak rendah. Kita harga minyak tinggi, inflasi melambong naik.

  11. I missed it and am glad that I can get a blow-by-blow account of it here…They should have a rerun for this!

  12. Ugh, I was watching the videos in Youtube a while ago and I am utterly disgusted by the cheap tactics deployed by SC.

    Thanks for this entry cause there’s so many things that I didn’t catch from the videos by SC (too much rambling I guess), but yours is so simple and straightforward. Should have just read yours instead šŸ˜›

    Raymond Chans last blog post..Kenwick Pioneer Cemetary

  13. Wah… Bravo! Your post so complete!
    I just came back from DSAI’s house, he is very happy with the performance. “Strawberry” conceded to him in privat after the debate:”memang kita bukan kelas yg sama, u did well…”
    Well and good for tonight, tomorrow real battle begins…stay tune

    Sim Tze Tzins last blog post..Liputan Langsung buat Dewan Tun Syed Nasir

  14. Good report, CM’s new secretary-to-be! u want to apply when? let me know. Ironically, my MIL knows his father. For you, Lilian, I will plead to my MIL. I also know Karpal’s sons well. I can pull some strings for you. If Jadeep and Gobin dont help out, i will show the world their naked photos taken in the school. lol

    why 3 ppl in the panel? wont it be better for the audience to ask the questions? the moderator should step in If SC kept on personal attcks on DSAI. In all the TV political debates in UK i have seen even those included the PM, the moderators were extremely professional, unbiased and very very sharp tongued. Most were televised live. In no time he lost control of the whole debates. The atmosphere were tense at times but mixed with many moments of humours. One tht i remembered clearly was tht the PM was told by a pensioner that she has to wait for 2 days to see her own GP where the gorment’s policy then was no more than 24hr. The PM said he will look into that. The health minister was latter summoned and within 1 week, he announced changes to the waiting time. All because of a complaint made by a pensioner. Now, where else do u see this happen?

    will we ever become a developed country by 2020? i personally doubt it.

    JTs last blog post..Golf

  15. If you guys are happy with Anwar’s performance, just don’t read Bernama! You’ll be pissed!

    Anwar wrung the Cheeky guys balls in a knot, but bernama says that Cheeky (with the balls in a knot) is the winner!

    Bernama, what bullsh!t!

  16. I applaud the move the nation is taking. Allowing such debate to take place it is a step forward for the nation. This allow the people to actually see how the government actually deal on such issue and not seen as lazy slob siphoning blindly on the nation coffers. This also allow the people to see the opposition actually have measured to eased the problem and not just blindly blaming the government. I am supporting for more such debate and this will in turn be a normal practice.

  17. good job, lilian.
    prior to clicking on ur site, i was tryin to watch it on youtube. but ‘beh tahan’ with d slow speed. then i auto clicked on ur page! tadah, all here!!!
    well done, keep it up!! n thanks
    n yes, anwar has substance when he talks! facts n figures, and action plan; are what we want.
    n not historical facts or fallacy from sourberry.
    laymen r suffering n he is goin back to history lesson.

  18. WOW, the ADUN of Pantai Jerjak, Penang dropped by my blog!

    YB Sim, Thank you and my prayers are with DSAI and perjuangan PKR for the rakyat. (re the arrest) All the best and you have my 100% support.

  19. To the rest – thanks for all your comments and links and the funny names like sourberry and strawberry. I had been out the whole of today so sorry if I cannot reply every individual comments.

    Now, let’s focus on the latest fiasco of arresting DSAI. I am very disappointed with the action by the police. Using masked policemen and accusing DSAI of the same old so-do-my case again. Hell, I am pissed.

  20. Wake up another unjustice is happening again.Police have remanded
    DSAI.Let us all teach this government moorons a lesson.Let us all march towards bodowi house and chase this B away. What kind of country we are in, so shameful.

    To words to say. Matilah keparat- keparat ini.

  21. I saw in the debate that maybe DSAI would like to clear his name and debate an economist on IMF in another debate. He mentioned it a short time that would be a good debate, right? I hope he does.

    So in your oppinion would oil prices go down if DSAI was PM?

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