Bernama reported that Datuk Seri Anwar arrived at the IPK with 20 police cars and is there to give a statement.

Malaysiakini and all the other politicians who blog said DSAI was arrested by masked policemen.

These two news are totally different.

Ini tak masuk akal.

And from what I read, DSAI is charged with the Saiful accusation.

Ini pun tak masuk akal.

ASSuming that DSAI really does have a thing for beautiful boys, certainly he is not so stupid to risk everything for the sake of it.

Difahamkan Anwar akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 377C, Kanun Keseksaan. Dalam pindaan terbaru, peruntukan ini berbunyi seperti berikut: Di bawah seksyen ini, seseorang melakukan kesalahan jika dia membuat hubungan seks dengan orang lain dengan memasukkan sesuatu benda ke dalam faraj atau dubur orang yang satu lagi itu.


Ini memang tak masuk akal.

So, no doubt I want to believe the candy floss, rainbow filled, positive vibes news churned out by Bernama, all tak masuk akal.

Sure, I want to believe Pak Lah telling us there is nothing wrong with our economy, everything is hunky-dory. Sure I want to believe that Pak Lah’s Jeanne is distributing free seeds to help every household to plant their own petai and kangkong. Now, which idiot doesn’t want to believe Pak Lah? We are all A-ok. We will soon plant enough vegetables in our tiny 600 sq ft RM25K flats to feed us and our cows.

Maybe if we eat some cow’s manure and start to moo like a cow, we will believe Pak Lah and the news from Bernama.

Meantime, I hope Pak Lah will have the respect for us, the humans living in Malaysia that kami ini semua ada otak lah. Jangan nak sumbat cerita yang tak masuk akal. Kami bukan lembu, tau kah? Kalau DSAI yang cuma disyaki “memasukkan sesuatu benda ke dalam faraj atau dubur orang yang satu lagi itu.” needs 20 police cars to accompany him to the police station, how about all the gays in Malaysia? Tak kan the polis is so free to tangkap semua macam itu kan? Chill lah, use the police personnel to tangkap all those whom had harmed small little girls like adik Sharlinie, Nurin and etc.

I don’t know about you people. But I personally feel this matter is mocking our intelligence. Blek.