Ini semua tak masuk akal

Bernama reported that Datuk Seri Anwar arrived at the IPK with 20 police cars and is there to give a statement.

Malaysiakini and all the other politicians who blog said DSAI was arrested by masked policemen.

These two news are totally different.

Ini tak masuk akal.

And from what I read, DSAI is charged with the Saiful accusation.

Ini pun tak masuk akal.

ASSuming that DSAI really does have a thing for beautiful boys, certainly he is not so stupid to risk everything for the sake of it.

Difahamkan Anwar akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 377C, Kanun Keseksaan. Dalam pindaan terbaru, peruntukan ini berbunyi seperti berikut: Di bawah seksyen ini, seseorang melakukan kesalahan jika dia membuat hubungan seks dengan orang lain dengan memasukkan sesuatu benda ke dalam faraj atau dubur orang yang satu lagi itu.


Ini memang tak masuk akal.

So, no doubt I want to believe the candy floss, rainbow filled, positive vibes news churned out by Bernama, all tak masuk akal.

Sure, I want to believe Pak Lah telling us there is nothing wrong with our economy, everything is hunky-dory. Sure I want to believe that Pak Lah’s Jeanne is distributing free seeds to help every household to plant their own petai and kangkong. Now, which idiot doesn’t want to believe Pak Lah? We are all A-ok. We will soon plant enough vegetables in our tiny 600 sq ft RM25K flats to feed us and our cows.

Maybe if we eat some cow’s manure and start to moo like a cow, we will believe Pak Lah and the news from Bernama.

Meantime, I hope Pak Lah will have the respect for us, the humans living in Malaysia that kami ini semua ada otak lah. Jangan nak sumbat cerita yang tak masuk akal. Kami bukan lembu, tau kah? Kalau DSAI yang cuma disyaki “memasukkan sesuatu benda ke dalam faraj atau dubur orang yang satu lagi itu.” needs 20 police cars to accompany him to the police station, how about all the gays in Malaysia? Tak kan the polis is so free to tangkap semua macam itu kan? Chill lah, use the police personnel to tangkap all those whom had harmed small little girls like adik Sharlinie, Nurin and etc.

I don’t know about you people. But I personally feel this matter is mocking our intelligence. Blek.

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  1. Difahamkan Anwar akan didakwa mengikut Seksyen 377C, Kanun Keseksaan. Dalam pindaan terbaru, peruntukan ini berbunyi seperti berikut: Di bawah seksyen ini, seseorang melakukan kesalahan jika dia membuat hubungan seks dengan orang lain dengan memasukkan sesuatu benda ke dalam faraj atau dubur orang yang satu lagi itu.

    Wouldn’t this mean normal sex would be illegal? Since ‘benda’ can be defined as kukujiao.

    Klaws last blog post..Anwar Arrested By Police!

  2. benda ni sebernya senang je.kita tunggu dan lihat.dia bersalah atau tak,kita tunggu keputusannya.yang penting kita dapat terima atau tidak keputusannya nanti.nak kata semua salah Pak Lah pon tak jugak.kadang-kala kita ni je yang lebih melatah.tengok semua benda dari setiap sudut.

    politik itu kotor bila politik itu dipergunakan.

    just like you said…chilll out 🙂

  3. newspaper fabricates, distorts and twists stories. That’s a fact and if they want to sell more, it will continues to do so. But to hide the truth and knowingly lie to ppl and collaborates with ‘low lives’. How sad is that?

    now DSAI in under police custody. Wether he will be released is still a question. Everyone should keep his cool and be patient. DSAI will be around for sometime.

    JTs last blog post..Golf

  4. well… I totally agree with your point of view… takkanlah Anwar is so stiupid until go risk getting himself into this kindda shiet-hole again… and takkanlah we rakyat are so naive until we believe all these horse-shiet again kan???

    future is bleak in Malaysia…. -_____-

    dreckkers last blog post..Sabah trip [Part 2] – The Climb….

  5. “Difahamkan Anwar akan didakwa mengikut Section 377C” (the section is for ‘committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature’)

    Well, it only means they believe that Anwar may be charged. So, he is not being charged yet lar…they probably won’t charge him till tomorrow, if ever…

    Anyway, Bernama is the Umno’s mouthpiece mah. So, it is compulsory for them to give everything a rose coloured tint. At least they did put it right that ‘Anwar was there to give his statement’, he can’t be there for any other reason. heh.

    Have a Kit Kat.

    Foongs last blog post..Looking at the oil debate with a different perspective

  6. now rpk is charge for criminal defamation. when is najib going to be escorted by 20 police cars to the balai to take keterangan? i know when, when anwar become PM lor…if ever….fingers crossed.

  7. Gua punya IQ sudah jatuh berapa poin….

    Haiii… Sandiwara here and there. No need to pay $$ to watch Astro On Demand, everyday open Internet and baca berita from news and blogs to see latest drama.. 😆

    Really insults our intelligence-la. Anyway, please focus on actual policing. I fear that the real criminals (those robbers and etc) are going to have a fine time coz the police are busy with just 1 guy who is assumed to like pretty boys… 😛

    Angie Tans last blog post..Feed The Fishes….

  8. I’m very sick sick sick of the government who think we are all fools. Someone made a report and they send 20 police cars to tangkap. What about Anwar’s report against the IGP and AG?

    And then, Anwar was on his way back home for lunch when police stopped his car near the house. Don’t know if they have feed him any food or not.. Kesian.

  9. the government is so unfair. one person file charges against DSAI, he kena left, right, centre but when it comes to Najib, nothing happened at all 🙁 sooo unfair. this country is hopeless under this type of “take berapa pandai” management

    Liannes last blog post..Easy Milk and Lemon Tart

  10. Sienz indeed. Now, RPK pun kena liao. I hate intimidation and I hate drama. Let’s hope all those who fitnah mengfitnah will come to their senses. I hope the Divine Being will knock some senses to those who are guilty. Or better still, kick their arses to hell.

  11. I’m really feeling so sick for all this happening to DSAI. Couldn’t they understand what they trying to do? I just wonder where are the humanity ground in the government for the rakyat. DSAI just like each of us ‘speak out’ and now they are finding all ways to abuse his rights.
    Couldn’t they understand that every People have ‘otak’ too? How many DSAI that they going to get rid of?

    mayyens last blog post..Time to change the lifestyle

  12. Bernama cannot be trusted also, according to them, last night debate Anwar “failed” to convinced and no sustainable formula given.
    Furthermore, Bernama claims the Info Minister is more “hebat” and he provided more facts and rebutted Anwar successfully woh.
    Go here to read more :

    This is the typical case of “you tak mau, I paksa…” scenario. The rakyat already can sense something tak masuk akal but this damn Lah Lah gang keep stuffing these crap down our throat. They really think all of us here are like those “dong dong” at last night debate keep clapping and shouting for joy when Cheeky defended the government’s move.

    Why they need 20 commando’s to tangkap DSAI, I don’t know. Maybe they have been watching too many Incredible Hulk movies? DSAI might just turn green and wallup them all. Please don’t make DSAI angry, you guys won’t like him when he is angry……….stupid PM, DPM, PDRM, SIL etc etc etc…..

    We are becoming the laughing stock in the international community lah, do you realize that MR.PM and MR.DPM?????


  13. Kak Lillian,

    I’m so sick with the political climate in our country. It should be the time for a change.

    Keadilan dah tak wujud lagi di negara kita yang dah sepatutnya aman dan makmur dengan masyarakat yang berbilang kaum…. sungguh sedih melihat DSAI dibinatangkan oleh mereka yang tak bertanggungjawab ni. Apa nak jadi kat negara kita ni.. sedih sedih..

    I just want fairness.. and it just doesn’t seem exist in this country..

  14. Vote of no confidense to UMNO.
    All other BN YBs and MPs..if you have any testosterone producing glands [ladies excluded] and any semblence of morality pls open yr mouth and get off yr comfy asses.
    BTW- a question, assuming everyone’s guilty and you have only 2 choices :”Would you want a sodomist or murderer be your boss?”
    Question no. 2:”Isn’t kissing ass and sodomi the same thing?”
    Question 3: “Are MPs,ADUNS voted to protect the people’s ass or their own?”

  15. The writing is on the wall….whatever happens, the next government will be Pakatan Rakyat coalition. The guys in power are so desperate to cling to their power in the fear that all their dirty linen and leakages will be exposed when PR comes into power.

    As citizens, we must remain calm and be able to distinguish the facts from the fiction being perpetrated. And when the time comes to put a vote on the next government, we will show BN the door – unless fellas jump ship from BN much earlier.

    All these wastages including sending 18 to 20 patrol cars and thus consuming precious petrol will be remembered by the citizens.

    pablopablas last blog post..Choy Sum with Sweet Tau Kee

  16. I did have the opportunity to catch the debate and I feel that there is a lot of inconsistencies with Anwar’s arguments. And of course, Shabery did a poor job of putting his points across since he was too busy slinging mud to Anwar. Basically, there is no win and lose situation. Both sides have been given the opportunity to state their stand and we should just see it as such. Even on the Internet, you’ll see a lot of posts that says one or the other ‘won’ the debate. It’s just point of view.

    Personally, I have never been a big fan of Anwar. He has not contributed that much to the nation. He is a person who doesn’t fight for the right of the people. His priority is just his ‘right’ to be PM. Have any of you ever been to one of his speeches? Well, I have and his agenda is painfully obvious. I’m not saying that Najib is better. It’s just that… well, Anwar is untrustworthy.

  17. malaysians, dun get intimidated by your “incredible” authorities. fight for your rights to progress with the rest of the world. not an anwar case, you ought to fight for your own human right! if not, your “incredible” authorities can do the same to anyone of you Malaysians as they wish next time round.

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