I had just upgraded over 20 of my WordPress blogs. I cannot even remember some of those URL until I log into my ftp account and found those blogs there. Niamah, how I ended up with so many URLs, I also don’t know.

But I only blog regularly from a few blogs daily. The rest I have my secret kungfu to kautim them. Still, there are days when I really ran out of things to write. Like today, I am totally pissed with the things going on in our country. I am so pissed, I have no mood to update anything.

Not that it matters because, I blog or no blog, it doesn’t affect my income. Well, at least not in the short term.

Anyway, I am back to reading lately. And it is so nice to immerse myself into the life story of another person. I have forgotten how great it is to read. Instead of spewing rubbish on my blog. Good writers can really bring you into the story they are relating. Right now, I am in some early century in Italy, living the life of St. Francis Assisi. From rich man’s son to well….I haven’t reach the part yet.

Back to reading book. You stay out of trouble, ok?

Don’t be too offensive in your blog posts about the current political happenings. We are just the little people but who knows, ‘they’ may want to catch one or two anak ayam and make them scream so that the rest will be silent. I won’t say much because I know my older siblings will worry over me ending up makan curry rice. I am not afraid, of course, but it is not nice to make them worry over me. I don’t mind actually cos I could lose some weight in there, hor?

If you have nothing to read today, go find this site and see my hero CM’s letter which he wrote from Kajang prison on his 38th birthday on 8th December 1998.

It has been said that the greatness of a nation is measured not by how well the rich lives but how the poor, down-trodden and oppressed are treated in the slums and prisons. If we use such a yardstick, then Malaysia clearly does not come out very well.

(Lim Guan Eng)

Oops, did I just said that I don’t want to write any post today? Oh well..