Maggots in my rice, cacing on Malaysiakini


“Chewren….come drink maggot soup. Today I make maggot soup. Nice….Nay, see? I am eating maggots with rice.”

Crunch, crunch, crunch, chew, chew, chew, swallow. Burp…

Talking of maggots, I hate that cacing merah advertisement on Malaysiakini. Everytime I read something, I can see from the corner of my eyes, the bunch of earthworms. With those flash ads, sometime, the cacing looks like they are crawling…Ewww….my skin crawl as I am typing this.


So, you know what I do when I read Malaysiakini? I use a paper to cover up the ads so that I can concentrate on the words and not imagine the cacing crawling out of my Mac. (you guys, stop staring at my Limau Hijau, ok? I forgot to remove from dock before I took the photo)

Talking of maggots, when I was young, my neighbourhood kids and I had this crazy activity of staring at maggots eating the corpse of dead animals. Of course it stinks but kids being kids, we were so fascinated with the speed the maggots were devouring the corpse.

I also passed my days with digging for earthworms to feed our ducklings. Ducks love termites and earthworms and ducklings fed on these grow very fast due to the protein content. However, my love for earthworms ended one day when my second brother threw one male, silvery, rainbow coloured earthworm and it went into my clothes. From that day onwards, I developed phobia for anything that crawls. I cannot even stand the sight of cola gummy worms. Uwekkkk…

14 thoughts on “Maggots in my rice, cacing on Malaysiakini

  1. Ewwwww!!! I know its not a maggot + rice..but..but..the sight of it make me want to faint lahh!
    Like you..i pun takut with cacing..cacing kerawit to be exact! My brother throw one on my head long time ago, and i was screaming and crying want to mampus like that..! now, phobia with cacing-macing already!

  2. i was thinking, “limau hijau?? apa tuh?”

    “the computer? noo… tu buah epal…”

    … and finally spotted that green thing there… ahahahahahaha…

    “oooohhh… limau itu ker…”

    zyrins last blog post..Dreams

  3. LOL Initially I thought it was a post about surviving on lower budget .. get protein the economical way LOL

    That cacing ad scares me to this day–decades. I believe the ad was for Antipar (sp?)

  4. Ewwww… hi hihi.. tak sanggup kak Lili oiii..

    Bagi RM100 pun tak sanggup makan maggot.. hehehe

    erm, not to mention cacing.. lagi geliii…

    But this reminds me when I was in the US my roomie from China had a frog legs party one nite.. I just watched em and tagged along for the social fun of it but I didn’t eat em.. . Geliii..

  5. Dr. Azwan – So you are the freaky cacing taukeh? Glad to promote for you but I dare not even surf over to see what are the cacings for. Please tell me. 😛

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