Have you ever met a blogger you dissed secretly?

Oh my God! It just happened to me recently.

Initially, I didn’t realise the person is the blogger I dissed secretly. However, the face looks familiar. Sometimes, looking at blurry photos or small avatars do not ring a bell.

So, I saw this guy. And I immediately wondered to myself. HUH? Capuchin brothers wearing so nice? Funny leh. I don’t know why but I thought the guy is one of the brothers from the seminarian. Maybe it is the middle parting of his hair. In case you are not sure what brothers are, these are young men who dedicated their lives to serving God and they live a simple life and they usually wear brown robes. And the guy I saw was wearing long sleeve shirt with a huge cross pendant, looking very holy etc. That cross pendant just screams…”I AM A HOLY MAN!!!”

When I got home, I stumbled on a blog and that’s when I realised that I was face to face with the blogger I dissed before. Oh my God….I am so relieved I didn’t notice that when I was there or else I will die of guilt. Then, I will probably choked and swallowed my own tongue when I say, “I confess to ….that I have sinned….in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done and in what I have failed to do”

Now, I got this wicked thought. Serves him right for getting dissed by me. Actually, he deserves a slap for labeling all the other faiths holy symbols with a huge label, “Not God, Not God, Not God” and place it online. That post I found on his blog was so blasphemous. If the authority found out, he sure go see Isa and I am not talking about the Nabi.

Pheww….now that I had said it out loud, I don’t feel so guilty anymore. So, how many of you have secretly dissed me in your heart, bumped into me and feel the same way? Muahaharrr….

(P/S : Sorry I didn’t reply comments in my last two posts because it rains the whole day. Heh, good excuse hor?)

6 thoughts on “Have you ever met a blogger you dissed secretly?

  1. foong – All those are blind wan, dunno how big I need to write, “HOI, ini bukan laman pak lah lah!” and they still pour their stories to me.

    Yalor, I think everybody guilty, quietly cabut already hor?

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