• Telling lies
  • Abuse of power
  • Cowardice
  • Hypocrisy
  • Cruelty
  • Disregard for children
  • Betrayal
  • And let me elaborate further;

    1) Telling lies that can possibly cause a person to be jailed and getting whacked senseless.

    2) Abuse of power by utilising unnecessary number of personnels when these can be more efficiently use for real work.

    3) Cowardice is when people in the know keep quiet and just follow orders like a buffalo.

    4) Hypocrisy is when the heart is thinking of something else, while the mouth is professing about being helpful.

    5) Cruelty is allowing a 61 years old man being dragged and forced to sleep on cement floor even before he is proven guilty.

    6) Disregard for children is when the act is done so harshly in front of their eyes.

    7) Betrayal is when “ALL OF YOU” betrayed our rakyat trusts to run the country. KNN, now the whole country is like not having any problems except liwat meliwat.

    So much liwat until when I want to pangsai time, I also have the news stuck in my head right down to my arse.

    Chewren, listen here. Sodomy may not be legal in our country but it certainly will not banish people to hell on earth like what is happening now. Remember that there are lots more despicable, disgusting, jijik, sinful acts like what I gave above in point forms.

    If ever one day, someone wants to choose between being gay and engage in sodomy versus all the other seven despicable acts, I say, go be gay, have fun! Just don’t lie, be a coward, hypocrite, cruel, be a politician and etc etc.

    I believe if St. Peter is taking notes at the pearly gate, St. Peter being a fisherman will also know how to tally the seven sins against one sodomy. After all, Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because one man engaged in this but the whole town. So, now the whole nation is engaging in this menuding jari, menfitnah, menipu, sumpah-menyumpah, which is a greater sin?