5xmom will tell you what’s more despicable than sodomy

  • Telling lies
  • Abuse of power
  • Cowardice
  • Hypocrisy
  • Cruelty
  • Disregard for children
  • Betrayal
  • And let me elaborate further;

    1) Telling lies that can possibly cause a person to be jailed and getting whacked senseless.

    2) Abuse of power by utilising unnecessary number of personnels when these can be more efficiently use for real work.

    3) Cowardice is when people in the know keep quiet and just follow orders like a buffalo.

    4) Hypocrisy is when the heart is thinking of something else, while the mouth is professing about being helpful.

    5) Cruelty is allowing a 61 years old man being dragged and forced to sleep on cement floor even before he is proven guilty.

    6) Disregard for children is when the act is done so harshly in front of their eyes.

    7) Betrayal is when “ALL OF YOU” betrayed our rakyat trusts to run the country. KNN, now the whole country is like not having any problems except liwat meliwat.

    So much liwat until when I want to pangsai time, I also have the news stuck in my head right down to my arse.

    Chewren, listen here. Sodomy may not be legal in our country but it certainly will not banish people to hell on earth like what is happening now. Remember that there are lots more despicable, disgusting, jijik, sinful acts like what I gave above in point forms.

    If ever one day, someone wants to choose between being gay and engage in sodomy versus all the other seven despicable acts, I say, go be gay, have fun! Just don’t lie, be a coward, hypocrite, cruel, be a politician and etc etc.

    I believe if St. Peter is taking notes at the pearly gate, St. Peter being a fisherman will also know how to tally the seven sins against one sodomy. After all, Sodom and Gomorrah was not destroyed because one man engaged in this but the whole town. So, now the whole nation is engaging in this menuding jari, menfitnah, menipu, sumpah-menyumpah, which is a greater sin?

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    1. well you know what 5xmom, these country has gone far into a political state of a family rather than the government of the people. whoever gets into their way will get bash, accused, framed and even tarnished without sufficient or substantial reason. all lies and black eyes of the 3 actors will soon surface and i am sure the public will be there best judge. really anxiety to drop in the next election ticket!!

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    2. lol, you are so farneee la miss lillian. And you have some excellent points too! At least one person like Chua Soi Leck humble enouh to step down after what happen to him. Are we gonna see it happen to sir Anwar? I bet not. He thinks he is God.

    3. sandyow – HUH? You mean you believe Anwar is the guilty one and not the rest of ‘THEM’? Aiyor, like this you missed my points already.

      blink4blog – Everyone is sick of the same news. And this liwat case has just shoved the C4 SD into the background.

    4. I will be a sad day when people say I don’t care if what he did is true!! But the prosecutors are worse than he…

      Sigh.. such is life.. Lilian, next election you masuk bertanding, I vote for you!! (alamak!! I kena tukar alamat undi-lar)

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    5. Let me add…

      corruption – when they siphon off the people’s money to build their own vacation homes in Europe and fatten their Swiss bank accounts

      murder – when they let innocent teenagers die in pallid conditions of NS camps and one who die of SeeFor method we best not mention more of

      treachery – when the people’s trust are betrayed again and again just so that they could fulfill their own needs

      arrogance – when they thought they are above the law and nothing could touch them because they ARE in charge

      I rest my case.

      Foongs last blog post..You know it’s the 21st century when…

    6. sandyow – Why you single out Anwar? Still no proof yet wor. Why, you were there when it happened meh?

      Were you also there at the model explosion? If so, then you should also ask those responsible to step down (the one who gave the C4, the one who ordered the murder, the one who deleted the immigration record)

      Were you there also at Lingam’s house drinking whisky? You should ask the fella/judges to step down or be in jail or whatever.

      Were you there when RM4.7 BILLION disappeared into the PKFZ blackhole? Then you should ask all those involved to step down also. Or you mean, a sodomy is worse than RM4.7 BILLION? Wah, that 23-year-old backside so expensive one. Come, I let you sodomize me. What the hell, for RM4.7 BILLION wor. I think Mahathir will also be willing.

    7. Isnt that the usual political ploy.. when a country has economic or any problems , you start a distraction or invade another country.
      And who cares what another’s sexual preference is , if no one else is hurt. Its between man and his god.

    8. Why DSAI is accused for sodomy but not rape? If that is the case, Saiful rela to be sodomised by DSAI (if the whole thing is true lah)! Saiful SHOULD be charged for bersubahat-ing with DSAI. Wakakaka! Dei, sodomy involving two person lah! Btw, such simple case also need so long and yet to be solved…how about murders or assassinations? Takes decades lor!

    9. And more to the list…

      Severing diplomatic ties
      Inhuman destruction of human body
      Demand for spoon-feeding after being spoon-fed for 51 years
      Disability to see the need of rakyat
      Changing statutory declaration

      No need to elaborate… The list is self-explanatory. 😛

      sandyow – Chua Soi Lek stepped down because he’s caught red-handed. For Anwar’s case, no proof yet!! What la…

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    10. aiyo Sandy .. you buta ka? Wake up lohhhh …

      Why DSAI is the FIRST Malaysia Sodomy case? You think there’s no sodomy going around meh? This one politically motivated lah …

      And why lah an issue like Sodomy, he kena drag here left, right and centre? Why special treatment to Najib when it came to a murder case? Use head and think lahhh … so obvious …

      Do they need sooo much resources to escort an old 60 year old man, with a bad back? That too, before time is up and they act like god loh .. as they can predict that DSAI will not turn up? What lah!

      For that kind of resources, go lah find missing children, beat “real” crime and more lah ..

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    11. Excellent post, Lilian. I was just thinking about Augustine Paul, another name that immediately conjures the adjective, “despicable.” I hear he’s still a Federal Court judge! Pity his kids. The only way he can redeem himself is by doing an Ian Chin. I’m sure the public will forgive him if he confesses his sins, even though 10 years have passed.

      Antaress last blog post..SHUT THE FUCK UP, PAK BLAH!

    12. Antares – It is sad that our country is no longer rule by the righteous but by money, power, lust and so much more. And yet, we have been so proud about the faith. Blah!

      liane – All those personnel deployed needs our tax payers money to feed them and pay their OT somemore leh.

      david – It is so disgusting and so disheartening to see a country going to the dogs. Lies and more lies until we don’t what is truth anymore.

      wynxon – Yalor, the brick and the sponge, bersuhabating, both also must kena lokap mah hor?

      romantic – Between a righteous gay leader and a corrupted straight guy, I choose to go gay.

      dan lain lain – WOW, you are expensive! One round RM4.7 BILLION

      foong – Naik api if we list out all their misdeeds.

      rizlan – Exactly, the media and the people behind it seems to have missed the point. One gay fuck is not going to kill the nation but all those corruptions, abuse of power, lies (list the rest) will.

    13. Oooh,…. I touched a nerve… DIdnt know there were so many Anwar supporters here, my bad :P!

      Sure, innocent unless proven guilty. You know what, i heard there IS a video ala soi lek o_O. lol!

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