I heard a Voice

Today is one of those beautiful, lazy, rainy, cool afternoon. Perfect time for a long nap because last night, I had the crazy idea of joining the Penang Island Diocese World Youth Day vigil in OLS (a city church). I only had about 3 hrs sleep because I had an overdose of caffeine and though I got home at 2 + am to had my ‘vigil’ at home (because I had absorbed what I need to know), I woke at 5.30 am this morning. Couldn’t sleep so I woke up and went to church to pick my two sons who were due to return with the bus. They returned late and I attended morning mass.

So, I had two heavy homilies (plus yesterday evening mass) about weed (lallang, not marijuana), wheat, Carl Jung and DNA and stuffs like that. You get the drift? Lack of sleep, deep deep sermon that can make me drown, rainy afternoon, nice nap….

And I heard a Voice. I woke up with a jolt. Open my eyes and call the name. No answer.

Just outside, the rain is making its music. It is either a happy music if you can continue napping or a frustrating music if you have something to do and have to wake up.

I called again. No answer.

This time, I called louder.

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I called and asked, impatient already.

“Did you call me?”

“Where are you?”


And the chubby kid came running in.

So, yeah, I was right. I heard the voice that said,

“Wa oo sai!” (I got shit)

Then, like it or not, I have to get out of bed, walked to the toilet, place the cushion toilet seat on the normal toilet seat. Actually his butt is a bit too big for the toddler seat but our friend is afraid of falling into the hole….

Lifted him up to sit.

Then, drop dead on my bed and try to catch 3 minutes of close eyes.

And then, I heard the voice again, “Finish liao, flush for me, faster, so smelly.”

Haih…wash butt…..gave him a shower as well.

And I have a heart-to-heart talk with him while drying him.

“Darling, if mommy is not around, what are you going to do, if you got sai, like just now?”

He replied, “Watch Narnia?” *inserts doink music*

“No, you cannot hold back your shit. You must take the seat yourself and sit down and poo on your own. You can reach the toilet seat. Or you can call Jeff Kor-kor (the second in line commando) to help you.”

He gave his Indian head shake (I don’t know why he shakes his head like an Indian when he is trying to emphasise a point), “You think I can wash my butt meh?”

I told him, “Can wash or not, you must poo first. Call Jeff kor-kor. Or you can use the bidet and shoot the water.”

He again do his head shake, “Oh, you want me to touch my shit lah?”

Me, “Ar bo? Mommy also touched every day, mah. After that, you make sure you use the handsoap and wash reallllly clean. Remember, you cannot try to hold your poo or else you shit in your pants, ok?”

Now, this is dealing with the Shadow like what Carl Jung wrote. Muahaharr…..I attended two masses, one World Youth Day gathering and spend some lovely time in OLS in praise and worship and the only voice I heard is “Wa oo sai”. I got to deal with this voice first until I can respond to the other Voice. The other Voice just have to wait till my kid can wash his own butt. Just a little while longer…

(Note I categorise this under faith. Funny as it sounds, the ‘what if mommy is not around’, is actually something I am struggling with. *insert suspenseful soap opera, cliff-hanger music*)

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  1. Paul – Hahaha, it is one of those spur of the moments post.

    BBH – I everyday also deal with pangsai tales. But I must teach him to be independent already cos next year he is going to kindie.

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