I was wondering why I am in such a relaxed mood today. Then, I baru realized that I nochet read The Star, nochet surf Malaysiakini and that’s why I have nothing to make me feel constipated. So, I read….

But even on a cool, rainy day like this, I am somehow pissed with news like the mystery of whether Anwar was stripped naked or not. I mean, doh…Anwar Ibrahim is not a 2 years old kid. Wait, even two years old kid can tell you truthfully if another person has asked him to go naked and touched his kukubird. It is damn stupid that we Malaysians are fed contradicting news like these. Anwar said he was stripped naked and measured. He also said they wanted to take photos of his tools. Ahem. I cannot think of a more polite term.

“Hospital (Kuala Lumpur) kata saya tak ditelanjang, (tapi) dia suruh buka baju, buka seluar, kemudian suruh buka seluar dalam, itu bukan namanya telanjang atau ada nama lain, bogel bukan telanjang,” katanya.


However, we have nameless, faceless people who claimed Anwar is telling a lie. WTF, man. The difference is like day and night. Is Anwar making up tales like a recalcitrant, moronic kid or is the Government trying to shove shits into us? If the contradiction is something like, “Was the right ball bigger than the left ball?”, then, we probably can understand that it could be due to technical problems. But doh….bogel ke tidak? Siapa rogol siapa? I am really sick of this news because the whole world is probably laughing silly at how stupid our people are because we do not even know if Saiful had enjoyed his rendevous as a willing partner or was he being tied down? The whole world probably think we are all dumbfucks because we cannot even tell if one is asked to strip or not.

Karpal Singh has warned Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his ministers not to volunteer unsolicited comments that may compromise police investigations into PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s alleged sodomy offence.


Finally, the Tiger of Jelutong, Mr. Karpal Singh speaks up. Shut up, already! We think it is not funny anymore. Things can get twisted so much in a case related to a ex-deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia eventhough the world is watching. Imagine what the authorities can do to us, the ikan bilis of the nation? We are not amused anymore. We are like a lawless country now. No justice, no fairness, no law, no rules, no authorities. Only what Pak Lah said versus the rest of us.

People (yes, all you who read this), this is not just a case of Anwar vs. Pak Lah vs. Najib. This is about us because if the top people practise this kind of leadership, the rots will go right down the hierachy and somehow, we are affected too. Let’s echo Karpal Singh and tell the Government and media to shaddap already. Read this letter on Malaysiakini which provide a lengthy reasoning, if you are still unsure who is the bad guy and who is the good guy.