Oreo moments – Childhood made sweeter

Children grow up way too fast. One minute they are just tiny, little babies and in the blink of an eye, they are are adults already. Time moves so fast. So, how much sweet memories do they have from their childhood? What little things do they remember?


Since I have 18 years old and 16 years old to chat with, I know that they remember all the simple things they did that stay on in their memories. Things like the time when they ran barefoot in the field or getting caught in the rain. Then, they also have fond memories of the special people they encounter and of course, comfort foods they love.

Oreo is one of them. Oreo has that kind of wicked pleasure and they are oh so delicious. All my children have their Oreo moments. Things like how they smashed up Oreo to mix with their vanilla icecream. Or putting Oreo in between two slices of bread as sandwiches. How about putting Oreo crumbs in cupcakes and treat them like chocolate chips?

Now, we have our five years old boy to give him that unique Oreo moments. He love dunking Oreo into a glass of milk. Since Oreo has a contest, I made this video of him having breakfast. Yes, Oreo and a glass of milk make a little boy very happy and is the occasional treat to start the day.

Do you have any Oreo moments to share? You can enter the “OREO Global Moments” Contest by creating a video showing how you enjoy your Oreo. Upload it to Youtube between July 10th to August 10, 2008. However, note that animals are NOT allowed to be shown taking Oreo because I believe there are sensitivities involved.

And you may ask, “What’s the catch?” Well, how about being on the main page of Youtube? Here’s what they mentioned on Oreo’s website :

PRIZE: One (1) Grand Prize: Winner’s video will be featured on the YouTube Home Page on or about August 26, 2008.

Note that it is a global contest so that means millions of views on your Oreo video. Well, you may go down in history as the Oreo lover.

Whatever it is, Oreo is always the comfort food for my family. Contest or not, we love to open a new pack of Oreo and finished it in one sitting. Family bonding with Oreo. Childhood memories made sweeter.

3 thoughts on “Oreo moments – Childhood made sweeter

  1. Damn, I just uploaded my oreo moments on UTube and check your blog after that and I saw this post. What a coincidence!

  2. HI auntie, sorry, not sure what to address you by. Firstly, I think its more polite if i intro myself. I’m yenwei, female, 18. KL-ian but in UK studying now. Secondly, I have been reading your blog for a while now and I love it cause its just so malaysian (and i currently miss home a lot). So by reading your blog I get to catch up with things back home. I’ve also been reading ur food blog archive, my laptop was dripping with drool. haha. dont get much malaysian food here. Summore when I see your little kid I ALWAYS go awh.. cause he’s SO cute. haha. sorry, but I’m safe. I have a brother too and he’s 6 now. so miss him too. Thanks for ur awesome blog. it feels like home, kinda. PS, I also know an aunty Lilian back home and she also does a lot of cooking and catrering. so coincidental.

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