A PMS-ing, emo post about driving, men and women

Have you wondered why some women drivers are often labelled as bad drivers? Well, I think I found the answer today.

We women are not like men. For men, when they drive, they probably only think what’s the next best cuss word to swear. Should he say, “Get the hell out of my lane, drive faster arsehole, you think your grandfather’s road kah baruah, khi hor kau khu (go let monkey fark)” or some colloquial cuss words.

(some old pics I took in Sunway million of years ago)

But for we women, we do many thing beside driving. Such as :

1) We use the moment to switch roles from busy biatch in the office to the maternal, soft, loving mother and vice versa. We use that time in the car, alone as the passage to morph.

2) We use the time to evaluate our relationship with the spouse, boyfriend, crush, monster-in-law, boss, swami, God and etc etc.

3) We plan our future, including the colour of the next bedsheet to buy.

(fuschia flower I took in Cameron Highlands)

4) We get mesmerized with love songs lyrics. Wuah, that day hor, I drove home at 2 am and the radio played so many mushy songs. So, instead of planning the future, maybe we went down memory lane. (like this song below)

5) We plan what to blog next.

6) We do some internal auditing of our cosmetics, our clothes and underwears so that we know what to buy if there is a sale.

And in doing all the above, we normally missed the little pothole ahead or never notice that they have put up yet another Pak Lah’s giant poster and neither do we bother if the DAP run road system is better than the previous Gerakan one.

We women are so different. We carry so many roles. Unlike men, they are just men. Dumb, dull, uninteresting but function-able. (read traditional husband I wrote in 2005) They treat the mother, mother-in-law, wife, girlfriend, mistress, children all the same. We women are like chameleon. We show different facades to different people. Mean to the monster-in-law, biatch to the office staffs, loving to the children, accommodating to the husband, interesting to someone else’s husband hiakss…. and so on.

(I like how golden this leaf looks)

So, yeah, I am not embarrassed that I got lost somewhere in Tanjung Bungah while I was cruising around between Mt. Miriam and College General. I could have jumped from Mt. Miriam fifth floor and ended up in open arms of College General saints and yet…. Doh…it was a nice drive and I discovered they have so many beautiful houses overlooking the sea in that area.

(this is the Vietnamese saints statue)

And while enjoying the view, the rich men’s bungalows, wondering where the heck is Jalan Cengai and all, I managed to draft this post in my mind. Oh ya, I also asked if God has forgotten to insert a GPS in my brain when He created me.

To all the young girls who linked my blog (first of all, thanks a lot, I do stalk your blogs when I see the links coming in) , just remember the old witch, 5xmom’s words. We females memang complicated, so don’t be apologetic over your actions, ever. Tell them, take it or leave it.

Signed : 5x wonder woman, mom, bitch, witch.

10 thoughts on “A PMS-ing, emo post about driving, men and women

  1. wey, aunty! u dun brain wash those innocent young gals wt bad ideas ah.

    To all those young gals out there> dun listen to this aunty, all her kids are boys! aunty mana tau how a gal think?

    all men need to be ‘por low so’ mah to bump up our ego, just to compensate our inherent lack of self confidence. Remember oh, u all just stay in the kitchen, bath water must be 40degrees, not 39, not 41 ok? oh while I am at it, u perumpuan don forget to warm the bed b4 we lelaki lie down loh. btw, dun forget to iron the newspaper in the morning.

    JTs last blog post..Golf

  2. Nice post and very informative. Especially like the song. Gambateh!! Am going thru a very rough time now. My dad passed away 2 weeks ago. Am still trying to cope with it. Now, I am officially an orphan. Anyone want 2 adopt me???

  3. Hi Lilian

    Yes, when we, women drive, we have to think about what’s to cook for lunch, dinner and sumtime supper, also the children’s tuition timetable, also the laundry and other 1001 tings.. & sumtime cussing the driver in front for driving so bl**dy slow.

    some one once told me : GOD made woman to to right HIS mistake (making man) hahhaa

    .. i luv the way u signed out ‘5x wonder woman, mom, bitch, witch’ very kool

    JLims last blog post..The Mummy 3 : Tomb of The Dragon Emperor

  4. I don’t cuss words k… Maybe will utter “Faster lah!!!” (insinuating the slow ah-pek pak haji driver in front). 😛

    I love that leaf shot! So beautifully taken! 🙂

    kyhs last blog post..¿Qué tal?

  5. kyh – See? Same mah…poor pak cik cannot go faster, somemore ka ka cau cau. Hahaha.

    giddy tigress – You can so relate hor?

    zewt – I know :
    1) Koay Teng Hai very handsome
    2) I asked him why he doesn’t keep a blog and he said he got no time to update.
    3) All those road names are great but you know…this is like a taste of DAP’s own medicine. So, better to do away than create a race matter. (remember Teresa Kok protesting the Jawi road sign?)

    rizlan – Ben 10!!! I dunno how many hundred RM I spent on that lah. One toy is RM29.90. Each time buy, must buy a pair. Then, when got 20%, must buy again. Jusco gives RM30%, buy somemore. So we got at least 10 figurines. Then, in Spore, bought the darn expensive Ben 10 shoes and t-shirt and watch and…

    JLim – Hahaha, really? God made us to correct the mistakes God made in men? Nice!

    trex – Sorry to hear about it. I also orphan mah, so we open orphanage la better.

    JT – This is call empowering the girls lah. That’s why God never gives me dotters cos if not all sure turn out like me. Tomboy!

  6. Erm… actually hor… i dun tink tis apply 2 women oni cos i m a single father. I too hv tis prob like yours. I used d time alone in the car 2 de-stress myself b4 facing my children and oso 2 plan all those tings. Haiz… when can i hv 2 day really 2 myself and not sacrifice it 2 d kids????

  7. Really ah, women does that while driving ah? Aiyo next time I better stay far far away from cars with lady driver inside lah, after kena rear ended pulak.

    Actually guys/man to do the same thing but not the issues you mentioned lah. I am not talking about those big taukeh or big corporate “loh sai” lah, I mean the common man like me and many more who frequent your sites lah. We also sit in the car, jammed and will start thinking about household issues, what to do tomorrow, which children’s tuition fee is up, what the “loh poh” mentioned the other day, money enough or not for next week or month or where to find more, how to save this and that. After all this and if still got time and allowances left, maybe can consider what new gadgets to go for lah but I personally like to see which makan place haven’t been too a long time and that the childrens like lah.

    So, I guess when the man does this and women does what you mentioned, I guess then it basically complements each other lah…..

    Don’t know will check with my “loh poh” to see if your theory holds water……but have to agree with you woman tend to have bad sense of directions or locations….

    By the way, I saw Khoo Kay Peng blog used one of your pictures……..

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