and it is good we rakyats take heed.

Raja bukan ‘buta, pekak, bisu’
“mereka bukannya daripada kalangan insan yang buta penglihatan, pekak pendengaran dan bisu pertuturan”, titah Raja Muda Perak.


especially those subjects whom we voted into the Government to lead us.

“Budi bicara Raja menjadi sangat penting apabila berlaku keadaan tergantung disebabkan tidak ada parti yang menguasai majoriti keanggotaan Dewan Rakyat ataupun Dewan Undangan Negeri atau apabila kerajaan campuran mahu ditubuhkan,” titah baginda, lapor Bernama.

And someone tell me why such news never get on the front page? Why did the media never give due respect to the Perak royalties? Why the newspapers never make a sound why the Sultan of Terengganu who is also our His Majesty Yang Di Pertuan Agong did not give any awards on His Majesty’s birthday? Isn’t this a sign that our King and Sultans are murka (angry?)?

But what did our newspapers feature? That stupid Uncle Pet Pet. Ptui, who fark care if Saifool is a gay or not? What’s the big deal? Saifool is nobody, we do not care if he is gay or not. For goodness sake and for God’s sake, the media should buckle up and stop featuring this sleazy liwat news already!

Now, about Khir Toyo blog. (heh, try Googling khir toyo blog and see whose blog you find?)

I found the racist spewing things that I shouldn’t read. But since I stumbled on it, let me tell you what he wrote. Anyway, Malaysiakini also picked up Khir Toyo’s Chinese extremists remarks.

He claimed credit that he was the one who suggested to UMNO to talk with PAS.
He went on and on and on about ketuanan Melayu.

But of course, I have no right to question that. However, I think it is highly dangerous for a former leader like him to be writing things like :

“… Anwar dapat menarik sokongan yang besar daripada golongan ekstremis Cina melalui DAP dan ekstremis India melalui Hindraf.”

Niamah, what Chinese extremists in DAP and Indian extremists in Hindraf? Do I need to remind him that people whom they labelled extremists are those real people with real principles who got into deep troubles when they defended people without looking at their races? When were we Chinese ever been extremists? Think what LGE and Karpal had done? Another example, Tian Chua. He had fought and fought for the Malay squatters and those were proven in Youtube videos. May I ask Khir Toyo to name me a few Chinese extremists? And prove to me that he has always defended all races and not just his own race.

(watch this Tian Chua video defending the squatters in Kampung Chubadak. The video is the fifth one.)

(I won’t give you a link to khir toyo blog so, try to google it and hope you find it. I.e. if you are interested to get your blood boiling reading racist bloggers blog.)