The Kings have spoken…

and it is good we rakyats take heed.

Raja bukan ‘buta, pekak, bisu’
“mereka bukannya daripada kalangan insan yang buta penglihatan, pekak pendengaran dan bisu pertuturan”, titah Raja Muda Perak.


especially those subjects whom we voted into the Government to lead us.

“Budi bicara Raja menjadi sangat penting apabila berlaku keadaan tergantung disebabkan tidak ada parti yang menguasai majoriti keanggotaan Dewan Rakyat ataupun Dewan Undangan Negeri atau apabila kerajaan campuran mahu ditubuhkan,” titah baginda, lapor Bernama.

And someone tell me why such news never get on the front page? Why did the media never give due respect to the Perak royalties? Why the newspapers never make a sound why the Sultan of Terengganu who is also our His Majesty Yang Di Pertuan Agong did not give any awards on His Majesty’s birthday? Isn’t this a sign that our King and Sultans are murka (angry?)?

But what did our newspapers feature? That stupid Uncle Pet Pet. Ptui, who fark care if Saifool is a gay or not? What’s the big deal? Saifool is nobody, we do not care if he is gay or not. For goodness sake and for God’s sake, the media should buckle up and stop featuring this sleazy liwat news already!

Now, about Khir Toyo blog. (heh, try Googling khir toyo blog and see whose blog you find?)

I found the racist spewing things that I shouldn’t read. But since I stumbled on it, let me tell you what he wrote. Anyway, Malaysiakini also picked up Khir Toyo’s Chinese extremists remarks.

He claimed credit that he was the one who suggested to UMNO to talk with PAS.
He went on and on and on about ketuanan Melayu.

But of course, I have no right to question that. However, I think it is highly dangerous for a former leader like him to be writing things like :

“… Anwar dapat menarik sokongan yang besar daripada golongan ekstremis Cina melalui DAP dan ekstremis India melalui Hindraf.”

Niamah, what Chinese extremists in DAP and Indian extremists in Hindraf? Do I need to remind him that people whom they labelled extremists are those real people with real principles who got into deep troubles when they defended people without looking at their races? When were we Chinese ever been extremists? Think what LGE and Karpal had done? Another example, Tian Chua. He had fought and fought for the Malay squatters and those were proven in Youtube videos. May I ask Khir Toyo to name me a few Chinese extremists? And prove to me that he has always defended all races and not just his own race.

(watch this Tian Chua video defending the squatters in Kampung Chubadak. The video is the fifth one.)

(I won’t give you a link to khir toyo blog so, try to google it and hope you find it. I.e. if you are interested to get your blood boiling reading racist bloggers blog.)

14 thoughts on “The Kings have spoken…

  1. That stupid Toyo-L blog ah, been in once, bookmarked it once, then deleted it after the 2nd time been there. It’s really scary to think that he was once the MB of Selangor…….you have this Toyo-L fella going around smiling and pretending to help the people when he is a god damn racist! Don’t bother going in there(unless you also into his kind of thingy), otherwise you will come out from there thinking if you are in Malaysia or not or some third world hostile country one!

    It is always the case, when he refers to protecting the Malays, he says is ketuanan but when the Chinese try to protect their rights, it is called extremist. It is very tiring talking to this kind of people, dealt with this kind of people many times, very “auu ban” one! I have Malay friends as well and I don’t think they see things how this Toyo-L fella sees it.

    Maybe he is refering to us Chinese who swears a lot in the blog, you know NIAMAH, TOOLAN, Kan Nah Sai etc etc etc…you know lah. Maybe he don’t understand the lingo and think we Chinese are mocking him loh. Maybe you should invite him to check out your blog and get educated on writing proper and good blogs lah. He is first timer mah!

  2. toolan – I like to stalk him because he is still influential in their PEMUDA side. I mean the bad influence type of influential lah. Last time I also dissed him about his religious insinuations. Another time, I even brought the matter up and Tony Pua made police report also. People like these hor, we cannot buat dunno or else they lagi lagi mengada. Must take them by the horns sometimes. You know why? If not they will breed more racists and it is our kids’ generation that we should be worried. Imagine they grow up with peers with thinking like KT?

  3. 100% totally agree with you on this, we are at the crossroads and if we don’t make a difference now, our children and their children will be the one who suffer.

    These kind of people always remind me of stubborn stain, you know those that get on my kids baju sekolah and no matter how you wash or “cuci” them ah, cannot come out one oh…..must use bleach only can work.

    I wonder hoh……..

  4. Raja bukan ‘buta, pekak, bisu’
    “mereka bukannya daripada kalangan insan yang buta penglihatan, pekak pendengaran dan bisu pertuturan”, titah Raja Muda Perak.

    I think His Majesty was referring to Bodohwi. His Majesty left out; bukan insan yang selalu mengantuk dan tidur. Bwahaha!!!

    That Toyol will try anything to get back Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia, because he didn’t expect to lose in the last election. He is not done stealing the state’s monies. That bastard!!!

    Extremist?? The fought for the rakyat for 50 years and now there are called extremist. Cool. Niamah!!!

  5. blink4blog – He is a ‘has-been’ who doesn’t know when to shut up. Hehehe.

    toolan – Exactly….if we just keep away and not wanting to say a thing, soon, there will be no one to say anything. If you look at his comments, he got more flames than anything else. Some of them are so humorous and make a good laugh.

  6. Aunty lilian, tot u have seen enough ppl like him around walking with the brain size of a kacang putih. Sad but true, ppl under the administration of bodowi are a preselected group of ppl who generally have to satisfy certain criteria

    – predictable and easily manipulated
    – worship bodowi like a god
    – born with a genetically brain defect
    – possess an unprecedented record of academic failures
    – if hav degrees, sure enough got it fr a dodgy web based university
    – small kukubird.

    if u think it’s hard to find these ppl…. u will be surprised tht bodowi has them all under his wings….

    feel better, Aunty?

    JTs last blog post..Golf

  7. HAHA! I wonder whether did he read what SIR LGE had done for other race.

    Or perhaps, he is buta huruf! :p

    BTW, there is a documentary made by Hong Kong media on SIR Lim Guan Eng. I know your are his most GENG supporter!

    i wana share the video with you. 🙂 have a nice day!

    Episode 1:

    Jarods last blog post..Random photo with stories

  8. google tht yoyo’s blog, and yr big name came up! u pompuan know black magic ah?? u cee pek keng wo-man!

    tht fark up yoyo like u said is &$£@&%$£% farking racist! if someone says the same thing in the western world, i guarantee he will not dare to even step out of his own home. for he will be stoned to mati. I couldnt believe my own eyes when i see what he has posted, for crying out loud, it seems he still lives in the cave. Malaysia belongs to all ‘Malaysian’ not just malay. It’s ppl like him tht has caused our beloved country to seriously lag behind. I am surprised tht such comments made by him do not lead to an open invitation to the jail for inciting hatred and disrupting harmony.

    ceebai… i am so toolan. i better go to the driving range.

    tht yoyo can dream shit.

  9. JT – Now you Google Lim Guan Eng and see? This one is call Google god blessings lor…I become cyber assassin liao.

  10. Aiyooo….
    His daddy already knew this is a ‘hantu’ even b4 he was borne.
    Tat’s why he was named after the infamous ‘toyol’!!!! LOL 🙂
    I wonder how come no one make a police report to charge him on sedition. Or maybe, there are countless of Police rpt against him but nothing would happen to him cos our police also practise double standard when it comes to arresting suspects!
    After 50 years of merdeka, it’s sad to see so many crumbling gov’s institutions which has FAILED to uphold its credibility and authority…

    wizuryes last blog post..‘Dumb’ Teng Chang Yeow

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