1) Flip through the Bible and hope to find some verses that says something like, “I will thrash your enemy and uproot them forever and cast them into the hell hole.” Serious…there are Bible verses like that. God has feelings too, you know? Jesus can get pissed with stubborn people too, you know? Christians have rights to be angry too, you know? 5xmom can get utterly pissed too, you know?

2) Use Stumbleupon and stumble mindlessly through websites tagged under Adult, Relationship, Religion, Food and more foods and hope all those chocolate cakes, evil relationship advices and some porn will take the anger away.

3) Spill all and let others thrash the moron on my behalf. But blood is thicker than blog readers…..so, option 3 is not feasible.

4) Turn on the volume in my iTunes, stuff my ear plugs into my ears and hope to become deaf forever so that I don’t need to hear any more inlaws whines.

5) Think of the people I meet every day and put myself in their shoes and feel for them. What for waste my anger on morons? So what they are relatives? I might as well use that human feelings I have for others. There is this lady from Bandar Acheh who lost all her properties in the tsunami and that include her children and grandchildren. Yet, she was ill and need to come here for treatment, using well wishers help which she found so hard to accept. And there is this lady who was my first ‘patient’ and she died, but not before asking me to pray to Jesus every day when I visited her. Then, there is this mother who is losing bunches of hair and yet, she can laughs at the ‘fur’ on her pillow.

6) Cuss the arsehole till the ninth heavens and then go confess my sins. I bet I will get a compassionate response. “Oh Father, I have sinned and I am aware that I am to love my enemies and in-laws but I have failed. Forgive me, Father.” I can imagine the priest telling me, “Woman, tell me all about it! Include all the juicy gossips and make it evil and obnoxious like your blog. Now, you know why I choose to be a priest and remain a bachelor boy forever?”

7) Rant and rant till the anger subsides.



So, what do you do when you are utterly angry? Punch someone? Break some cups? Ram the car?