Let me show you how The Star seems to have a tendency to dramatise things to paint a picture they want us to see. I know my readers all mostly Star fans so it is my duty to ‘educate’. Hehehe.

According to The Star:

Shahrir: DAP overreacting to dialogues on race, religion
GEORGE TOWN: DAP is overly suspicious about the Umno-PAS dialogues on Islamic and Malay issues, says Umno supreme council member Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad.

But what did Lim Guan Eng actually said?

Here’s what I picked up from one blogger, Mutaligat aka Sofi Wahab who quoted from Bernama :

Lim dalam kenyataannya kepada Bernama menyatakan bahawa Muzakarah antara Umno dan PAS tidak akan menjejaskan hubungan dan perpaduan parti-parti yang bernaung di bawah Pakatan Rakyat, kata Setiausaha Agung DAP Lim Guan Eng.

So, if Lim Guan Eng never overact, what about Lim Kit Siang? Let’s see what Lim Kit Siang posted on his blog.

The Federal Government spent RM100 million for the 50th Merdeka anniversary celebrations last year. For what?

It should be to celebrate half-a-century of nationhood to build a multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation where our diversity is the strongest national asset and to chart out the path to achieve the Vision 2020 objective of a Bangsa Malaysia in the remaining 13 years.

See? Lim Kit Siang merely asked where is Bangsa Malaysia. He didn’t not even instigate anything.

So, The Star, don’t try to fool us lah. Unless you have the same mentality like KT.

Next, The Star said :

Wednesday July 23, 2008 MYT 1:08:08 PM

PAS Youth does not object to dialogues

But what did Malaysiakini reported around the same time.

“Kita ada prinsip, kita ada harga diri. Tawaran apa pun, kita tidak berminat berbincang. Kita ada mandat daripada rakyat,” kata ketua Pemuda PAS Salahuddin Ayub di sidang media mengumumkan sikap rasmi dewan itu, hari ini.

So, you see? How screwed the news from The Star is compared to other sources? And I am not referring to unreliable sources but Bernama, personal blog of Lim Kit Siang and Malaysiakini.

One more thing – That bunch of MCA Opposition members, you all too free nothing to do issit? Go serve your constituency lah! So free go and make big big banner calling DAP copycat and call for press conference. Ptui, who cares lah…It is just a few question and it probably is some admin errors. I hope DAP doesn’t copycat all of your poh-lam-pah style enuff liao.

And you Gerakan and UMNO oppositions (wuah, dem shiok to live in Penang because UMNO, Gerakan and MCA are oppositions), happy already or not? Our Penang road signs are going to come in Tamil, Mandarin, Arab, Jawi, Bahasa Malaysia. Shiok ahsi boh shiok? At least the current State Government is not as rabid as the previous one who wants to change every heritage mat salleh name from the colonial times to some local names.