Big Sweep lottery jackpot

I probably pissed off some people because they asked me to help them sell lucky draw tickets to raise funds for some building. The first prize is a car. I told them I cannot do it because it is ‘against my principle’. Yeah, right, as if I have any principles. Hehehe. Anyway, I have some issues about the matter and I do not want to be engaged into it.

Instead of giving lame excuses, I told them it is against my principle because it is. I do not mind washing 10 cars at 12 o’clock in the afternoon to raise the funds but don’t ask me to bring a stack of tickets and chase people to buy it for a good cause. I also wouldn’t touch the online sale because that is my major peeve.


(this is not just any rambutan but holy angmohtan)

So, what does bad team player like me do? I buy the real lottery ticket, the real Da Ma Cai Big Sweep lottery tickets. If I am going to indulge in this little bit of gambling, I might as well play it big. I donate the money to Da Ma Cai instead. Who knows, I may win the Jackpot prize that stands at RM10.5 million? Then, I can give the balance few millions Ringgit they need to build the building. Just name one classroom as Saint Lillian, will you? Simple right? This only involves me and Da Ma Cai. I do not have to explain to my non-Christians friends and relatives why we can gamble and yet, cannot gamble. (Christians can ‘play some gambling’ but not to the extend where the person denied the family of money) I don’t believe in sending mix messages. Haram is haram, halal is halal.

I will eat 100 holy rambutans till I get sore throat and lau sai to give the RM5 but don’t ask me to ‘pay RM5 to win a Vios’.

Picture 1.png

Meantime, I shall imagine the three lottery tickets I have in my hand are winning first prize, second prize and third prize. Actually, I bought only two tickets but scratched and won another one. Gee, I so love buying Big Sweep now because my little kiddo get to enjoy scratch and win. So, yeah, from now on, I am going to invest RM6 to Da Ma Cai monthly.

You got buy lottery ah?

(This post was actually written several days ago but I do not have the courage to post it for fear of making a lot of people pissed with my hypocrite principle.  But then, so what?  I must remember that I blog what I feel.  *prays they don’t read my blog though*  The rest of you….sshhhhhh……don’t tell ah?)

6 thoughts on “Big Sweep lottery jackpot

  1. My hubby likes to invest in Da Ma Cai too. He says buy small small, win big big. hahaha… Btw.. yesterday my friend’s car was knocked by a garage truck and my first time buying number this year. Invested RM10 and whoooopppssss.. got nothing back. LOL

    Choonies last blog post..Love Story On Malaysia

  2. dragonfly – You ngap mat yeh ah? You think I Lillian Too ah?

    BBH – I kena number many times liao lor….Last time I predicted number, really come out wan.

    choonie – Try again, sure kena next round. If not, try again *rinse…repeat, rinse…*

  3. you didnt sms ur views to flyfm about the disabled parking meh? i tot that chanlilian was you. lol

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