Penang DAP/PKR/PAS State Government – Solve the traffic jams before naming the roads, can?

This is getting stupid. First, Gerakan or is it MCA wanted to rub it into DAP and give them a dose of their own medicines. They put up road signs in Mandarin. Well, I don’t read Mandarin and I don’t care if they want to put up Tamil, Arab, Jawi, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin dan lain-lain languages on the road. After all, it is just a piece of freaking road signs.

Now, PAS is against this idea and PAS suggested to use only our national language. Read Malaysiakini and this article PAS bantah Exco Penang. And I must say I support PAS. You know why? Cos when I was in Italy, France, China, Thailand….they also put their freaking road names in their own languages and some tiny fonts in English to help the tourists.

So, stick to Bahasa Malaysia with English lah. If those tourists buta tuli, ask them to find tour guides lah. Like this our Penangites mah get more job opportunities to be ‘tau yew’ lor. We are not a pre-school where we need to label every farking things. Like for example, in Italy and France, do you think they bother to put EXIT as exit? No, they put their own languages and it took us a while to remember what SORTE means.

Let’s get this stupid, childish argument over and done with. We are like kera mendapat bunga. UNESCO accord us the heritage city, we ended up fighting over road signs languages. Ptui! Go solve those blardy traffic jams caused by those schools, please. They made my blood boil every day, three times a week because the Penang Chinese Girls High School cause the jam, in the morning from 10 am to noon to 4 pm to 7 pm. Niamah, solve that first, please.

You say correct or not, Sir Lim Guan Eng? *blinks eyes, flutters eyelashes and smiles*

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  1. hahaha..u really pissed with the PCGHS jam hor…It would be good enuf if they can stick to the std of having road signs in Malay with English translation. They can;’t even do that, now mandarin????

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  2. acherli, hampalan languages put in road sign also can. add german also, just in case they get lost. add also the ” i sokong my bandaraya” message and the “long live our King” message, then, ah long also add his number.. wah lau eh.. the road sign like bill board. good idea or not??

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  3. LC Teh – Itu tin kosong semua must make noise or else they scared we forget them mah. Like that day, Teng Chang Yeow said they ‘pregnant’ nine months and DAP claimed credit when ‘their babies’ are born. Cilaka, what about the pile of shits they left behind, DAP never pile on their heads only. Now that PAS make noise, scrap it better lah.

    BBH – Don’t forget those who provides sexual services. That also need to specify if they are the regular male-female or the gay or the tranny or imported ones leh? Hahahaha, so funny, imagine the whole billboard.

    shooi – Dunno lah, these people really ciak pah boh su cho, hari hari go protest over the road signs. I mean the opposition Gerakan and MCA people.

  4. shooi – About the traffic jams, really angry wan. Cos hor, they got every blardy school sessions, from kindies to secondary school and the parents hor, simply jam up, even in yellow boxes.

  5. looks like another case of purposely buat kacau kacau again. these morons aah, nothing better to do .. oh yeah hor, they know they gonna loose their job already mah so now must create new skillset lohhhh …

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  6. u forgot about umno lar. Umno youth also made statements like ‘don’t play with fire (for daring to think about using other language for signboards)’ after hearing that DAP plans to put up multi-lingual signboards. If you watch the DUN proceedings, you’d be even more pissed that so many of the dungus..errr.. DUNs wasting time arguing about multi lingual signboard, BM signboard, whatever signboard. Sickening. Don’t know why I am torturing myself watching it…haih…

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  7. Muahaha, I wanna ask who made Teng chang Yeow and gang pregnant, huh? When get voted out stay out, but work harder and next time get voted in lah… otherwise change political tactics.
    What they’re doing now behaving like kids only make them look worse. Nothing else to do meh? Depend on govt for 3 meals kah?

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  8. LC Teh – Yalor, that’s what Teng Chang Yeow said. Then, LGE asked him to be part of some exco or something mah.

    Foong – Hahaha, lucky my stupid iMac won’t play the video so I never watch. I just read the Toyol new post, I also just ranted but deleted my post. No point waste gas. You go read toyol latest post lah, he act like we, the dan lain-lain going to kembiri all of them like that. Niamah….si beh tulan. He also reminded people about May 13 and yet, he gets away with all his craps. Haih….

    Lianne – Yalor, stupid lah, just scrap the whole idea, not like our island is going to sink.

  9. No easy solution to ‘jam’ problem. monorail /outer ring road offered a glimpse of hope but tht got pulled. PP needs monorail and it needs it now. My gut feeling tells me that on average, penangites n PP based foreign investers probably generate more income tax revenue than most of the states. So, why cant we get a bigger piece of the cake. There are just too many cars on the road, I dont blame the ppl as they need to make a living, I blame poor city planning, driven not by logic but mainly by greed. eg, u dont need 3/4 big shopping malls within 3 miles radius or 5000 new apartment units tht share a common narrow exit road with other residence. How did the plans obtain their approval in the first place?

    we need more public green space, not more high risers.

    Lilian, i nearly fell off my chair when i read your last sentence abt yr fluttering yr eyelashes…it sent a chill down my spine!

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  10. Most of the time it’s the stupid drivers who inconsiderately park their cars along the main road that’s causing the jam. The traffic police should really do something about this!

  11. this piece is just so hilarious man.haha.i dont why they even bother to fight over bahasa malaysia is already’s the traffic jam that they should emphasize about especially in Penang.the traffic jam there is just killling,man!.

    still i think bahasa malaysia is already enough for the signboards.maybe tiny little translation in english is a necessary for the tourists as guidance.

  12. Same here!! took us more than a hour to drive from Tg Bungah to reach Jelutong last nite before I decided to return back to KOMTAR for some food around 8pm or I’d starved to *** if I were to persist in reaching my favorite seafood dinner place a bit down south (just several Kms away).

    By 9pm when we finally re-did the trip towards south, the Jetty (ferry port) and Penang Bridge still looked jammed (since as early as 4.30 pm I suppose), and my friend was forced to postponed home trip to Seberang and we ended up having to lepak Queenbay instead for another hour hoping that the traffic congestion reduces by 10p.

    Even ambulances can’t past Jelutong going thru Lebuh Pantai last nite heading to south! (sick people would die in the vehicle if that ambulance carries one!!)

    Can we please put Penang’s most famous migrants/exports, Dato’ Seri Pak Lah or Tan Sri Nor Yakcop into one of these non-VIP cars around peak hours in Penang so they may feel themselves how Penangites are suffering each day? Think Rapid Penang solves all the problems??

    *** post your Penang rage here, and make ’em searchable for keywords like “jam”, “bridge”, “traffic etc. ==>

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