This is getting stupid. First, Gerakan or is it MCA wanted to rub it into DAP and give them a dose of their own medicines. They put up road signs in Mandarin. Well, I don’t read Mandarin and I don’t care if they want to put up Tamil, Arab, Jawi, Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin dan lain-lain languages on the road. After all, it is just a piece of freaking road signs.

Now, PAS is against this idea and PAS suggested to use only our national language. Read Malaysiakini and this article PAS bantah Exco Penang. And I must say I support PAS. You know why? Cos when I was in Italy, France, China, Thailand….they also put their freaking road names in their own languages and some tiny fonts in English to help the tourists.

So, stick to Bahasa Malaysia with English lah. If those tourists buta tuli, ask them to find tour guides lah. Like this our Penangites mah get more job opportunities to be ‘tau yew’ lor. We are not a pre-school where we need to label every farking things. Like for example, in Italy and France, do you think they bother to put EXIT as exit? No, they put their own languages and it took us a while to remember what SORTE means.

Let’s get this stupid, childish argument over and done with. We are like kera mendapat bunga. UNESCO accord us the heritage city, we ended up fighting over road signs languages. Ptui! Go solve those blardy traffic jams caused by those schools, please. They made my blood boil every day, three times a week because the Penang Chinese Girls High School cause the jam, in the morning from 10 am to noon to 4 pm to 7 pm. Niamah, solve that first, please.

You say correct or not, Sir Lim Guan Eng? *blinks eyes, flutters eyelashes and smiles*