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5xmom stalking CM Lim Guan Eng


Georgetown World Heritage Site Celebrations start today with a walk along some heritage trails. I was late and when I got there, the CM and his entourage have reached the Masjid Kapitan Keling which is the second last spots they are visiting.

My little boy posing inside the mosque.

chief minister lim guan eng

The CM seems very animated in talking about the structure of the mosque yadda yadda yadda. So, I went over to another mosque across the street…..

chief minister lim guan eng

The Masjid Melayu Leboh Acheh is a smaller mosque. So, as usual lah, I damn pai seh one, use my zoom lens and shoot from far far.

chief minister lim guan eng

With that number of photographers from every press, my Nikon suddenly shrunk into the size of a toy camera already. Somemore, I make sure I never accidentally got into the picture ‘cos each time I see the CM, he gets thinner. So, I dare not ask to camwhore with him already ‘cos each time I get fatter. *sigh*

But you know lah, got jodoh, means got jodoh. So, when I was sitting down outside the Masjid Melayu bench to wear my shoes, he came out of the mosque and sat right next to me to tie his shoelaces.

chief minister lim guan eng

So, I pun fast fast asked my boy to take pictures with the Chief Minister of Penang lah. But he paiseh, so my hubby also must accompany him lor.

chief minister lim guan eng

At first the CM pun biasa lah, cos so many people also want to take pictures with him mah. Then, I told my boy, “Mommy take pictures with Chief Minister already, later mommy blog about it, ok?” Wuah, CM heard the word BLOG, suddenly, he smile big big. Blogger worr…. I never tell him only, “I am 5xmom, your #1 fan!”

Now, I no need to wash hand forever already. *swoons* I just read somewhere that when Lim Guan Eng was jailed the second time in Klang (or is it Kajang ah? aiyah, both start with K and end with g, so no difference hor? ) prison, he fought for the prisoners there so that they get to sleep on mattress with pillow. Before that, all prisoners used to sleep on cement floor only. *swoons further*

25 Responses to “5xmom stalking CM Lim Guan Eng”

  1. Lucky you. Wei… why now no more ATM? ATM has changed to HUBBY?

    Choonies last blog post..Strike Jackpot?

  2. choonie – Must write clear clear mah….later ppl dunno what atm is.

  3. CM must be wondering “wah i got ah soh stalker oredi!”

    simons last blog post..About A Girl

  4. simon – Wei, you don’t want become my kroni kah?

  5. lillian, i really envy you penangites who have such a approachable CM. YB LGE is really a Chief Minister material. Very Humble and can be very vocal when required. I do respect him a lot for his sacrifice and determination in his political journey which is really rough for this father-YB LKS and son team. Malaysia is really lucky to have this two outstanding leaders and i pray that both of them enjoy good health. BTW do you have any news of that young Malay girl which YB LGE fought for in Melaka that got him jailed? Snoop around for info and post them lah!!

  6. Aiyo.. your boy so phai seh la in the last pic.. so scared until must fold arms some more…..

    Your ATM not working today meh… or is he LGE’s no.2 fan closely behind you.. hahaha..

  7. Hi Lilian
    love your blogs, especially those on the Humblest CM in MY ..YAAAB Mr me proud to be a Lim too..

    If only we have more CMs like him..

  8. Ur son marah ka?? Why the face so garang one??

  9. Eh..where is your photo with CM?

  10. I stalk him from your site, can ah? I never knew about that prison story man…thanks for enlighting us 🙂

  11. I’ve never been inside a mosque before. What an experience you had!

  12. […] 11 am because my little boy suddenly wanted to eat loh mai kai and char siew pau. Nay, see my little boy with the Chief Minister. […]

  13. Bryan – That’s why I gong bin, gong bin, keh si, keh si, follow inside lor. But got rules and regulations, women cannot simply go in wan.

    giddy tigress – Hahaha, can…

    Shooi – I no take with him lah, yerrr….so many reporters there, I takut. Usually, I go DAP open house/open new office, never mind lah.

    kadusmama – No lah, he shy cos he know Chief Minister like VIP, suddenly go sit next to him, malu nyerrr.

    JLim – Sometimes, when I stumbled on those old, old stories about him, I sure post cos he won’t brag about it so we do not know unless we find out ourselves mah.

    Paul – My atm retired liao lor. We whole day also free to jalan here, jalan there. My atm same age with CM, you know?

    ray111 – Actually, I found a website with the whole story but I dare not mention it. I did link it in an old post the other day. Wait I free time, I post the link here.

  14. wah liao…ur son so cool ! if for me, I go shoulder CM and take photo with him! haih, no opportunity yet!

  15. The 1st shot is beautiful. The mosque interior looks grand as well! And ur boy is so cute!

    kyhs last blog post..¿Qué tal?

  16. hey Jarod… not so easy one… I notice in every pic of LGE with the public adult he always make sure both his hands are by his side. no peluk peluk one….

  17. Paul – LOL, you fan number what? So observant. But true lah, as nerdy as nerdy can go. Shhhh…

    kyh – The mosque is soooo magnificent, much more beautiful than any churches in Malaysia that I entered before. They are damn rich, I think. Cos all those are the money changers, taukeh mamaks and etc. The chandelier, fuyoh, so mesmerizing.

    Jarod – Nowadays hor, dangerous to stand next to VIP and take pikchures. Male female also same same. Later kena like Saifool. Hahaha. Don’t say I never warn you hor?

  18. If not mistaken, female visitors/tourists would hv to don a scarf over their head when visiting the mosque right?

    kyhs last blog post..¿Qué tal?

  19. My wifey , dotter and me also got take pic with LGE , me sumore put my hand his shoulder ( Respect punya peluk la not SaiFuL type wan .. LOL )
    Dotter says where got CM so cinchai wann … hmmmm think last time you stand near near the CM or VIP horrr …. you kena wrist lock and GUstiED to the ground oredi …. got autographed sumore by LGE on the Dinner ticket ( dulu must bayar , sekarang punya kena bayar .. that wann not me says wannn Mdm Chong Eng says wann … pasal DAP tak ade duit pasal tak Rasuah , open concept )

  20. aiyoh… Who am I to kena? Some more if I wana choose to have some one to be kena, I rather choose hensem wan…

    wahaha! LGE not bad! lol… forget BN, I wont cam whoring with them!

    Jarods last blog post..My personality?

  21. Glad to have met you again. I have shown the man your site last nite. 🙂 DO take care ya.

    Jeffrey Chews last blog post..Penang Global Ethic Project

  22. Jeffrey – Arrggh….*runs and hide* THANK YOU wor.

  23. Jarod – Ya, make sure you don’t stand near Gerakan, MCA hor?

    BEH – Last time punya CM ah? Can see from one mile away, they put barrier, kita orang pariah aka rakyat cannot go near one. Like you said, sure kena gusti-ed by FRU.

    kyh – During prayers time, cannot masuk also. The females have a curtain-ed section even. That’s why that day I also takut-takut to step in, only stay on the fringes. My zoom lens very pahwerful, can zoom. However, Masjid Kapitan Keling is really tourists and visitors friendly. They have one guy who speaks international languages to welcome tourists. And if you want to know about Islam, he will explain nicely to you too.

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