Blardy sun, where are you?

I want to go to St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam, it rains cat and dog. And I hate both cat and dog. They are only good with a nice herbal soup.

I want to go to the dunno what UNESCO Heritage city dunno what launching, it looks like it is going to rain now. Cis, spoil my plan of ‘Oh look I am taking a pikchure with my idol!’

Tiu, do you know how small the sun is? Yesterday, my #2 son showed me a flash animation of how our earth compares with the sun. I thought, “WOW, earth is so small compared to the sun.” But that wasn’t the end of the animation, further away, there are more planets which are so big, the sun disappeared. Really, really huge ones.

It is just like Horton hears a Who. If you haven’t watch that movie, you should. It gives me a sense of what we earth is like compared to the Almighty God. We are the clover, Horton the Elephant is the god.

Then again, my son asked me, “Eh, why do you think God bothers to create earth?”

And I replied, “Yahor, there are bigger toys to play with, why torture us earthlings? Why God never go find something to amuse Himself on those big big planets?”

And both of us went, “Hahhhhh…..” (maybe there is no God, just figment of our imagination?)

Then, the more I think, the crazier I am. That’s why I am going to study Theology. Theo = God, logy = I dunno what but like science like that.

Anyway, I hope it doesn’t drizzle anytime soon. Maybe I will get my lazy ass out of the house to take some photos of my Penang Heritage City whatever launching. *teet teet teet SMS, harlow Mr CM ah? Wait ah, I kambing*

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  1. Yesterday I watched discovery Channel on the Planet Jupiter. It said the size of the gargantuan Planet Jupiter actually attracts most free flying asteroids and space garbage. So they will fall on Jupiter rather than earth.. Oh rupanya Planet gerasng itu ada gunanya jugak.. who would have know… I learn something new everyday…

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