Links, high definition radio and blogging inspiration

I have just updated my blog links. If I missed out some of your regular commentors, I shall get down to link you guys, ok? But don’t write to me and ask me to link you, ok? I get that a lot, so much until I need to act obnoxious already.

Now, today is one of my productive days because I think I have done so many food blog posts within a few hours. This include cooking them, photography and blogging at the same time.

Have you wonder how come I am so much more productive than other bloggers? Well, that’s because I always have my inspirational stuffs to keep me company. Sometimes, I listen to one of those meditation music that is supposed to make me creative, sometimes, I watch Youtube video while blogging and at other times, listen to my iTunes.

I love the radio but unfortunately, the reception is really bad over here. How I wish I have those high definition, crystal clear sounds like what Florida High Definition Radio stations provides. It is not just another satellite radio with all the noises but the digital radio but this is a ground antenna based radio–a digital version of FM & AM.

I have never heard of Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 until now. Looks like everything is going high definination but I am still stuck with some old music channeled through my handphone.

So, if you are fans of new country music stations and stays in the US of A, check out this cool station.