Randomly about naked husband, grandma St. Anne and clutters

This afternoon, after I got home from camwhoring with Sir Lim Guan Eng, I went to Bukit Mertajam.


By the way, a lot of policemen were deployed to follow the CM around. Even my kid asked, “MOMMY, why so many policeman come? They no need to work one meh?” *slaps forehead* ‘Cos my son knows only people who no need to work like his papa and mommy get to lepak all day long while sane people like his kor-kors sekalian have to go to school or other people go to work. Hahaha, ya, they no need to work.


Can you see the naked husband standing by the roadside of busy, busy Jalan Burmah where Jalan Tavoy is? That man hor, I tell you, gila betul.

We stopped the car outside a pharmacy to buy a bottle of cream for my boy because he has some rashes on his leg. So, hubby open the car door because my kid was sitting at the back. He bended down to apply the cream for the boy, which means his back is facing the sky.

And the cilaka or-arr crow SPLATTT! a huge, brownish shit right on his back. He shouted, “ee eh chau pompliak leh, pangsai limpeh!”

My son said, “Funny hor, the bird bulls eye papa’s back.” So, I thought I could wipe it off his shirt. But after I wipe off with a wad of tissue, he walk two doors down and took off his shirt right in the middle of everyone. Siao! I thought he would go into one of the coffeeshop toilet and take it off.

So, he stood there, half-naked, buat selamba…washing the shirt using the tap from one of the mamak restaurant. Haih…I love the man for his selamba-ness. Both my kid and I laughed so hard looking at him without his shirt.

st. anne

Like I said, I went to Bukit Mertajam and was running around the huge St. Anne’s church ground to take pictures. But now, I realised I missed out three statues. Ish, ish, ish…..The above is the grandma of Jesus St. Anne. I bought a booklet and after reading it, I am becoming more confused about my faith. I learnt some bombastic words like Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. I better stop eating so much alphabet soup. Bad for the soul and faith.


I randomly took this photo to test my camera. Now, when I look at the photo, I just realised how cluttered my life is. My Mac is filled with rubbish. The dock is filled with applications I don’t need. My iTunes library is stuffed with songs I don’t listen to. I never bother to change my desktop picture.

My whole table is filled with more things I don’t need. I have bits and pieces of papers which I jotted down things. I have face cream and lots of wires and many, many issues of The Herald that I never really read through. Sigh….I guess by now, if I still cannot tidy up a simple desktop and desk, I won’t ever learn, hor?

It’s the weekend but I am in blogging mood. Never mind, keep blogging, who cares if people read or not. It is my life, my blog and my money.

7 thoughts on “Randomly about naked husband, grandma St. Anne and clutters

  1. lilian, didn’t you recently buy the ‘big horse’!!! let yr husband rubs it with the t-shirt lah….. may the force be with you!

    mata-mata have the habit of sembang when they gather on a job, deployed po-lice? for what? I tot you were the ONLY stalker!

    JTs last blog post..Golf

  2. ahh, ur husband is a real man lilian. be proud of him!! hahaha. only big balls men would dare to do something like that. it’s not a matter of status or what, but it comes to daringness. grr~~ haha

    Robbs last blog post..Dating a Hot Girl Cheese

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