I must applaud the new DAP/PKR/PAS led Penang State Government for their efforts in promoting tourism. They have placed banners at strategic places to tell the local folks and also tourists where the activities are. The signs are in Tamil, Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

chew jetty, penang

I took my camera out for some photos. My first stop is the Chew Jetty which is in Weld Quay. I have never walked into the community where the wooden huts are built on stilts. It is indeed a unique experience. If Venice is built on water, Chew Jetty and all the other clan jetties are built on mud. *roll eyes*

chew jetty, penang

The jetty stretch out to the sea, so I walked and walked and walked. Towards the end of the jetty, I notice a big group of people. So, I asked one Ah Poh there, “Chui chui lai? Por tneow?” (Who is here? CM?) Ah Poh said yes, Lin Guan Ying. So, I pun cabut the other direction because I am so not gonna bump into the CM again. Later, his special assistants really think I am stalking him.

door gods - cheah kongsi

Next, I went to Cheah Kongsi. (I went there alone cos my boy fell asleep, so he stayed back in the car with my amad) The gardeners there were busy sweeping and trimming the trees. Again, I asked, “CM coming?” And they said, “Yes”. Doh…so I pun cabut again.

cheah kongsi, penang

This hall in the Cheah Kongsi (or the clans with Cheah surname association) reminds me of the triad meeting room. The tables and chairs are rather antique. I wonder if they had killed and chopped each other on those tables?

clouds and birds

It is a nice day to go walking around Penang today. The sky is cloudy, it is breezy and there is something going on around town. I went to get free silk-screen printing for a t-shirt with all the local touch in Jalan Cannon. (e kor-kor, don’t kill me, I haven’t buy my paint yet 🙁 but now, I seen the girl did it, I know how to do liao )

I have so many nice photos this morning. Happy.