99 opinions vs 1

If you ask the same thing to 100 people.

99 of them gave opinions that aren’t what you want to hear.

And one gives you an opinion exactly like how you want to hear.

Do you believe the 99?

And start to doubt yourself.

And ditch the plan?

Or do you hold on to the single positive opinion and believe in self and go for it?


Jesus Christ, can I toss a coin?

Or open the Bible three times like what St. Francis Assisi did?

Or just jump in and if I failed, I crawl back and face 99 wraths and the 99 ‘I told you so…’?

Or what?

Damn, this is like one of those soppy love songs where the lyrics go something like, “I’d rather be broken hearted than never love at all.”

2 thoughts on “99 opinions vs 1

  1. Well, if you feel strongly enough about it, and are prepared to slug it out: Why not?

    Companies like Google, Microsoft, FedEx were laughed at when they first started. Who’s having the laugh last now?

    Still, it depends on what you are planning and how much of a risk you’re willing to take. Bill Gates was willing to forego his education to take a chance with Microsoft.

    For every 1 crazy idea that suceeded, perhaps thousands has failed. Put it another way, will YOU REGRET the rest of your life, if you don’t try?

    If yes, go for it.
    If no? Then you aren’t passionate about it. Then maybe… you can put it on my backburner.

    Just my thoughts, so please don’t flame me yah… šŸ™‚

    Avatars last blog post..Philosophical Musings ā€“ Part I

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