RTM Blog interview with JeffOoi is a farce

Come on lah, ask more intelligent questions instead of reducing JeffOoi to that level. It is a sign of how paranoid the antique RTM channel is.

They spent 20 precious minutes asking JeffOoi if advertising on blogs will make their blogs less credible. Apalah, JeffOoi has bigger, better, more meaningful things to share than to tok kok with some botak guy about petty issues like these.

JeffOoi is the first blogger who got sued. JeffOoi is the first blogger who become a Member of Parliament. JeffOoi is the pioneer bloggers in Malaysia (just like how 5xmom is, eheh).

And the interview focused on nothing but JeffOoi’s eye surgery, JeffOoi’s ads and nothing else.

When the interviewer asked about bloggers ethics, before Jeff can go further, it is ‘sehingga sini rancangan kita’.

It is an insult to us bloggers lah, RTM.

One word – BORING. But Jeff’s BM boleh tahan lah….Got slang Kedah.

Added : In the beginning of the interview, the botak guy with big teeth said there are many anti Jeff Ooi sites. I did a search on Yahoo Malaysia and Google Malaysia, tak dak punnn.. Cos I was wondering, “Eh how come 5xmom who got her nose in every gossips and every little dirty bit of things never even heard of it except for that one occasion. (nay, that BN thingie?) And Ooi is suppose to be pronounced oo-wooi not OI. Only DaftOi baru sounds like Oi.

13 thoughts on “RTM Blog interview with JeffOoi is a farce

  1. choonie – 8.40 pm on RTM 1. You missed also never mind, cos it was one stupid interview about ads on blogs. Shows how shallow RTM is.

  2. Jia lat lah…No wonder now the RTM rating so low la… All no brainy to interview. Afraid Jeff bocor-kan ur unfairness ah! hahahaa! Btw, Jeff shouldn’t accept the interview ah…he got much better thing to do@! llke being interview by Lilian…muahaha!

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  3. Nicholas – Yalor, I can see the interviewer damn bias one, before Jeff can finish one sentence, he cut in with more irrelevant things. I beh shiok because they dunno where pick up so many irrelevant people to interview about ‘Does ads on blogs influence the blog?” Niamah, then what about all those ads on TV leh? Talking cock mah, hor? And then, during the in-house voting, 59% of the audience there voted that ads will influence the blogs. Cilaka, what do they know lah.

    jarod – They really show their low IQ lah, macam their strawberi. Hehehe. I think if they interview me, I sure tulan and tell them, “eh, you duduk diam-diam, biar saya cakap habis baru kacau” LOL

  4. tot RTM would have given Mr. Oo-wooi a list of the questions prior to th einterview!? yes, No?

    btw, am surprised tht u even watch RTM nowadays! I cannot honestly remember when i last watched that channel….

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  5. Lilian said: “I think if they interview me, I sure tulan and tell them, “eh, you duduk diam-diam, biar saya cakap habis baru kacau” LOL” – dammit, Lilian Chan, you’re a natural poet! I instantly fell in love with that exquisite line… doesn’t work without the all-important “eh”… and the choice of “kacau” was pure inspiration! The last time I was so impressed by street poetry (in Bahasa) was back in 1981 when I first visited Solo, Java, and I came across a rubbish skip with this powerful admonition painted by hand on its side: “Buang sampah harap masuk.” Waaah, Lilian, can kiss your toes or not? You stalk Guan Eng, I stalk you, okay? 😉

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  6. good that I did not know/watch this RTM interview, o/wise it would have definitely spoilt my mood for the day..

  7. Miss that. They got no question to ask mah ask the stupid question lar. Nowadays, they think we people are stupid like last time meh. What the government say, we believe. We all very smart already lar. We know what jeff is doing

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  8. These fella all brain dead one mah! If they got any intelligent in them ah, the MSM would be in such sorry state today. You know, the head(Ah Tau/Tai Khor) is already a sleepy head, how intelligent can the people under him get?

    Luckily they never went as far as asking what Jeff Ooi had for breakfast that morning! Lagi siau!

  9. RTM is stupid. Boycott it! They claimed to use the latest technology in their studio but their colours are so 80’s (yellowish) or too saturated unlike the brilliant colours of NTV7 and others.

    Many Malays read OOI as Oi! Like yelling to some notti kids like that… 😛

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