Come on lah, ask more intelligent questions instead of reducing JeffOoi to that level. It is a sign of how paranoid the antique RTM channel is.

They spent 20 precious minutes asking JeffOoi if advertising on blogs will make their blogs less credible. Apalah, JeffOoi has bigger, better, more meaningful things to share than to tok kok with some botak guy about petty issues like these.

JeffOoi is the first blogger who got sued. JeffOoi is the first blogger who become a Member of Parliament. JeffOoi is the pioneer bloggers in Malaysia (just like how 5xmom is, eheh).

And the interview focused on nothing but JeffOoi’s eye surgery, JeffOoi’s ads and nothing else.

When the interviewer asked about bloggers ethics, before Jeff can go further, it is ‘sehingga sini rancangan kita’.

It is an insult to us bloggers lah, RTM.

One word – BORING. But Jeff’s BM boleh tahan lah….Got slang Kedah.

Added : In the beginning of the interview, the botak guy with big teeth said there are many anti Jeff Ooi sites. I did a search on Yahoo Malaysia and Google Malaysia, tak dak punnn.. Cos I was wondering, “Eh how come 5xmom who got her nose in every gossips and every little dirty bit of things never even heard of it except for that one occasion. (nay, that BN thingie?) And Ooi is suppose to be pronounced oo-wooi not OI. Only DaftOi baru sounds like Oi.