5xmom’s blogging tips – Dedikasi untuk Khir Toyo

Saya tak nak masuk campur pasal politik dan hujah-hujah yang berunsur perkauman Datuk Khir Toyo.

Ni aku nak habaq sikit pasal blogging. Maklumlah, 5xmom dah blogging semenjak tahun 2003.

One very good tip for bloggers is never to expand your explanations from one blog post to another. And never, ever expand it to two posts.

Say for example, you stir shit with one blog post of yours, move on, change topic, let the wind blows the shit smells away.

When you need to write the next post to explain, it indicates to your readers, especially your flamers that you have lost the plot.

And when you have to expand that to three consecutive posts, the shit probably hits the fan, smeared on you and no amount of washing can make the smell go away.

So, if you have something to say, say it. Full stop.

One example, long time ago, I wrote that I am against abortion. People get pissed with me. So what….If your conscience is clear, you do not need to explain to others what you feel.

Of course, this blogging tip applies to everybody, not just morons.

Ah, what did you ask? Khir Toyo blog URL? You sindiri pigi cari lah!

3 thoughts on “5xmom’s blogging tips – Dedikasi untuk Khir Toyo

  1. Allo Khir Toyo,

    Sudah lama saya tidak singgah kat blog awak. Pandai awak berblog sekarang. Sekarang awak dah jadi pembangkang, bolehkah awak menghilangkan diri demi kempen “Sifar Pembangkang”? Bolehlah awak tumpukan perhatian kepada Botox and isteri pun boleh membuat kerja kebajikan. Kononnya dia tersangat bimbang tentang Bakti sehingga mencuri wang Bakti untuk kebaikan kerja-kerja kebajikan. TK. Sekian.

  2. Datuk KT,

    This first lesson FOC one ok, next time 5xmom will send you a bill oledi ok.

    Very cheap one lah, don’t worry lah, what you “simpan” last time sure enough to cover, if you pay cash got 2% discount somemore.

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