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The mob effect and our experiment

That one day,

all of us are going to wear black t-shirts

and we are going into a busy shopping mall lift

all six of us,



eldest son,

second son,

third son


youngest son.


and each of us are going to immediately walk to the corners and the lift walls,

very close to it…

and we are going to stand so straight and zombie like

and face the wall and corners.

Wuah…I wonder what the other people will feel?

Our guesses are :

1) The rest will run away at the next stop
2) No one dares to come in the lift
3) What will you do if you find a freaky family like that?

Moral of the story : It is very easy to create mob effect. We had done similar thing when we were in Sabah. While waiting at the jetty, we purposely looked up the sky, pointed to the sky and talked. It got others to look up too, thinking there really is something in the sky when there is nothing. Yang tersurat dan yang tersirat….

7 Responses to “The mob effect and our experiment”

  1. I remember last time my friend did a prank during the hungry ghost festival which is related to lift. Something like this :

    We, a bunch of guys, was waiting for the lift at night. When the lift opens up its door, there was only 1 guy inside. Then my friend purposely say “wah, so many people inside we wait for the next stop lah.”.

    We can actually see the guy’s face turned green and I think he crapped in his pants too. Haha…

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  2. i remembered when false sms about the petrol kiosk strike spreading like wild fire that started a panic buy at KK, sabah.

    if me stumble over this kind of situation, i will look if there are any hidden camera. hehe.. then if not i guess just let them do what they want. thou, it is good to be scared when stumble some strange people in the lift. one never know whats up with them. with lots of things happen today reported in newspaper, blog and etc, we should turn on our cautious mode.

    jefferis last blog post..Can’t Ping at PPS

  3. If you do that, I think I will be the first one fall into the trap. hahaha…

    Choonies last blog post..Judge it yourself

  4. Lilian, you damn geng leh. Like this also can, somemore your kids siao together.

    Nicholass last blog post..4 Faces Buddha at Erawan, Bangkok / Thao Maha Brahma

  5. “Tuesday July 29, 2008 KLANG: Three men wearing black trousers, shirts and ties coolly walked away with expensive watches and pens worth RM1mil after robbing a shopping mall outlet here.”

    Lilian, you sure you didn’t mastermind this? hahaha!What a coincidence!

    9pek9bos last blog post..Bon Odori Penang 2008

  6. SiaO punya famili… kasi suspen saja…

  7. one woman go to swimming pool and take of top suddenly every woman take off top… (wishful thinking ony!!)

    r1zlans last blog post..WASH, CUT AND BLOW ME DRY