That one day,

all of us are going to wear black t-shirts

and we are going into a busy shopping mall lift

all six of us,



eldest son,

second son,

third son


youngest son.


and each of us are going to immediately walk to the corners and the lift walls,

very close to it…

and we are going to stand so straight and zombie like

and face the wall and corners.

Wuah…I wonder what the other people will feel?

Our guesses are :

1) The rest will run away at the next stop
2) No one dares to come in the lift
3) What will you do if you find a freaky family like that?

Moral of the story : It is very easy to create mob effect. We had done similar thing when we were in Sabah. While waiting at the jetty, we purposely looked up the sky, pointed to the sky and talked. It got others to look up too, thinking there really is something in the sky when there is nothing. Yang tersurat dan yang tersirat….