Doctor: No evidence of sodomy
Beh Lih Yi and P Tarani | Jul 28, 08 1:36pm
There is no evidence that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was sodomised, according to the doctor who examined him four hours before he lodged a police report alleging he was sexually assaulted by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

From Malaysiakni

And yet, the whole country was put in a bad light, a supposed innocent man was hauled up like a criminal, the family put through the trauma and all of us were left to question our own faith – i.e. faith in our law, country, Government or faith in a man who claimed he was innocent and is still innocent. (not that I believe the MSM, of course)

Don’t you just wish to bitch slap Saiful for taking us for a ride?

The BM version of Malaysiakini :

Ketika di Hospital Pusrawi, pemuda itu diperiksa oleh Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid.

Dalam laporannya itu, doktor tersebut menyatakan pesakit itu mendakwa diserang dengan dijolok bahan “plastik” di bahagian duburnya.

So, who do we believe now? *puzzled*