How you can get XPax to give you free tickets to MTV Asia Awards

“Sons!!! I missed the deadline! The Purple X-Girls were in Penang last week!”

So, the two older sons retorted, “But …Ma… are too old for Nicholas Teo, okay? Only our girl friends listen to him., okay???”

They know that I have Nicholas Teo’s songs on my iMac and though I don’t care about his boyish looks nor what the song says, I still listen because I know he is one of the nominee for the Favourite Artist Malaysia in the MTV Asia Awards 2008 to be held in Genting, Malaysia on 2nd August, 2008. A few of his songs, like Ming Bai , Hurt and Ri Ri Ye Ye are rather soothing on the ears. Who cares lah those are heartbreak songs for teenage girls. Since I don’t understand Mandarin, I listen to the tune lor.

Picture 1.png

I bet many of you do not know what I am talking about leh? Well, I am a Celcom subscriber including their unlimited broadband package so of course I know lah.

I am talking about this XPax contest. You just need to wear something with a streak of purple and hope the purple X-girls spotted you and you stand to win tickets to the MTV Asia Awards 2008.

MAA The Star.jpg

Those of you in KL who are fans of Siti Nurhaliza, Pop Shuvit, Nicholas Teo or Faizal Tahir, you will want to take note of this. Otherwise, Jared Leto will be the eye-candy. View the list of MTV Asia Awards 2008 nominees on XPax site here.

(source : Klue)

Winning tickets are real easy. Just read the contest poster above and good luck! There are two contests for XPax Customers.

The first one is the MTV Asia Awards 2008 Ticket.

You can win two tikets by reloading RM10 and stand a chance to be one of the 6 daily winners.


You can get tickets to the MTV Asia Awards X-Party tickets to party all night long. Just get spotted by the purple X-girls who will be stalking the KL-ites from 18 to 31st July. They were in Penang on 23rd July and JB on 25th July.

That’s why I missed it lor. Eheh, not like I can party also lah. But then, don’t you think the Xpax X just reminds you of my 5X?

4 thoughts on “How you can get XPax to give you free tickets to MTV Asia Awards

  1. d last photo reminds me of my younger years lah… (my kah chooi)

    you have no prb stalking LGE, locating these x-gals is like kacang putih for you lah…

    JTs last blog post..yummy

  2. I wan to go to MTV Asia Awards 2008!I wan to see But i guess i’m way too late to get spotted by the Purple X gurls. 🙁

  3. aunty lilian, u also like nicholas teo ar? have u watch the drama that he acted with cyndi? its nice…

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